Don and his Roma Season 2 Episode 25 (Part 1)


They stepped out of the restaurant and to Swara’s relief Don refused to pick up the car from the valet parking. Instead he stopped on the side of the road, gesturing for cabs to stop and soon enough one pulled over.

Don:To the Amber Residential Tower,please

he gave the address to the driver, once he got next to Swara on the back seat of the cab. Swara was panting. And was feeling cold. She didn’t know whether she was trembling due to the crisp german air or to the fact that he had so harshly dragged her outside of the comfy ambiance of the restaurant, frightening her.

She couldn’t tell whether he was drunk. He didn’t seem drunk the night she had found him in her apartment in London, either. And then he had drunk a lot.She really didn’t know how to read him.

Don:You’re shivering

he pointed out and took off his coat, placing it over her shoulders, then running his hands over her arms, in order to warm her up. When he noticed she had calmed down, he placed his arm around her shoulders and leaned over her slightly. She could now feel the alcohol. It was overwhelming. But at the same time she could feel his cologne and his manly scent allured her.He leaned over and whispered into her ear slowly

Don: tremble when I feel you near,I startle when I hear your stride,And to your curving eyelash, dear,My whole existence has been tied.

He then chuckled as he took her hand in his and began kissing her finger pads, slowly,one by one. Then he kissed the inside of her palm and rested his cheek onto it, sighing, his eyes closed.

Swara looked at him, biting her lower lip. He looked so peaceful right then. Despite the fact that he had rushed her like that out of the restaurant, he was now resting his head in her palm like a boy, after reciting poetry to her. He looked so human right then, so real.

KHe no longer seemed perfect and intangible. For a moment, she was no longer frightened of him and of how he could so easily break her, both emotionally and physically. He looked like he needed her.Like he longed for her. And she longed to comfort him, to take him into her arms and caress his face, pat his back gently.

And then tell him how she loved him. She gasped at her own realization. She wasn’t just in love with him. She loved him.Don opened his eyes slowly as he sensed her flinching and searched her eyes attentively. He was almost begging her to tell him. Begging her to stop fighting her feelings. Begging her to give in to him. She then recalled what he had whispered to her the night they arrived in Berlin:

“Come dear, set your world apart and on me yourself bestow;Even should I take your heart,No one in the world would know.”

What he was asking her was very clear. He needed her to let all the angst go. He wanted her to trust him. To have faith in what could be.They reached their destination and Don quickly paid the cab driver and rushed out of the car to open her door, but she had already let herself out, hugging the jacket over her shoulders.

He then took her into his arms and rushed into the building and into the elevator

Swara:It’s ok, you can put me down now.

she uttered but he hugged her closer to his chest as they stepped out of the elevator and into the apartment. He went straight to the master bedroom, to her surprise and threw her gently onto the bed. He then removed his cummerbund and started unbuttoning his shirt. Swara held her breath. He was breathtaking as usual. He removed his shirt and threw it onto the floor

Don:It’s damn hot in here!

he said somewhat irritated. He leaned over her on the bed and pushed his coat off her shoulders, caressing them As he did so. He then grabbed her hands and pulled her off the bed, to her surprise. He went missing for a few seconds and she soon heard music. She realized he had surround sound speakers all over the apartment, connected to his study.

He was back before she knew it, pulling her into his arms, as he took his position she was now familiar with. He took her hand and placed it over the back of his neck, more intimately. She could feel his tresses caress her fingers.

He began dancing, more articulate this time, his movements clear and defined, and she realized he was not at all drunk, for he couldn’t have danced this way had he been remotely dizzy.The music was loud but not loud enough to cover his moans as he turned quickly, pulling her closer to him, tangling their feet together, pulling her skirt slightly upward so that he could get better access with his knee between her legs. As he did so he came across the clips of her garters and he groaned, facing her so she could watch his expression, making her blush instantly at his animalic reaction.

He then stuck to the basic steps as he undid her dress back zipper.She gasped but he pleaded with his eyes for her not to resist him. She squirmed but he kissed her behind her earlobe, slowly descending towards her neck as he pushed her dress reverently over her shoulders, and to the floor.

He continued dancing so that she stepped out of the dress completely and she was now just wearing her bra, panties and to Don’s visible contentment, her garters that held her stocking. She was still wearing her pumps as well.Don groaned again as he stopped for a second to look at her, head to toe

Don:You’re so beautiful, Swara. he coaxed

Don:Even more so than I had imagined.

he whispered as he pulled her back against his naked chest, resting his palm on her bear back, caressing it with his thumb

Don:t’s going to take all of my self control not to lay you onto the bed and make you mine, right now.

he tightened his grip on her She was incredibly confused now, as she thought that was where this was heading.

Swara:You’ve already seen me naked.

she uttered, remembering the night in London when she took the bath and heard him roam around her apartment.

Don:No, I haven’t. I know you won’t believe me, but it’strue. I wanted the first time I saw you naked to be when you decided. I didn’t want to steal it from you.

She swallowed hard, a lump having formed in her throat. All the while they were dancing, the music enticing them further.

Don:I’m glad I looked away back then. I always thought you were a virgin but it was only tonight that I could be certain.

he stared into her eyes, piercing them.She shied away. Her virginity was not something she liked talking about. She was 24and still a virgin. She was single and never dated since her brother died, other things had become her priority and her love life was set aside. Or was it that Don had ruined her for anyone else, and she didn’t even realize it? She never let anyone get close enough.

Her coworker, Arjun, had tried to get under her skin and she shut him out completely once he crossed the line with her, asking her out on a date. She didn’t like to give false hopes. She wasn’t interested. All she could think about was Don. And now he was standing right there, in front of her, half naked, dancing with her. She noticed he was just slightly moving now, not keeping the dance’s pace anymore.

She hid her face in his chest and he tilted her chin gently

Don:I didn’t mean to embarrass you, sweetheart. Your little secret is safe with me.

he smiled softly and slightly patronizing she tried to act brave

Don:Don’t fool yourself, you can’t possibly know anything about this.You can’t imagine how obvious it is.
She raised an eyebrow at him


she defied him His look turned grave and he leaned in to kiss her neck again, more sensually this time

Don:Isn’t it obvious when I kiss you here?

he murmured against her skin she closed her eyes tight and he removed one of her bra’s straps out of the way as he descended to her shoulder and turned to her back,trailing kisses across her bare skin. He moved her hair to one side of her neck and continued kissing her shoulder blade as he circled her waist and caressed her skin just below her navel. He returned to her ear and gently nuzzled her earlobe

To Be Continued

sorry I wrote this part big one but I’m not able to post the whole part at bcz some pasting problem.

Credit to: IREENA

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