Don and his Roma Season 2 Episode 25 (Part 2)


He returned to her ear and gently nuzzled her earlobe

Don:How about when I touch you here?

he traced a finger across her collarbones and gently descended his palm to cup one of her br*asts through her lingerie, caressing the soft fabric.She squirmed and felt like fainting. The room was spinning and it definitely wasn’t from the champagne she had drunk.His other hand that rested on her navel was now gently tracing the edge of her panties, making her shiver.

He groaned again and rested his temple against hers

Don:Tell me to stop

She was panting, as was he. The song had ended and neither of them had noticed.

Swara:I… I can’t’ she whispered, trembling He tightened his arms around her

Don:Then tell me to continue.

She froze, her heart was racing… her mind was racing. But she couldn’t find her voice. Panic took over and she trembled even harder, then felt tears rolling down her cheeks. One fell on Don’s hand and he slowly turned her around to face him


he looked at her as if he was hurt

Don:please, please don’t cry

he cupped her face and erased her tears with his thumbs, caressing her cheeks, then he pulled her into his arms and hugged her tightly

Don:I’m sorry I pushed you like this. I don’t know what came over me. I just can’t think straight when… Ah, Swara, you have no idea.

She clung onto him and he took her into his arms and placed her on the edge of his king size bed. He knelt in front of her and removed her shoes lovingly and placed them neatly near the nightstand. He then removed the duvet and made her lay on her back as he pulled the covers over her, almost tucking her in like a child. He stood there kneeling next to the bed, his elbows resting near her

Don:Sleep now

he caressed her hair as he watched her relax under the covers, no longer exposed.
He was about to stand up when she caught his arm

Swara:Don’t leave
He looked at her questioningly


Swara:Just sleep next tome. Please

her eyes were sincere and soft and he just stood there, perplexed

Don:I’ve never done that, Swara. You don’t know what you’re asking of me

Swara:You’ve done it once before the night you came back to London from Paris
He sighed frowningly

Don:That was different, I was drunk… exhausted, I just crashed.

She squeezed his arm

Swara:Just hold me.

she merely whispered After a long break in which he searched her eyes carefully, he sighed, stood up, kicked his shoes off and circled the bed, turned off the lights, and got under the covers, next to her.

Swara immediately turned to him and to his surprise, she put her arm around his waist and rested her head on to his chest, nesting.

Don stood tense like that, placing his arm around her as well, but making sure he didn’t move it. He listened to her heartbeat and her breathing and looked up to the mirror that reflected the two of them cuddling. He couldn’t look at themselves for long.

He looked back down at her and he realized she was falling asleep. As soon as he was certain she was sleeping, he carefully placed her on the pillow and got out of the bed, out of the master bedroom, and headed directly to his bar.

Episode End

Ha…..done with this part n I’ll update another part at night. N I want to clear one thing jenisha u asked I replied u separetly but I want to tell this to everyone if they r confused

Ok…so before leaving from London Swara told det.Ram that she going to New York to ragini’s place ncz his uncle is not feeling well n it will take a time to come back to London. That’s Why Interpol is not searching for her now.
N now don he told that he has some arrangements in Berlin thats why they came here n mostly they came out from house at night so it’s quite difficult to recognize him.

I hope ur doubt is clear now I have already mentioned it. Ok like this of ur confused anywhere just ask me I’ll clear it.

About the Episode now I have completes 25 chapters. I have ended my previous ff in 12 chapters so I’m happy bcz I have completed 25 chapter which is only possible bcz of ur support.
Thank u so much for it support.

An as a Swasan fan we have to celebrate everything with chocolate. ?


So it’s a party time


So this chapter is a small gift? from my side hope u like it.

Credit to: IREENA

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