Don and his Roma Season 2 Episode 29

They each got into their own cars and as Don drove the Mercedes to the restaurant they had agreed upon, Swara asked him

Swara:How come you are so close to Karan?

Don:Close? Kya matlab?

Swara:I don’t know… you treat him differently…nicely
Don furrowed his brows smilingly

Don:Why wouldn’t I? I can trust him, he’sbeen very loyal… and he happens to be a good friend as well.
Swara looked at him pensively

Swara:Actually that’s not the vibe I got. I doubt you confide in him as a friend would. I think you treat him more as you would a younger brother.
Don took a long pause before admitting

Don:That would be more accurate, yes

Swara:Do you have siblings? She hoped to have slipped the question smoothly enough into the conversation

Don:What’s with the query?
Don asked irritated

Swara:its’ not a query. I was just wondering…

she lowered her voice they drove the rest of the road in silence. Lunch was rather silent as well. The restaurant was nice and Yana seemed very careful not to bother Don. As soon as she felt Maya would start whining she’d take her into her arms and soothe her rapidly. Karan talked about cricket and Don took part into conversation but was quite absent minded and looked a bit irritated. He didn’t talk to Swara at all.

When they finished lunch Karan and Yana paid for their share and made an excuse in order to leave the two alone as it was obvious something had upset Don on the way over and they needed to clear it out.But Don completed the tab and stood up for them to leave right afterwards, which took Swara by surprise. She followed silently. She regretted having asked him such a personal question, she already felt guilty to have read his journal, more like a scrapbook or whatever that was. She had invaded his intimacy and now she was craving more, craving for some answers to her unspoken questions. Which she knew she’d never be able to ask.As soon as they got into the car and Don was still silent and still frowning she sighed and said

Swara:Maybe I should head back to London…
but couldn’t even finish her sentence, Don accelerated and sped furiously as a reaction to what she had just said she glanced at him frightened and could see how disturbed and actually angry he looked. She bit herlower lip but decided to try her luck as she placed her hand over his on the gear stick. She immediately felt his hand soften its grip.

Swara:I didn’t mean that.You just push me away when you close up like this. I’m sorry I brought it up, let’s forget I ever said anything… ok?
she said as calmly and nicely as she could watching his reaction carefully He just looked over at her for a few moments and nodded as he turned his attention back to the road. She smiled and hoped everything would go back to normal.

Don:Sweetheart, you let yourself in, I have to go handle some business.
he said as he pulled up to the residential building

she half smiled as she stepped out of the car. She entered the building and as she got into the penthouse apartment she sighed. She felt tensed. She felt guilty. She felt like she needed to run away from it all for a while. So she decided to quickly grab a sports bra and a pair of capri leggings and hit the gym.

Swara was indeed impressed, Don’s gym was fully equipped. But she decided to focus on the punching bag. She needed her workout to be very physical in order to get out of her mind for a while.She kept screaming and grunting for a long while, she was sweating a lot and didn’t even keep track of time, and she didn’t notice Don come in

Don:I don’t know if I have any siblings
She let out a final scream as she kicked the bag, and she couldn’t tell whether it was because he had startled her or because she was finally hearing the answer to a question.She rested her palms on her knees as she leaned over to breathe, panting hard and looking at him at the sametime. He was sitting on one of the exercise benches After a very long break in which she had finally caught her breath he added

Don:I grew up in an orphanage

She slowly straightened as she looked at him in shock. She tried to hide her compassion but he had seen it and he frowned, looking away.


she uttered but couldn’t continue. She just slowly paced her way towards him and sat next to him carefully.They just sat there in silence and didn’t look at eachother. Finally Swara broke the silence

Swara:I know what that’s like… I mean, I’m an orphan too
She could hear Don swallow hard and he began rubbing his hands together nervously.

Swara:I was 12 when my parents died. Thankfully I had Adarsh to look after me but… as you know he was busy most of the time. I was on my own a lot.
Don shut his eyes tight and then looked at her.

Don.(couldn’t help it :)‘I’ll never forgive myself for taking your brother away from you. I’m so sorry, Swara
he nearly whispered as he looked at her with wide, sincere eyes.

She felt a tear roll down her cheek. It must have been the most sincere confession she had heard. It brought back the terrible memory of how she had lost her brother but it felt really comforting to finally hear him say the words. They didn’t bring her brother back, but it meant a lot to her.

Don:I don’t expect you to ever forgive me.
he searched her eyes carefully Don: But please believe that I am very sorry to have caused you to suffer so much. I’ve killed many people but I never thought…

he tried to continue but felt at loss for words.

Swara: I needed to hear that

she whispered he carefully raised his hand to wipe away her tear and then caressed her cheek, his face still contorted as if in pain. She placed her palm over his and closed her eyes.

So how was the part guyz do u like it. Emotional Don.

I know it’s going very simple. Without any twist but don’t worry twist will come. But before that let them enjoy for sometime after that I’ll add twist.

N guys u r forgetting the biggest thing. Which will be a big problem for SwaSan. N what is it u guess.

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