Don and his Roma Season 2 Episode 32


Swara woke up, it was still dark and she felt thirsty. She was silent staring at the window for a while and froze as she realized she wasn’t alone. It all came back rapidly to her and she couldn’t believe Don was actually sleeping next to her. He was in deep sleep, totally disconnected from the world around him and his eyebrows were actually relaxed and so were his other facial features, his lips slightly parted and his breathing slow and rhythmical.

She slowly turned to her side to look at him better and just stood like that for a long while. A few strands of hair were covering his forehead and she barely refrained from running her fingers through his hair.Her eyes rested on his full, luscious lips for a while. How she wanted to kiss him. She decided to go get herself a glass of water and cool down.

When she got back from the kitchen, making sure to move as slow and quietly as possible, she noticed he had stretched his arm on her side of the bed and was slightly frowning in his sleep. She immediately smiled. He had felt her absence.

She tried to get in bed as slowly as possible and tried to avoid his arm but he shifted slightly and so she had room again. But before she could close her eyes she felt his arm go over and around her waist

Don:Where were you?
he murmured

Swara:… to the kitchen, to get some water
She whispered stiffening, surprised that he had acknowledged her absence like that


he drifted back to sleep tightening his arm around her lovingly. She smiled again. This felt so right, she thought. Right then she felt like turning around and hugging him tight, but she didn’t.

When she got up in the morning she stretched lazily and noticed Don wasn’t in bed anymore. Of course he’d be out and about by then,she thought. But just then he appeared in the doorframe of the walk-in closet, securing his watch around his wrist

Don:Rise and shine!

he chuckled as he went back to get his jacket. He was rather elegant.She sighed playfully covering her face with her arm

Swara:What time is it?

Don:Too late to be lying around in bed.
he came over to her and sat on the edge of the bed, his one arm over to her other side

Don:I have to go for a while, will you be ok on your own?
She frowned at him quizzically but smiled

He mirrored her reaction

Don:Why the puzzled face?

Swara:Well, since when are you so considerate?

Don:You’re being cynical again his look turned serious

Don:You could come with me if you want. Truthfully I didn’t think you’d get up by the time I left

Swara:I’d like to
she found herself saying He raised his eyebrows

Don:Ok then
he stood up and walked towards the door, stopping just to tap his watch gesturing she should get a move on it.

10 minutes later

Swara was wearing a black pencil skirt and a simple white dress shirt, but she accessorized it with a gold watch and stiletto shoes. She got the feeling she should dress up just as he did for whatever business Don needed to attend to.Don gave her an appreciative look and they headed towards the parking lot. As they got into the Mercedes Don said

Don:I’m sorry I’m making you skip breakfast but I’ll make it up to you afterwards.

She was again surprised of the way he paid so much attention to her needs. It felt as if something had shifted between them, in a good way. But she couldn’t pinpoint what exactly.

They reached a nice mansion and she could see Karan waiting, leaning over his own car, in the driveway.

Karan:Swara(he smiled at her)
What a pleasant surprise.

Don got all professional suddenly
Don:I won’t settle for less than800 000. I hope you conveyed that clearly
Karan nodded

Karan;Haan, they’ll try to negotiate for the sake of it, though. But they’re definitely game


They entered the mansion and Swara sat next to Karan at a big oval table. She noticed the furniture was hardwood, vintage and very pompous looking. Almost garishly so.She watched Don describe some pieces of jewelry very professionally and he wouldn’t as much as let the old couple touch it, just admire from afar.

Swara couldn’t really see what pieces they were talking about but from what Don was saying there were earrings, a necklace and a few rings as well. They were all white gold and diamonds. Her head spun just thinking of how valuable they were. Suddenly a young man entered the room.

he acknowledged his parents, then totally ignoring Don, headed towards Swara and took her hand and kissed it reverently

His father cleared his voice ‘Victor, she is our guest. Please…’

swara looked over at Don worried he might do something, but Don had his raised eyebrow, scanning this Victor fellow from head to toe. It reminded her of how he scanned her the first time.That cold look in his eyes was icier than ever now.

Victor:Oh, excuse me. I should have realized an exotic beauty like you could not be German.

Victor placed his palm over his heart, theatrically Swara shifted in her seat uncomfortably.Victor clicked his teeth as he approached the jewelry. he took the necklace and looked at it carefully Swaa looked at Don nervously, he had the same look on his face, his face all contorted, she could see his muscles tensed beneath his elegant suit.

‘Victor, don’t touch it, please’ his mother smiled politely pulling down on her son’s arm ‘It’s very valuable’

Don:It’s alright. He’s already touched my most priced value without my consent.
Don stated coldly and Victor started laughing, placing the necklace back into its box

Victor:Ohhhh, I’m sorry, man. You’re not upset at me darling, are you?

he winked at Swara and Don stood up so fast that his chair unbalanced and fell behind him Victor’s father stood up too and pulled on his son’s arm, making him step back. Don was furious, his hands were resting on the oval table but it wasn’t much in his way.

‘Son, please apologize and let us be. Don’t you have somewhere to go?’But Victor shrugged off his father’s grip
Victir:Why, am I bothering you? he said keeping his eyes locked to Don’s

Don:You better do what your father asked you, boy.
Don said in a manner that sent chills down Swara’s spine. She could sense Karan tense too.Victor laughed

Victor:Boy? Have you any idea whom you’re addressing? I could buy you andall the jewelry you plan to ever sell, not to mention your–
Just then Don jumped over the table so rapidly Swara could barely react, and caught hold of Victor’s collar before he could even finish his sentence.Swara quickly ran towards them, Victor’s parents gasped and just looked at the whole scene terrified and Karan stood up but knew better than to interfere .

she came near them and actually placed her hand over Don’s arm
Swara:Let himbe, come on… he’s just a kid.
Victor still had that smug smile on his face even though Don was grabbing him tight by the collar and she could tell he could barely breathe.Karan quickly put all the pieces away in a special briefcase as Don released the young man

Don’t: better not see you again he warned as he stepped back and Victor caught his breath, still smiling though
‘We’re so sorry…’ the old man tried to apologize but Don didn’t even look his way as he grabbed Swara by the hand and led her outside, Karan following.

Swara prayed Victor wouldn’t say something, anything. It would be enough for Don to have his way at him.Karan nodded and stepped into his own car and they all drove off, in different directions.

To Be Continued

sorry I have wrote a big part but half part got deleted by mistake. right now I’m not in mood to write it again I’ll write tomorrow for sure.

Credit to: IREENA

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  1. That Victor was brainless…. If he would be there more moments with swara then that poor fellow would have been on hospital bed…… Di this Victor would be a problem in future?? ¿?? Di plz update soon……

    1. not on bed he would have died right there. just now I finished writing. I’ll post soon.

  2. What a brainless creature i am saying about that Victor. How could someone act like this infront of DON. Anyways i wanted to say that i falling more and more for this don . His concern is really very nice to see. Try to post soon dear. BTW i too experienced the same thing i mean to say even i wrote half of ep and suddenly it got deleted. I felt horrible. But still i wrote it again cuz i had promise everyone. But u take ur time cuz i know how it feels. Love u dear and tc 🙂

    1. he is a idiot forget him. he doesn’t know who is Don. Falling for Don day by day. sree control ur emotions don’t u know Swara is a member of interpol she knows how to Shoot someone. Bach kar rehna dear jaan khatre mein gain?. actually I’m very lazy n when it got deleted na them my mood gets off so I don’t want to write in that mood n spoiled the part so didn’t write it I’m posting it hope u like it. love u too
      take care.

      1. Thanks for warning dear. Mein swara se bachlungi. 😉 . I will like anything u write so dont hope cuz i will luv it. 😉

  3. Awsm.Victor was brainless.

    1. thanx uma n ha he is brainless.

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