Don and his Roma season 2 episode 3


Swara had never seen him look so handsome. She felt her heart pound and slowly all senses came back to her. They stared at each other for a little while, then Don opened the door and gestured for her to come downstairs, and into the car.

She bit her lower lip and found herself rushing towards the staircase.

As soon as Swara approached Don, his scent hit her and suddenly she was reminded of her terrible nightmare.

Don: Kya hua? Don frowned

Swara: Kuch nahin…

She nodded, Don looking suspiciously at her.

Don: Are you having second thoughts about this?

he asked as he shut her door and entered the car himself.She nodded in denial, still disturbed. It had all seemed so real.But she shook the thought away and looked over at him. The sight was breathtaking.

Swara: Did… did you write that?

Don didn’t remove his eyes from the road, and nodded.She smiled, he looked over

Don: Why? You didn’t like it?’

Swara: I did. she found herself saying…It’s just that… I wouldn’t have expected you to write something like that.

He gave her a dimpled smile

Don: What can I say, sweetheart… I’m a man of many surprises.

Swara:That you are. she thought to herself blushing.‘Besides, you’re a wonderful muse.

Actually’ he was keeping his eyes on the road.

Don: It wasn’t until I met you that I started writing.

Swara:  Really? Youmean you’ve written more?

Don:(Don shrugged)Maybe.

Swara:Tell me more’

She  grinned Don chuckled

Don: Maybe later’..he teased her Why the sudden interest?

Swara’s smile faded. That was a good question, and she had no answer to it.He stopped the car and she could see a luxurious ferry boat, and the beautiful Seine river underneath it.

He opened the door for her and helped her out of the car. He then, not releasing her hand from his, headed towards the ferry and they got on it, to Swara’s excitement.

It wasa beautifully decorated ferry, very luxurious andhad many candlelit ornaments all over, making the whole atmospherevery romantic actually.Swara  looked around, she knew nobody there, naturally, but everybody was so elegant and the jazzy music complemented the whole feel of the venue.

Don: Would you like something to drink first?

he gazed at her, his deep, deep eyes sparkling in the candlelight.Swara nodded andthey headed towards the beautifully adorned bar, he ordered two glasses of Dom Perignon and gaveher hers.

Swara: What should we toast to?

she raised her eyebrow and he gave her a dimpled smile

Don: I tell you what. You think of something your hea desires, and I think of something mine.

he winked She blushed as she remembered the small poem he had written her

“Upon her beauty’s nakedness he feeds his hungryheart’s desire”.

Swara: You, Don? You mean to say you have a heart?’ she frowned smilingly.

Don: ‘Touchée!’ he giggled.

Then he gazed deep into her eyes as though he was thinking of what totoast for, and she thought she should too. She was shocked to listen to her inner most desire and her eyes widened- Don saw her reaction and quickly collided his glass against hers.

Don: You know what they say, sweetheart. he said taking a sip of his champagne then getting a bit too close.

Don:Great minds think alike.

he winked Swara looked away and rapidly took a sip of her champagne as well.The ferry started moving and the music began playing loudly, people were starting to dance to it.‘I believe you owe me a dance?’She finished her champagne and Don disposed her of it, then invited her to take his armas he made their way to the couples dancing.Swara then remembered they had danced before, back in New york, while hewas disguised .

He took her by herwaist and pushed her gently against his chest, and then began moving slowly to the jazzy tunes.She was looking away and her mind was racing. This was all so… perfect. The way he was holding her, so manly yet so gently, the way he was dancing-perfectly coordinated yet effortlessly , the way he smelled… God, that cologne was invading her pores. She shut her eyes but couldn’t chase thethoughts away. She was too deep in. She was trapped, had no escape. And didn’teven want to escape. That was what was intriguing her the most. Every cell ofher body was responding to his sight, his touch, his look, his voice,his smell… everything about him was so inviting and addictive. God knows for how long they had been dancing, shehad lost all track of time. She was actually leaning against him as he was swaying her away in their oh so intimate dance together.

Don: Some women on the earth there are- whose eyes shine as the evening star… But be their charm no matter what, like you they’re not… like you they’re not!.

he whispered into her ear.She felt shivers down her spine, that was clearly something he had written, and that too on the thoughtof her.He tilted her chin and gazed into hereyes

Don: Like you they’re not.

he then lowered his gaze to her lips and she was almost holding her breath, lost in his deep eyes. He slowly leaned and touched her lips with his, ever so gently, pushing her by the waist closer to him as he did so, inhaling while kissing her, as if savoring the precious moment.

Episode End.

hope u all like it. thanx fr ur support. keep supporting like this. thanx silent readers too.

Credit to: IREENA

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  1. Awsome…seriously no words to decribe

    1. tysm bresh

  2. Needhi Singh

    U write so beautifully.Those lines writtten hby don r so good.

    1. thanx but those line are from poem. which is not mine obviously.

  3. is don is sanskar or laksh

    1. don is always sanskar

  4. awesome…amazing…..wonderful .i am not able to describe cuz u have written it amazingly.
    Though the poems r not urs finding such poem and thinking to use them is just really great. Post nxt soon dr i cant wait . Waiting very very eagerly for nxt. Love u

    1. oh…I’m really thankful to u dear sree. u encouraged me a lot. i feel so happy reading ur comment. n Will update next part at noon.

  5. Gr8 part !

    1. tysm Niharika

  6. Awsm u nailed it…..

    1. tysm kriya

  7. Awsm….no word to describe.

    1. thanx uma

  8. Plz..plz..don’t let swara go off from here to New York….if it is necessary make them marry..plz di …update next epi soon…ummmaaahhhh

    1. so sorry jenisha but some twist r necessary for the story. n i can’t make them marry.

  9. Very passionate & amorous episode.
    1 thing I ask u that swara is an agent na & she will come to catch don na. So she is doing drama to catch don . & pls give ur previous episodes URL.

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