Don and his Roma Season 2 Episode 31


He took her other hand in his as well and kissed both insides of her palms tenderly

Don:I do not know what it is about you that closes and opens; only something in me understands.The voice of your eyes is deeper than all roses.Nobody, not even the rain, has such small hands.

She blushed deeply although she had read those lines before in his diary, it was still as if she had heard them for the first time now that she knew that they were destined for her and that the words come out of his luscious mouth.

He then kissed her knuckles too and made her rest her head on his shoulder as he ran his fingers through her hair gently

Don:You should be treated like the princess that you are, sweetheart. I’d love to shower you in fine, rare jewelry and have you wear just that in my presence, the rest is superfluous…

She shied and cradled into his chest covering her face, but he gently removed her hand and kissed it again

Don: You’ll see. My plan will work and nothing will hold us apart.

When they headed back she was feeling tired from all the fresh air plus her really intense workout had really drained her. She realized while resting her head on Don’s shoulder strolling lazily back towards the residential building that he could really talk a lot about what he was passionate. In this case architecture and historical facts and she only wished he’d be so talkative when it came to his feelings,
for example.She couldn’t help but yawn

Don:Am I boring you?
he tightened his grip around her waist as to gather her attention She giggled

Swara:Not at all, I’m just tired.

Don:Why didn’t you say so, I would have called Karan to come pick us up.
She frowned smilingly

Swara:Let him be. He’s got a wife and kid, he’s entitled to a nice evening.
He laughed his cold laughter

Don:Swara, Karan’s personal life is his own business. I expect him to be on call anytime I need him. Things haven’t changed like that.
Swara sighed

Swara: I guess things never really change, do they?
she looked up at him only to find him already frowning at her, a bit puzzled.

Din:Don’t be so cynical, Swara. It doesn’t suit you.Some things will never change. I’m still Don and I am who I am and will always be. The only thing that’s changed is that I got sick and tired of being on the run all the time. It got too hectic, I decided I wanted to leave all that behind. But still keep my power. I’m very well known in this new venture already, by the right people in the right circumstances. It’s not out in the open and it’s not entirely legal, as you pinpointed. But it’s something that’s been a passion of mine and I now get to combine passion with power. Which are two of my favorite things.
he narrowed his eyes seductively at her

Don:I’m not a good boy, Swara he whispered.I’ll never be. It’s still in me. But now there’s something else as well.


Don:You. Ever since I first met you I knew there was something very special about you.Little did I know about your real motive to why you were there, the real motive behind your spirit and drive. But it enticed me. After I learned that you wanted to kill me…
he took a pause inhaling slowly Don:got even more tangled up. When you tried to kill me I wanted to take you right there in that deserted train wagon and make you mine, rather than kill you. And that never happened to me before.
She blushed and stepped back a little
Don:But look how far we’ve come
he smiled. She couldn’t believe how mercurial this man was.

Don:And maybe there is another reason to why I’ve left that life. he shrugged giving her a dimpled smile.
Don:Detective Ram should really be raising you a statue. . There was noIt wouldn’t have been hard for me to kill them all, since they were planning on killing me better way to prove my intentions were true all along. I could have had my way with them,otherwise. It wouldn’t have been hard for me to kill them all,!?…and Don never forgets when someone has betrayed him.
again that cold laughter made Swara flinch. All of a sudden her head hurt. This conversation was just too confusing. She really didn’t know where it was going and she was already tired. She rubbed her temples grimacing in pain. She realized maybe Don talking about his feelings wasn’t really that good after all. Just more confusing.He looked at her, worried

Don:You’re much more tired than I thought
he whistled and stopped a cab almost immediately.When they got to the apartment, he took her to the master bedroom and told her

Don:To bed with you now

sweetly yet still bossy She sighed and began undressing after he left the room. She crawled into a pair of silk pajamas and got under the covers. She didn’t get the chance to place her head on the pillow when he entered the room, dressed only in a pair of black silk pajama trousers.She looked at him confused, not knowing what to think

Don:I know it means a lot to you. So I’ll try. But I can’t promise I won’t leave if it gets too… intense.
he frowned smilingly She grinned and she removed the covers from his side of the bed, invitingly

Don:I promise I won’t bite
He stamped playfully and rested his palms on his naked hipbones
Don: Now that’s not helping.

Don:What’s that?

He held up the book he was carrying as he slid under the covers

Don:Just something I’m reading at the moment.

She looked at it ashe held it close to her; the book was The Tin Drum by Günter Grass. She had never heard of it. She took it from this hands and began turning pages. She was surprised to see he had written side notes and underlined some phrases like:

“You are vain and wicked- as a genius should be.”
“…if I were asked to think up a new name for temptation, I should recommend the word ‘doorknob’, because what are these protuberances put on doors for if not to tempt us…”
“When Satan’s notin the mood, virtue triumphs. Hasn’t even Satan a right not to be in the mood once in a while?”
“Once upon a time there was a musician who slew his four cats, stuffed then in a garbage can, left the building, and went to visit friends.”
she shut the book immediately upon reading that.
‘Interesting choice’ she uttered as she returned the book

Swara:Why the underlined passages?
He shrugged as he opened to the page he had left his lecture

Don:I like collecting quotes. Mainly those that speak to me in a certain sense.
from out of nowhere he retrieved a pair of spectacles and she remembered them from back in London when he had worn them whilst doing somework on his laptop. She giggled and he looked at her over the rim of his glasses, pretending to be irritated

Don: Something the matter?

Swara:Gosh, you really are old
she continued giggling as she sunk under the covers, looking upat him. He was looking so gorgeous leaning against the bedframe, holding that book in his big strong hands against his toned abdomen, the glasses were just the icing on the cake.He frowned playfully

Don:Diopters have nothing to do with age
he pretended he was already reading, ignoring her

Swara:Is that so?
she covered her face up to her eyes with the duvet as she continued giggling

He put the book aside and tantalizingly slowly leaned overher

Don:can prove right here and nowthat I am not at all “that old” if you insist.
he raised his eyebrow seductively and grabbed the duvet away from her face in a mere second. Her expression shifted from amusement to lust in that second, and she knew it was showing.But he chuckled and released the duvet from his grip, returning to his book

‘Sweet dreams, Swara’


So this part is also end. I’ll try to post next part soon hope u like this one.

Credit to: IREENA

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  1. Awesome ep. Don can cook – this is superb (last chappy) i am in love with this don . Already i am varunholic and now i like him more. Poor don and swara (as they r orphan 🙁 ) i dont like that word cuz when we have friends no one can be orpan but in their case it’s different. Today’s quotes were awesome as always. Ireena u r great to find such quotes yaar. Anyways try to post nxt sooon. Love u dear 🙂

    1. Don can cook. I’m also varunholic. I too feel bad for those who don’t have parents. u said right that if we have friends then we can forget our pain but the friendship must be true not fake then it will help us. I’ll definitely post another part today but not sure if when I’ll post.

      1. Its true dear . Friendship should be true . I got many friends here and u too. I hope all r true . Love u dear

    1. thanx dear.

  2. Awesome as always.waiting fr next

    1. tysm Archana

    1. tysm Amy

  3. Hope swara doesn’t ask any other question to don which makes him upset….. Don was telling something about wagon incident where he wish to make swara his…but you didn’t mention that in the past di…???? I can’t understand where this incident took place.


  4. Superb di.Don can cook, cool.

  5. Super duper ff…luv it sooo muchh IREENA…post da nxt part asap…

  6. Luvd it***

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