Don and his Roma Season 2 Episode 37


After Swara took in a few deep breaths upon seeing Don’s majestic master bathroom, she proceeded to take a shower, then got dressed and headed out of the steamy bathroom.As soon as she stepped out she let out a scream

Swara:Good God!

she started panting and tried to calm down while looking at Don leaning right next to the door.

Swara:You startled me! What are you doing?

Don:Why did you lock the door for, Swara?

She frowned hearing him sound so serious about it


He slammed the bathroom door behind her in one swift motion causing her to shudder again

Don:Never lock the door behind you. You know a stupid lock wouldn’t keep me away if I wanted to reach you. . Don’t provoke me

She just looked at him, puzzled. Where was all this coming from

Don:You got this all wrong

Swara:Did I?

he arched his brow while stillfrowning at her

Don:How so? When you’re deliberately testing my temper

Swara:I just like my privacy, that’s all
she defended herself He laughed one of his cold laughs

Don:Don’t insult me, Swara

then wrinkled his nose in disdain, turned around and left the bedroom.But she wasn’t about to let this pass

Swara:How did youeven know it was locked then?

she followed him He stopped but didn’t turn around

Don:Where are you going with this?
She went around to face him

Swara: Im trying to prove a point.
she tried to say it as calmly asshe couldHe didn’t even blink

Don: If you must know, I entered the bedroom just when you locked the door to the bathroom.
She lowered her gaze.

Swara:I still don’t understand why you had to make such a big deal out of this

He sighed and closed his eyes for a moment, calming down Don:You’re right. I overreacted. I think it’s because of all the adrenaline today

he rubbed his foreheadShe looked up at him. He looked much calmer. That relieved her

Swara:You still scare me, Don

she surprised even herself for saying that he placed a lock of her hair behind her ear

Don:And you should fear me, sweetheart. But not for the reasons you’re imagining.

She frowned questioningly. Shereally didn’t know what that meant. He gave her a peck on her cheek and then gave her a dimpled smile.

Don:Look. I brought your groceries. I’m dying to see what you bough.

Swara:What is it with you and things you can’t reach or know of?

she smiled and tried to make a joke but he looked at her funny. She immediately regretted having asked that

Don:I don’t like it. I like to control everything. When I lose control over something it can get really… really ugly

Just then Don’s phone rang. He gestured he’d be right back with her and proceeded to pick up. She leaned against the kitchen counter, her mind racing.

“What the hell!” she thought. What happened, all of a sudden?
She suddenly felt angry. Really angry. Angry at herself for some reason. She began taking the groceries out of the bag, furiously, and accidentally dropped an egg from the carton and that just infuriated her even more. She slammed the whole carton onto the floor.Don came rapidly and saw her on her knees, sobbing nervously.

Don:Kya hua?

he bent and held her by her shoulders, but she was trembling and crying so hysterically that he actually knelt next to her and tried to hug her but she kept pulling away

Swara:I’m such an idiot!
she uttered

Don:It’s just eggs, Swara!

Swara:It’s not the eggs!
she shouted looking him in the eye

Swara:It’s this, us, whatever this is!
she cried
Swara:I’ve been so stupid thinking… God, I don’t know what I was thinking!

she was shaking uncontrollably now, as she was hiding her face in her palms Don tried to pull her hands away

Don:Swara, listen to me…
he said calmly yet he sounded worried

Swara:No… no…
she shook her head
Swara:No more, Don… I can’t take it anymore…

Don:Swara, please listen to me

She kept pulling away but he kept on trying to get her to look at him

Don:Listen to me, damn it!

She just swallowed her tears and looked at him frightened, although he hadn’t shouted at her.He searched her eyes and waited for her to be fully attentive

Don:I love you.
She gasped but he tightened his grip on her shoulders

Don:Listen to me. I love you, Swara. And I’ve lost control. And I’m a mess. I don’t know how to handle it. I’m sorry

Tears were rolling down her eyes but she was silent, soaking up every word he was saying he wiped them away gently

Don:I’m sorry, I know what this means and I know what impact this must have on you. I’m sorry for everything, Swara everything.But I love you and I’m not apologetic about that. It’s scaring me to death, though, and I’ve never been afraid of anything in my life.

She just couldn’t stop crying

Don:I hate myself for doing this to you.

he furrowed his brows as if in pain as he wiped away her tears with his thumbs but she caught his hands in her palms and held them over her cheeks tightly, closing her eyes.He pulled her head onto his chest and caressed her hair and back lovingly and reassuringly. She was no longer crying. Then she hugged him tight and his body stiffened, as if surprised.She looked up at him and smiled widely, her eyes wet and reddened He looked down at her puzzled

Swara:I was going crazy.I never thought you’d say this to me, ever. Never even dared to think about it. But suddenly I feel so free, I feel happy.I haven’t been happy in a long, long time, Don

He kept looking at her, searching her eyes carefully

Swara:You don’t know how I needed to hear those words. Even I didn’t know,till now. And you don’t know how I hope it’s true…
He cupped her cheeks urgently and brought her closer to him

Don:It’s true, Swara. Please don’t let there be any doubt in your mind. There isn’t any in mine

he said as he searched her eyes she then kissed him. Passionately, urgently, with all her heart, for the first time. He embraced her tightly as he responded to her kiss and they only parted as she said

Swara: I love you, too.

Don just remained still looking at her intensely and slowly a smile reached his lips. Soon the smile was so wide that she felt as though that was the first time she had ever seen him smiling.

He gave her several short kisses while still smiling, and before she knew it he was kissing her increasingly passionately while slowly leaning over her across the floor till her hand slipped and they both fell, laughingly she looked at her hand all covered in egg yolk and laughed even harder realizing that’s what had made them slip and Don laughed more softly, staring at her lovingly. It took her breath away. The way he gazed at her made her feel so good. It was as if a veil had been lifted between them and they were now free to be themselves, free to show their true feelings

Swara:Darn it, and I had just showered
she giggled Don lifted his eyebrows

Don:Even I need a shower now… I’ll make you an offer you can’t refuse.

he added seductively and Swara giggled as she stood up holding out her hand to help him

Swara:I only need to wash my hand, you’re the one who slipped all over egg yolk.
she laughed as he took her hand and pulled her down again


Don:There. Now you’re dirty too
he chuckled biting his lower lip


she protesting laughingly as he stood up, holding her in his arms and heading towards the master bedroom. Her laughter slowly faded as she turned very anxious and nervous. But to her surprise he released her and planted her on her feet as he went into the closet and brought her a clean shirt

he handed her the shirt

Don:I’ll be in the shower if you need me

he winked at her and closed the bathroom door behind him She bit her lower lip smilingly and began undressing her dirtied shirt

Swara:Oh, and…

he opened the door just to catch her right before putting on the clean shirt

Don:…I’m sorry

he said, but he didn’t look away and he didn’t seem apologetic about it either

Don:I wanted to tell you not to clean the kitchen floor, I’ll take care of that…

he said very gravely, his eyes stuck to her pink lace bra She nodded and took her clean shirt on, to his misfortune, and then stuck her tongue out at him before leaving the bedroom giggling.But of course she cleaned the floor, she wasn’t about to let him do it just after taking a shower. She had been the one to drop the eggs, anyway. She did it gladly too, as she couldn’t seem to stop herself from smiling.

She felt like singing, dancing, jumping around and crying all at the same time. Tears of happiness. But she was too restless even for that.She began sorting her groceries as her original plan was to bake him a cake. Now the plan was to bake him an extra special cake. She needed to do her very best.When Don returned from his shower he was all clean and adorably fresh and casual. Yet he was slightly frowning

Don:What did I tell you about the eggs? I seem to recall telling you not to worry about it, or was all that just my imagination? …Wouldn’t surprise me, I also seem to recall you looking devastatingly s*xy in your lingerie, also
She laughed sweetly

Swara:You did, and I didn’t mind at all.
He gave her a half smile and sat on one of the bar stool

Don:Now may I please know the mystery behind all the groceries?

Swara:Yes. I’m baking you a birthday cake
He grinned


Swara’s heart filled with happiness. He was smiling just like a little boy on Christmas Eve. She nodded

Swara:Yes. I’m praying for it not to go wrong’

she bit her lower lip and worriedly looked back at the oven where the cake was baking. She returned to her filling mixture, stirring it He was still grinning, resting his chin in his palm

Don:Can I taste the filling?

he was just about to sink his index finger into the bowl when she playfully slapped his hand

Swara:Belkol nahin!

He groaned as he caught her hand, stood up rapidly and bent over the bowl, sunk her finger into the cream, then ate it off her finger, sucking on it seductively until it was clean. She felt her insides melt and her knees turn weak instaleft


he stated then, kissing the inside of her palm

Don:Please, go on…don’t let me stand in your way
he winked cheekily She sighed ‘

Swara:At least if something goes wrong, I’ve got you to blame now!
He chuckled

Don:It won’t. Nobody’s ever baked me a cake

he resumed his position, resting his chin in his palm, his elbow on the counter

Swara:I can’t even stir right with you staring at me like that!

Don:I’m not staring. I’m ogling
She raised her eyebrow at him

Swara:And that’s better how?
He smiled

Don:You just pretend I’m not here.
She then threw her head back laughing

Swara:Yeah, right, good one, Don

He kept smiling at her
Don:I love seeing you like this.

Swara:Like this, how? Happy?
she grinned He nodded

Don:Yes. I don’t think I’ve ever truly seen you like this before. You’re all the more beautiful
She blushed

Swara:Ok now you really have to leave. I really want to get this right and I can’t focus with you here
she said sweetly He sighed

Don:Ok, ok. I’ll be in my study.

but he went around the counter and circled her waist from behind, kissing her cheek

Don:Thank you

he whispered and then he left

Credit to: IREENA

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  1. Superb ep. Mujhe lagta hai ki swara meri sautan saroor banegi. Don ne usse i love jo ke diya hai. Buts its ok as don is mine too. Hehe 😉 i liked the cake part very much 🙂 love u dear

    1. ban gayi i next pary mein jhtka lage ga tumhe. an tak to padh bhi liya hoga. n I too love the cake part.

      1. Jaktka toh laga tha lekin agar mera don happy hai toh main bhi happy. Atleast it will become his best birthday 😉

  2. Why did swara got so much angry???? Di I didn’t understand that …… Yuck!!both of them were with egg yolk …. Both would have smelled horrible…. I liked the confession of swasan very much……

    1. she was angry on herself. not angry but frustrated. bcz of the situation n making don upset with her doings. she is not able to give him what he wants n he is taking care of her so much. that’s why she was frustrated on herself.

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