Don and his Roma Season 2 Episode 36


Swara:Batao na!
Don rolled his eye smilingly

Don:I told you, I don’t want anything for my birthday. I’ll get my present once in London when we’ll pan out the plan and finally.
he spread his arms, the wind blowing in his face

Don: we’ll be free
She smiled as shelooked at him. Don looked so carefree just then, so much younger than his biological age, that’s for sure, but much younger than she’d ever seen him. Because he seemed happy. And that made her happy. As she drove the convertible Mercedes as Don insisted, to her excitement, she tried to make him tell her what he’d like to do for his birthday.

Swara:No, there has to be something. Don’t make me take you to McDonalds again and gift you one of their Happy Meal toys.
she warned playfully Don grimaced

Don:Don’t even joke about that. You’ll never see me stepfoot inside that horrible place again.

Swara:Is that a dare?
she raised her eyebrow

Swara:Waise bhi, you would actually enjoy their toys, they’re cartoon inspired, usually. Though Tom and Jerry aren’t exactly Disney. I love Disney films. They’re so romantic.

she sighed dramatically Don kept grimacing

Don:If there’s anything good about Disney it’s Disney Land
he stated She slowly turned to look at him

Swara:That’s it!
Don looked at her puzzled seeing how she was gradually becoming more and more excited

Swara:Let’s go to Paris, let’s go to Disney Land!

Don blinked at her a few times but hesoon realized she was serious. At first he chuckled but he seemed lost in thought for a minute

Don:Actually I’d like that.

She was visibly over the moon

Swara’I’ve always wanted to go

Don:Me too
She laughed loudly

Swara:This is too good. Don at Disney Land

Swara:Hey! There happen to be great, intricate rides at Disney Land!

Don:Haan, haan…
she giggled

Swara:Very dangerous.
she nodded in mock seriousnessHe playfully pushed her again as he chuckled himself then pulled out his cell

Don:Sam, get the jet ready. We’re going to Paris,

Swara:Arre, tell him to bring Yana and Maya along.

Don looked at her for a moment thensaid

Don:You heard her. Ok, we’ll be there
he then turned to her

Don:Let’s grab a bite to eat before we leave. Be warned though, one single word of that atrocious place…

he gestured with his index finger warningly She bat her eyelashes innocently and then laughed as she saw his dimpled smile

Swara:Never again, promise!

Over lunch she kept peeping at him smilingly

Don:Do I have anything on my face?
he cleaned the corners of his mouth reverently with the cloths he smiled

Swara:No, it’s just that you look so content. I love seeing you this way.
He raised an eyebrow

Swara: Do you, know?
She nodded and he smirked

Don:Actually it’s not contentment, it’s excitement

Swara:Really? Wouldn’t have thought Disney Land would get you excited

Don:It doesn’t’Toh phir?’

she frowned questioningly He leaned in

Don:It’s the fact that I’ll have you all to myself in Paris, once again.

She blushed immediately. The way he had said it made her face turn red instantly.

Don:But this time it will be different. So different…
he bit his lower lip seductively and just then she thought she’d sink under the table and never leave under there again

Don:Something the matter, sweetheart?

he pretended not to be aware of the effect he had on her, resuming his elegant eating She took in a deep breath and tried to compose herself.

Swara: Nope. I’m cool

He laughed. He actually laughed and that made hersmile

Don:I never thought I’d say this but I find your cuteness and adorableness very… appealing
She shied away

Swara:I never thought someone could make me behave in a cute and adorable manner

He narrowed his eyes at her as if contemplating what she’d just told him and then squeezed her hand once

Don:Shall we get the tab?

One hour later,

the 5 of them, including Maya were sitting in Don’s private jet. It was a short flight but nevertheless Maya needed her sleep, and she was being quite fussy as she wasn’t used to flying. Don had to come seat with them and hold the little girl until she fell asleep resting her head on his shoulder. Swara took a picture of the two, thinking it was just too sweet to miss the opportunity.

They were all dressed casually but Don still asked Swara whether she wanted to go to the apartment she was already familiar with in Paris to change into something more comfortable.She blinked a few times at him and then noticed the spark in his eyes and stuck her tongue out at him letting him know it had been a nice try, but no.As they reached Disney Land Swara turned to Karan

Swara:Arre yaar I didn’t realize. Do you think they accept children as young as Maya and men as old as Don in?
she giggled karan widened his eyes

Karan:You mean you know his age? You must tell me, I’ve been trying to find out since forever!

Swara and Yana laughed at his excitement and Don pulled her by her hand

Don:Forget it, Sam! Let’s go, it’s getting late and I don’t want to Miss out on any of the rides.

he stamped his foot imitating an anxious kid and they all laughed

Swara:Just look at this queue, we’ll be waiting for a while

Swara pointed out Don laughed one of his cold laughs and kept pulling her by the hand through the crowd, and just like that they entered Disney Land, no questions asked. Swara rolled her eyes

Don shrugged smilingly

Don:I’m not the patient type, sweetheart. Kya karoon?

She bit on her cheek thinking that he had proved to be quite patient with her, infact.

Don:Plus I like breaking all rules
Plus we’re too excited to get on the rides
Karan followed

Karan:Excuse me?
Yana objected

Yana:You’re riding the kiddies ones with your daughter, mister

Karan:Arreeeeeee yaaaaar! You cannot do this!

Yana:Just 2 or 3 rides, then you’re all ours, ok?
Yana rolled her eyes


Karan actually jumped in excitement and then they proceeded. Yana waited with Maya while the 3 of them went on different rides, and after karan had cheated into going on 5, Yana finally pulled him away leaving Don and Roma together.

To her surprise, Disney Land was really fun. She felt safe with Don even in the most frightening roller coasters and all the various scary rides

Swara:So what now?

Don narrowed his eyes, cupping her cheek.

Don:You look exhausted. Why don’t we call it a day?

Swara:But, it’s your birthday. I’m not tired, just a bit worn out but I’ll manage…
He placed his index finger over her lips

Don:And it was lovely, thank you

he gave her a sweet peck on her cheek then held her hand as he began walking towards the exit. She was surprised to see a burgundy Peugeot 908 rc parked and waiting for them.

Swara:You have the most beautiful cars
She pointed out

Don:This old thing?

Don wrinkled his nose as he opened the door for her She rolled her eyes and got it and Don followed.

Swara:Let’s stop on the way at a supermarket
Don frowned questioningly


she shrugged Don shook his head, put on his sunglasses and started the engine. He did pull near to a supermarket and Swara insisted she’d go in without him, to Don’s exasperation.
She finally returned with 2 bags full of groceries

Swara:Open the truck please

Don lowered his glasses to the bridge of his nose and looked at her over the rim, his eyebrow raised. But he did push the button that opened the truck.

Swara:Thank you
she smiled and placed the bags inside then got into the car


Don:You know, the fridge is packed back at the apartment

Swara: I’m sure it is

she said as she fastened her seat belt as Don drove away.As Swara placed foot in the apartment she felt very emotional suddenly. Somehow the place felt so familiar and welcoming. She couldn’t explain the feeling it gave her.She started pacing the living area and finally opened the door to her old room. Suddenly tons of emotions cascaded over her. She paced the room and went towards the closet. She opened it and frowned questioningly

Don:What’s the matter?
Don caught her expression from the door frames

Swara: I didn’t even think to pack. There aren’t any clothes
Don chuckled

Son:That’s because you’ll be sleeping in the master bedroom he said as he got close and circled her waist

Don:… with me
he nuzzled her earlobe smilingly She smiled back and retreated

Swara:Where do I take a shower then?
He chuckled as he framed her with both hands against the closet,trapping her

Don:I might have an idea…

She blushed and bit her lip smilingly but he released her laughing

Don:There’s my kitten

He left to make a phone call and gestured for her to enter the master bedroom. When she did so, her jaw hit the floor. The room was beautiful, unique, and so unlike the one back in Berlin. Royal blue and golden and beige highlights, paisley designs, accompanied by high end furniture pieces made her heart skip a beat.Don had a walk in closet even there. And she again felt her heart race as she admired all the beautiful clothes on display.

She had her share, of course. She decided to snap out of it as she heard Don talk on the phone just steps away from the bedroom, and get into the shower. She picked something casual and entered the bathroom, locking the door behind her.


How was the episode guyz do u like it n the trip to Disneyland. I know actually I didn’t gives importance to that part bcz I don’t have any idea about the place so sorry for that.

I’m happy to see ur comments even I experienced new readers.I’ll try my best to entertain u all.

Credit to: IREENA

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  1. It’s Awsome as always…plzz upload next part soon

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    MY DON 😉
    Agar swara nahi hoti toh main sure don ko patta leti . But i think still there is a chance for me . Main swara ki sautan ban jaungi. 😉 BTW i saw many r in love with don but plz say about my love to him cuz i love him more than everyone . Only u could help me, help karogi na?????????? 😉
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    I read it at night bt commenting now…. uff it was fab ep…. waiting for the next

    1. hehe?. I know it’s not expected. actually Swara is not changing him he is already a child but no one knows about it. he watches tom & jerry hehe?. he was so excited hearing Disneyland name.I also love when Swara teases him about his age n he warns her. I’ll try to upload soon.

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    1. thanx jeni. I’m very happy that u liked it. there r still so many chapters left.

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