Don and his Roma Season 2 Episode 28


She felt her heart race. This was wrong. She was invading his privacy. She was…

“ah, who are you kidding”
she thought as she quickly reopened it at a different page. She noticed there were just scribbles, short thoughts maybe. She read as she turned different pages:

“Congratulations. I hope you’re happy… “,

“Definiteness of purpose is the starting point of all achievement they say. My purpose is clear now”,

“When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be. –Lao Tzu”

“Wildcats…” – her heart skipped a beat reading this one

“The thing about memory is that you struggle a lifetime to forget something and the minute you try to remember something you cannot. I’d much rather forget than be reminded of you”
she furrowed her brows

“O king, with dark and tangled beard,like twisted hanks of cotton wool,There is no wisdom in your brains: with bran and dust your skull is full.Are you well pleased to be alone? you sorry joker, weak and cold,Poor are you now in very truth, that once had riches beyond word”

“Fix me…?”

“My life a madness seems to be,Ere it began was itdispelled;In all this black eternity,Your beauty scarce one moment held.”
She bit her lip. It sounded a lot like the poetry he had recited to her. Could it be that this was written thinking of her as well?

“Ma, sometimes I still wish you’d tell me out of the blue that I need a haircut”
Swara sighed and felt herheart sink. She’s heard him mention his mother twice before.

“If the wind will not serve, take to the oars”

“You take your life in your own hands, and what happens? A terrible thing, no one to blame. –Erica Jong”

“I do not know what it is about you that closesand opens; only something in me understands The voice of your eyes is deeper than all roses.Nobody, not even the rain, has such small hands”

“The Mind Is Its Own Beautiful Prisoner”

“You asked me to come… it was raining a little”

“Her delicate and lovely mouth moves sweetly in a wistful smile,While over her andround her head a mound of fragrant petals pile.But now the knight draws near her bed and stretching out his hand he tearsThe spider’s sparkling wonder web and spills the precious gems it bears.Upon her beauty’s nakedness he feeds his hungry heart’s desire And scarcely can his br*ast contain the burning ardourof its fire;Till clasping her tohim at last in one long, clinging sweet caress,His scarlet mouth is set on hers, andon her lips his hot lips press.”
she smiled dearly reading the lines he had written for her back in Paris when she found the wonderful bouquet of roses.

“And when at last you close your eyes and generously your kisses give,Then am I happiest of men, the height of joy superlative…”

“Countless days before…”
she couldn’t finish as she heard the entrance door, she carefully placed the notebook into the drawer and quickly realized she had no time toget out of the room. Panic took over as her mind raced to find a way out of the situation she’d gotten herself into.She heard male laughter and she realized Don had company. She realized it was Karan, once again.

She sighed in relief as she quickly exited the guest room and headed towards the two men as if she was coming from the living area.

Swara:Well I hope you’re hungry
she crossed her arms playfully as she stood in the doorway of the lobby Don had his hair tied into a ponytailand so did Karan. They were both wearing towels over their shoulders and shequickly realized they had been to the gym as they were all sweaty and wearing sports gear.

Don:Sorry to keep you waiting, sweetheart.
he kissed her forehead as he passed her. Swara felt her knees turn to jelly as that hot steaming body of his came so close to hers for a split second. It again made her think of other possibly physically exhausting activities…

Don:Karam and I were just downstairs to kick off some steam.

he said as he took a bottle of water out of the fridge and tossed one over to Karan as well.

Swara:There’s a gym in the building?

Karan:It’s Don’s alone.
he gestured ceremoniously towards Don

Don grinned as he drank from his water bottle

Don:And it’s fully equipped. There’s seriously nothing you won’t find in there

Swara:Oh wow. I’d really like to hit the gym.It’s been a few days

Don:Sure. Had I known, I would have brought you along. Yana and Maya are coming over to grab lunch.Is that ok? We could eat something here aswell

Swara:It’s ok, but who are Yana and Maya?
Don:Karan’s wife and daughter

Swara:Really? Ididn’t know, Karan, congratulations!
Karan smiled shyly

Karan:Thank you, Swara.

Karan:You can hit the showers
Don looked over at Karan and he complied.

Don:Are you sure you don’t want to eat anything before we leave?

Don leaned over the counter looking at her attentively

she smiled He furrowed his brows smilingly

Don:Someone’s in a good mood

Swara:I didn’t know Karan had a family. It’s nice to know, that’s all

Don:Maya is 2 years old. You’ll love her.
he gave her a dimpled smile Swara felt completely taken aback hearing himtalk of Karan’s daughter like that. Something inside her turned all mushy.

Don:Would you mind terribly if I took a shower in the master bathroom?

she grimaced as he pulled the undershirt over his head and tossed it over his shoulder, revealing his tensed, sweaty abdominal muscles She swallowed

Swara:Not at all
she realized her voice had sounded a little faint

Swara:It’s yours, isn’t it?

she shrugged Don winked at her as he passed her and disappeared into the master bedroom. She looked out the cracked window trying to cool down and admired the sunny day they were going to enjoy, but was interrupted as someone rang the doorbell.She turned to head towards the entrance as Don rushed to the doorframe of the bedroom wearing nothing but a small towel around his waist, his body dripping wet

Don:Would you pleaseget that, sweetheart? It’s Yana for sure.

he gestured She tried to ignorethe sight of him almost naked and perfect as she rushed towards the entrance

Swara smiled widely as she opened the door to the blonde young woman carrying her daughter in her arms

‘Hi! You must be Swara’ Yana smiled

Swara:And you must be Yana. I’m so pleased to meet you. And you must be Maya
She caressed the little girl’s cheek lovingly

Yana:I really hope we’re not disturbing you. I understand you’re not staying long in Berlin Yana said as she entered the apartment

Swara:Not at all! It’s a pleasure

Swara kept staring at the little girl

Yana:You want to hold her?

Swara found Yana’s german accent very pleasant she smiled as Yana handed Maya to her

Swara:Hello there!
she giggled Maya hid her face in Swara’s neck curve ‘

Yana:She’s a bit shy
Yana explained smilingly

Karan:Arre wah!

Karan said as he appeared dressed casually from the guestroom

Karan:Swara,I must say this becomes you!
Swara smiled shyly and caught Don gazing at her pensively from the doorframe of the master bedroom. He was wearing jeans and a white deep v shirt, his hair still tied in a ponytail.He cleared his throat

he nodded to the woman

Don:Maya, come to uncle?
he gestured at her smilingly and the little girl stretched her arms for him to take her into his


Swaea couldn’t believe her eyes. Don holding a child. That was a sight she thought she’d never see. Maya was holding on to him very naturally, as if she was used to him and trusted him

he raised his eyebrows at her then leaned over for her to give him a peck. He chuckled then kissed her back, then handed her back to Yana

Don:Ready to go?

he looked over to Swara who was completely dumbstruck

she uttered

Don:Ladies first

Don gestured for them as they exited the penthouse apartment.


Oh finish with this part. I think u r also surprised with this side of Don. I have uploaded two parts before this in morning but they didn’t post it till now.
Hope u will like this part n thanx for our support.

One thing u have noticed that I’m posting very fast means 3,4 updates in a day. I’ll tell the reason at last update

Credit to: IREENA

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