Don and His Roma SeaSon 2 Episode 30


Later they were hanging in the kitchen after Swara had taken a shower and Don cooked for her. She came back wearing a black t-shirt and a pair of denim shorts. She was wearing her precious bracelet as well which caught Don’s eye and made him smile.

She smiled as well as she sat at the dining table and Don placed her plate in front of her

Swara:Oh wow. Yeh kya hai?

Don:Hmm… it’s wood pigeon and pancetta risotto, with black truffle and parmesan shavings.

Swara:That sounds too complicated.
she giggled he frowned smilingly

Swara:Not at all

and he sat opposite of her, placing a napkin on his lap. So formal, she thought, even in his own home.

Swara:It’s delicious
Swara stated

Swara:How did you learn to cook like this?
Don shrugged, he was eating more elegantly and slowly

Don:It’s something I sometimes enjoy doing.It just came naturally.I guess All I can cook is fries and maybe I can master a boiled egg but it’s not always cooked when I crack it open.

Don grinned

Don:Care for some wine?
She nodded as he poured her some red wine that she suspected was rather old from the look of the bottle

Swara:But you should see my cousin. She’s terrible…
Don raised an eyebrow not removing his eyes from his plate
Don:Woh ladki… Ragini, right?

Swara:I won’t even ask you how you know her name
Don chuckled

Don:Your cousin got me into a lot of trouble. It’s natural that I know her name. And all her whereabouts.

Swara grimaced playfully

Swara:That’s not at all creepy.

Swara wanted to ask him more about his childhood. He told her he had grown up in an orphanage and that’s why he didn’t know whether he had any siblings. But he had mentioned his mother before,and not to mention what she had read in his diary. It didn’t add up. Then a thought cornered in her mind,what if he was lying?

Don:Something the matter?

Don narrowed his eyes watching her attentively

Swara:No, kuch nahin…
she smiled

Don:Did you get the chance to visit Berlin properly when you were last here?

Swara:I was rather busy with other activities while I was here 2 years ago.

she shrugged playfully

don: That’s a shame. It’s a wonderful city. It’s my duty to show it to you now.
She giggled

Swara:Is it, now?

Don:Bilkul. Especially in the evening, the sun is setting, the architecture is enhanced…

Don gestured spreading his arms

Swara:We should get going then

she grinned after sipping some of her wine

Don:Go change into something else though, the wind can get quite crisp even during summers here.

Don ordered as he stood up to clear the table

“Bossy as always” she thought

Swara:Let me help.

she stood up and grabbed her plate but Don put his hand over hers gently

Don:You go change, I’ve got this.

he whispered calmly some how that made her blush more that it should have and she pulled away and into the bedroom.When she came back Don was already dressed and ready to go. He was wearing a pair of dark dress pants and a silk, caramel shirt that matched his deep eyes. He was rubbing his stubble as he was looking out the window, smoking.

Swara:You’re fast.
she pointed out smilingly


he winked and gestured for her to head towards the entrance. She noticed they weren’t going to the parking lot

Din:Oh we’re not taking the car. You need to walk the streets in order to let the city sink in

Don placed his hands into his pockets and she hugged herself as they strolled the streets. He asked her if she felt chilly and she smiled assuring him it wasn’t the case.He kept pointing towards different buildings telling her interesting trivia about each of them, relating historical facts, basically playing tour guide. She thought it was adorable as he took his role so seriously they stopped by the Berlin Cathedral and he gestured as he told her

Don:The Berliner DomI’m sure you know… The present Baroque structure dates only from the early 1900s but stands on the site of several earlier structures. It dates back to the 1400s. During World War II, the building was bombed by the Allies and severely damaged. A temporary roof was installed to protect what remained of the interior and then the Reconstruction began. In the ’90s the church reopened. During reconstruction, the original design was modified into a more simple form…

She furrowed her brows and crossed her arms more tightly

Swara:Howdoyou know all these things? You’re like a walking encyclopedia!

He gave her a dimpled smile and just as he was about to place his right hand back into his pocket she grabbed it and held it tight. He looked at her quizzically and then lowered his gaze to her lips.She shivered just knowing what that meant, and he got even closer

Don:You’re coldm

Swara:I’m not, I told you.

she barely whispered as she looked deep into his eyes. He raised his arms. to caress hers up and down, warming her up, although she was sure he had heard her. And then, before she knew it, he embraced her tightly and picked her up the ground slightly. She let out a scream, giggling, as she hadn’t expected it. He smiled widely at her then reached up to her and caught her lips with his, kissing her passionately.

People passing by were staring, some were clapping and whistling but they couldn’t be bothered. Don didn’t let go of her and kept on kissing her until he felt her loosen up in his arms, running her fingers through his hair and caressing his stubble with her thumbs gently as she flexed her knees further away from the ground.When he finally placed her back on her feet he didn’t break the kiss immediately. He kept her stuck to his chest as if he couldn’t bare to let her go. Which is why what he next told her took her by surprise

Don:Don’t go

he said as he parted, slightly panting she could barely regain her senses and looked at him,puzzled

Don:You said you’d goto London. I don’t want you to leave. Stay.


All the while he didn’t let her go, still circling her waist

Don:You don’t have to go back.

Swara:How could I not go back? Do you realize what that implies?
After a pause in which he searched her eyes attentively he said

Don:Don’t you want to stay?

Swara:And be a fugitive for the rest of my life?

Don:Remember what I told you when we left London. That I had a plan and that we could escape all this forever if you wanted.

his eyes were wide and vibrant now, she felt his mood shift back to the man’s that could convince anyone to turn ways to his. liking.She paused

Swara:I do…

she felt frightened to admit he took her hand and made her sit on a bench nearby. As he sat next to her he still held her hand with both of his and paused for a while before telling her

Don:Do you trust me that I have a plan that could free us both from this life on the run? All my enemies are either dead or in jail. Granted there still are some people after me but nothing relevant, I promise. But if I were to be a free man, if I were to free myself from all the legal charges…

Swara:Kya matlab?You know that’s not possible. Remember det. Ram almost guaranteed your death sentence when you surrendered. He won’t hear of it, Don.
Don closed his eyes calmly and tightened his hands around hers reassuringly

Don:I know, there’s no way to placate him, he’s determined to catch me for good. Here’s where you come in.
Swara froze

Don nodded calmly and pushed a lock of her hair behind her ear then smiled

Don:I like your hair down like this.
he ran his fingers through her long wavy tresses

Don:Your ponytail reminds me what a fierce officer you’re
he bit his lower lip

Don:I like that side of you as well… my wildcat
he whispered seductively she blushed and smiled back at him

Don:But you’re so innocent like this, so angelic. Like a rosebud whose petals I’ve helped bloom
I told you how I’d love to tame you, Swara. To care for you, to protect you… You shouldn’t have to chase criminals, your pretty little hands shouldn’t ever have to hold a gun again.
he took her other hand in his as well and kissed both insides of her palms tenderly

To Be Continued..

sorry actually not able to past the whole part.

Credit to: IREENA

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