Don and his Roma Season 2 Episode 34


she went to his study and looked at his bookshelf. Which was more of a miniature library. She wondered if he had really read all those books.

Finally she chose Flowers for Algernon by Daniel Keyes and sat on his chaise lounge and began reading. She encountered some underlined passages in the book as well:

“I don’t know what’s worse: to not know what you are and be happy, or to become what you’ve always wanted to be, and feel alone.”
“Intelligence is one of the greatest human gifts. But all too often a search for knowledge drives out the search for love. This is something else I’ve discovered for myself very recently. I present it to you as a hypothesis: Intelligence without the ability to give and receive affection leads to mental and moral breakdown, to neurosis, and possibly even psychosis. And I say that the mind absorbed in and involved in itself as a self-centered end, to the exclusion of human relationships, can only lead to violence and pain.”

Swaa was particularly surprised to read this, having been underlined by Don himself.

“I don’t pretend to understand the mystery of love, but this time it was more than s*x, more than using a woman’s body. Expanding and bursting outward, and contracting and forming inward, it was the rhythm of being — of breathing, of heartbeat, of day and night — and the rhythm of our bodies set off an echo in my mind. My body shuddered with giving, and her body shuddered its acceptance. This was the way we loved, until the night became a silent day. And as I lay there with her I could see how important physical love was, how necessary it was for us to be in each other’s arms,giving and taking. And in the moment before I fell off into sleep, I remembered the way it had been between Fay and myself, and I smiled. No wonder that had been easy. It had been only physical. This week with Alice was a mystery.”

Just then Don cleared his voice as he was leaning against the doorframe of his study and Swara flinched. She was already holding her breath due to her interesting lecture that she squirmed when she took a good look at him, all sweaty and his muscles all tensed and defined. She hugged the book closer to her chest and just stared at him.

And just as she imagined, he began pacing the way towards her, in that panther-like gait, and it seemed like forever before he reached her. He slowly leaned over her and grabbed the book slightly to see what she was reading and before he could say anything she just pulled him by the towel that rested around his neck into a kiss.

To her surprise, Don wasn’t taken aback by her boldness and immediately responded to her kiss as though he had been meaning to kiss her for a long time. She clung onto him and deepened the kiss and he groaned as he pulled her into his embrace and then pushed her against the bookshelves, slightly roughly but just enough to add a little more urgency to their movements.

For the first time she ran her palms over his pectorals and slightly downwards towards his abs and couldn’t believe how he fell under her coy touch. She kept running her fingers through his damp hair, pulling him closer and closer, and in response he began slowing down, confusing her, so she opened her eyes to see him stare at her quizzically, but still seductively

‘Don’t tease’ he whispered and kissed her again then looked back into her eyes. She searched his eyes as she responded,pulling him closer still, but he kept slowing down and urging her to look at him and give him a sign, a hint, anything…

Swara:I… I don’t know what I’m doing
she uttered as she panted and kissed him again. She could feel him smiling against her lips and that made her kiss him even deeper. He grabbed her into his arms without any warning and led her into the guest room which was right next to the study, without ever breaking their kiss. He placed her gently on the bed and sat on top of her.

She couldn’t believe how right it felt to feel his body over hers, his one hand circling her waist and the other caressing her thigh as he pushed her silk nightgown slightly upwards, exposing her legs.He then began kissing the back of her earlobe, and went down her neck slowly but passionately nonetheless. She had to open her eyes for a reality check.

And sure enough, there he was, lying on top of her, caressing and kissing her and it felt like heaven. In fact, this was too hot for heaven, she thought. Having sensed something, Don looked up at her and into her eyes and gave her a few small kisses, pulling on her lower lip. He again searched her eyes and looked lost fora moment

Swara:You’re making me nervous.
she whispered

Don:I know. Don’t be
he kissed her again

Don:Because I’m nervous enough for both of us 
She couldn’t help but giggle silently

Swara:You, nervous?

Don:I’ve never been with a virgin before.

She immediately blushed but thankfully he kissed her a few times again and went back to her earlobe

Don:Tell me how you’ve imagined it.
She shied away slightly but he continued kissing her neck and pushing her nightgown further as his palm reached her lover back beneath it.

Don:Relax, sweetheart
he whispered

Don:Just unwind and let me worry about everything.

But for some reason that triggered something and made her mind race. All of a sudden she was worrying and questioning herself and him and everything that was happening and as he looked up to her again he caught her worried look and pulled back a bit

Don:What’s wrong?

he asked gently She just looked at him, panting, and realizing the worried look was still on her face but she couldn’t help it. It was so overwhelming, and suddenly she just froze and didn’t know what to tell him He sighed and buried his head in the curve of her neck. That was it, she thought. She had pulled the string for as long as she could but now it was too much. She was being impossible and she should have known that a man like Don couldn’t wait forever. Especially for a lousy virgin that couldn’t even please him. That was all she could think of when she suddenly felt him tighten his arms around her hugging her dearly.

Don:I’m sorry
Her heart literally skipped a beat. Had she heard him correctly?

He didn’t move

Don:This isn’t right, you’re not ready… you don’t trust me
She frowned and hugged him back, confused as ever.

Don:I want to make things right, Swara
he said as he looked into her eyes. And right then she could feel just how sincere he was. His eyes, voice, even the fact that he could contain himself and not give in to temptation for her sake made her realize that he indeed had feeling for her.He sat back on his knees and fisted his hands as he looked at her, his eyes betraying lust and passion

Don:I’m going to take that shower I was heading towards when I caught you in my study

he took a few deep breaths to contain himself then got off the bed and said before he headed into the bathroom

Don:Next time I better not catch you lounging in my study, wearing nothing but a nightgown and reading the way you were… you’re hereby banned until I’ve had you in my arms and bed for many nights in a row in order to be able to restrain myself from jumping on you like that!

and on that serious tone he slammed the bathroom door behind him and swara couldn’t help but giggle and head out of the guestroom but just as she was about to exit she turned around and knocked on the bathroom door. When he didn’t reply she opened the door and went inside, and could see Don already in the steamy glass shower. She could only see his figure and in a mere second, she opened the cabin, pulled him by his arm and kissed him once.

This time he was definitely surprised and thankfully she did not get to look at his body (otherwise she would have fainted midway for sure).

‘Happy Birthday!’
she smiled at him and he looked back at her puzzled, water still running down his face as she pulled away and ran out of the bathroom.

how was the chapter hope u like it. it took so much time to write. Specially it’s very difficult to write about Don. I have to think 10 times before writing about him. hope u like Don.

Credit to: IREENA

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  1. It simply superbbbbbb!!!!!

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  2. omg so this was soo gud waiting for the continuation please update as soon as possible!!!!

    1. ya I’ll try to post soon thanx for ur comment.

    2. thanx dear. I’ll try my best to update soon.

  3. U r asking about like i already said to u and i am saying again that i am totally in love with don. Oh god their intimacy made my heart beat faster like anything. How r u able to write with such intensity. Now i cant wait to see whats don’s gift though i feel i know it but i want to read it. 😉 So plz plzzz try to post nxt asap. Love u dear 🙂

    1. hmmm….I know how much u love Don?. kash mein tumhare liye kuch kar paati?. Oh God. I hope now ur fine?. I’ll pray for u. n seriously speaking till now I didn’t thought about the gift. but don’t worry Swara will give gift to Don but what gift for that u have to wait. take care don’t take tension bcz already ur heart us beating too fast?

      1. Now i am fine dear. My heart is beating correctly. U know how much i love don same love i havr for u too. I love u a lott dear. Post nxt soon ok 🙂 i

        Itna buttering kafi hai na mujhe aur don ko milane ke liye.hehe 😉

      2. Good now ur fine otherwise Don would have killed me if he gets to know that ur not well bcz of me?. itni tarif mat karo I’m feeling shy?. I don’t know why but I’m shy. but this all is for Don. how mean na go I’ll not talk to u?. I’ll complain about u to Swara?. then she will take revenge from u?. haha just kidding I’ll talk about u to Don.?

  4. I didn’t thought swara would be this much brave…. It was awesome di… I just loved it…hope swara start beleiving don when he get closer to her and they consummate their relationship soon…..di now Interpol will start searching for swara na ?????

    1. Swara is also brave n dangerous but when it comes to Don she becomes nervous. I also think Swara Should trust him now but don’t worry she will trust him. about intetpol an tak unke din pure nahi huen so itni jalti unka saamna nahi honga.

  5. Like????? I loved it.Awesome.Don is so good . But a request di, you can bring any twist, no problem . But yeah don’t separate swasan.Bcz serial me b yehi chalriye.

    1. thanx uma. I’m glad u like it. seriously I didn’t thought about twist but don’t worry for sometime no problem is coming to their life. chill for now.

  6. It was awsome

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  7. Must say the way u write is awesome

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  8. Its mind blowing. Totally in love with don. I always look forward for ur ff. And i keep reading the older updates

    1. thanx Archana. Again a new lover of Don. oh don’t know how will Swara deal with us here?. it’s such a grt complement for me. n sorry to make u wait.

  9. Sorry Ireena actuallyI mistakenly replied to ur ff’s comments sorry. I opened the wrong page and I did not see the name. I’m feeling very sorry n foolish.

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