Don and his Roma Season 2 Episode 27


he got closer and took her hands in his. She could feel the bracelet between their palms. He then placed the bracelet back on her wrist without breaking eye contact with her

Swara:I really can’t accept this.

she nodded He closed his eyes and tried to calm down, when he opened them she could see his dilated irises

Don: Swara. I’m trying here. I’ve been good.
he arched both his brows

Don;Don’t push me
She bit her lower lip

Swara:But it’s so expensive.
she whispered as she looked at the bracelet

Don:Don’t ever worry about that he furrowed his brows as he touched the tip of her nose with his index finger. He then retreated to the balcony to light a cigar, she followed him instinctively

Don:I really like how it looks on you with that outfit.

he smiled at her as he leaned over the balustrade she giggled

Swara:You can’t be serious. This is so fancy and I’m just wearing a plain t-shirt and jeans.

Don:So what
she shrugged as he exhaled the smoke slowly

Swara:I should wear it on special occasions, with anelegant dress…
she was now smiling as she touched the bracelet admiringly

Don:I’ll give you something else to wear on special occasions.
I’d like to shower you in diamonds
he narrowed his eyes

Swara:You’re crazy
she giggled

Don:I mean it, Swara. Never worry about anything material. I have more money than I could possibly spend. I’m in this business because jewelry has always been a passion of mine. There’s no price to put to that smile on your face.

he smiled she furrowed her brows. She didn’t get it. Where did he get all that money if his business was onlyfor the sake of it?

Don:Something the matter?
he searched her eyes attentively

she nodded

Swara:I’m still not too sure about this. But thank you.

she blushed he gave her a dimpled smile and as he leaned back against the balustrade she put her arms around his neck and kissed his dimple playfully, then retired quickly before he could react, leaving the balcony.

Swara turned the TV on a music channel and just lay in her bed. She was still wondering about where Don had that kind of money. She stared at the bracelet, it was breathtaking, one of a kind. Something was a miss though. But Don told her he wasn’t dealing drugs anymore, and she believed him. She couldn’t figure it out. All those cars, all these houses… She had it in her, this craving for unraveling the truth. For justice. She tried to dismiss these thoughts. She didn’t want to think about what would happen when she would go back to the office in London. A week was almost over, her time with Don was limited, she knew.

She decided to make the best of it. She realized his birthday was just 2 days away and grinned. She felt really special to be the only one to know about it, according to him, at least. More than wanting to know about the source of all the money Don had, she wanted to know about him, the man behind all that money, fine cars, houses and suits. She wanted to know the man underneath the surface, she wanted to know the real Don.

Feeling hungry, she stepped out of the bedroom and it occurred to her that the apartment was empty. She contemplated on whether to roam around, maybe try to discover something new, or just mind her own business. It was definitely tempting.

Not knowing where he was or when he’d be coming back, she decided to step into the guest room first. She wasn’t at all surprised to see that it looked as if it was vacant. She had never met a man as tidy as Don. First thing she looked a round for was his cologne. When she couldn’t find it anywhere she entered the bathroom. No sign of it whatsoever. she couldn’t help but mutter. Was he carrying it around, for God’s sake?! How was it that she could never find it anywhere? She gave up and decided to inspect his closet.

She slid the mirrored door to the left and discovered a few suits, some casual some elegant, along with polo shirts and dress shirts, a few pairs of jeans and all kinds of footwear at the bottom. She realized he had an impressive number of pairs of shoes, remembering she had thought about that once before while inspecting the walk in closet in the master bedroom.

Apparently he was aware of the fact that women first look at a man’s footwear when they check someone out.She slid the door shut, then returned to the bed and stared at the two nightstands. She opened a drawer and was surprised to find what appeared to be a leather cover notebook. She sat on the bed carefully as she contemplated opening it. She pricked up her ears and listened carefully for any noise that could indicate Don’s return, and when she was sure the coast was clear she opened it.

“I can’t remember when I last had this damned nightmare. It’s been a while”
she shut the notebookimmediately.

“Oh my God. This is his diary!”

To be continued.

So Don’s diary r u exited to know what is there in Don’s diary. so don’t worry I’m posting the next part soon.

Credit to: IREENA

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  1. Wow now the don’ diary. It will reveal.his secrets to swara and may be sh came to kniw that hiw much he reallt love her. So excited,post soon.

    1. I already posted it hope u like it. may be it will reveal his secret but not sure.?

  2. OMG don’s diary now thats awesome. U know how much i like this ff and now u r making me fall for this yaar.Truly its just amazing. Plz post nxt very very soon and sorry cuz i didnt comment in 25th ep part 2 cuz my bad already i was tired and now my stomach is very upset . So i am only in my bed reading all ffs but commenting only on some. Anyways when r u going to post stranger is my lover(i hope i used correct title cuz i read many ffs and forget half of their names hehe ) but i miss a lottt yaar. Post both ok. Love u lotttttttt and tc. Btw whats ur age dear i am 16 so i confused that should i call u di or friend cuz here many r 16. 🙂 🙂

    1. thanx dear n ya don’s diary but everytime its not necessary that diary? will reveal secrets I have already posted the episode dear. n don’t worry about comment I don’t feel bad about that. important is our health hope u r fine. about Strangers I’m really not sure right now I’m only concentrating on this ff. n same pinch I’m also 16(complete)?. so no need to call di ur my friend? n always will be. take proper rest n get well soon.?

      1. I felt it and see i was correct .yipeeee i got a new friend. I am very happy yaar and about strangers that is completely ok cuz i love this more hehe 🙂 I will take rest actually i am only taking rest and i am fed yaar. I am not even getting any idea for my ff. God knows when i wil write that. Anyways hope TU post it soon. Love u dear and u too take care.

  3. Thank you di for clearing my doubt in that chapter… Hope that don doesn’t get to know that swara read gis diary and do anything beyond his limit which makes don or swara regret later for it…. Di plz update soon …. I can’t wait….

  4. Hope that Don’s diary doesn’t contain anything that don doesn’t want swara to know…..

    1. I’m glad that ur doubt clear now if any then ask me n about diary it is not necessary that it always contain secrets. let’s see it’s don’s diary what he write in the diary.

  5. Omg!!!!! dairy???? Please post nxt part ASAP.

    1. I have already posted it.

  6. Hi dr… hw r u… I read all the msd part… just amazing… you knw I’m so happy to see you… Omg Don dairy… eagerly waiting to knw whats he written… In my dairy I always write my happy moments only… bcz I dnt want any bad memories even in my dairies… post next asap… 🙂

    1. hi dear I’m fine how r u. I’m also happy? to see u. about diary he? is don’s diary I also don’t what he will write in it hehe? just kidding. I don’t have any personal experience about diary bcz I never write but as I heard a diary contains all the secrets of man? let’s see what is there in don’s diary?. n ha the chotu baby is cho sweet.????

  7. Can’t find the next part 🙁 can anyone help me ?

    1. I have updated but it will take time to appear in tellyupdates. so u have to wait until it get posted?

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