Don and his Roma Season 2 Episode 24


Swara was so caught up in her conversation with Don that she hadn’t even realized when the music had changed and people had started dancing. It shifted from lounge music to a live band that was playing incredibly beautiful tunes.

Don: Do you recognize the band?
Don leaned and asked her as he led her to the dancefloor

Swara:No, should I? Are they well known?
Don frowned smilingly

Don:They’re pretty famous.

Swara shook her head in denial.

Don:Well, they play tango music in particular. I brought you here knowing they held a rather private concert tonight

Swara:Oh no, that means that everybody here is a professional dancer
she looked around at the skillful dancers

Swara:Since they came knowing there would be authentic tango music

Don:Most likely.

Don shrugged and stopped. He softened seeing Swara so nervous

Don:Don’t be nervous, you should enjoy this, not worry about anyone or anything around you


Don pulled her closer, taking his position and whispered in her ear

Don:Just relax and follow my lead, feel the music

Swara felt a little bit woozy from the champagne, and that certainly helped. She closed her eyes and clung onto Don, as he started moving.

Swara was taken aback by Don’s posture, frame and moves. She followed him instinctively and they swayed naturally across the dancefloor. It felt incredibly sensual to be standing so close to him, their chests touching at all times, his breathing in her ear, his arm pressing her against him, and his feet tangling between hers. He twisted and turned her in the very erotic rhythm of the tango

“quick, quick, slow”-
she recognized the pace Don had hummed while dancing with her previously in his study. It was very tantalizing to gave those slow moves interrupted by quick, urgent ones. It suddenly occurred to her this was the closest to making love to him, which caused her to almost melt in his arms.

As he felt her soften against him, he took the opportunity to gently grab her thigh and lift it against his hip, dragging her backwards, the tip of her other shoe sweeping across the floor, then suddenly turning her as he leaned her forward, his body covering hers as he held her by her thigh, supporting her lower back.

She looked at him frightened, as though she was scared that he would drop her to the floor but just as she was thinking about that he pulled her up and straight into a kiss. And what a kiss it was, as he was still moving, dancing, whilst kissing her. He stuck to the basic steps but nevertheless, they were dancing, their lips and tongues dancing a tango of their own.

Swara felt incredibly lightheaded and so clung onto his shoulder tighter, and Don stopped dancing, but didn’t stop kissing her, his kiss growing more passionate as he was free to focus on just that.

He parted, leaning his forehead against hers, panting heavily, his eyes closed tight. She opened hers and felt shivers down her spine seeing him so consumed and tormented. He took her hand and led her to their table, then excused himself. Swara was confused. She watched him head towards the bar and immediately drank a double shot of whiskey. And then ordered two more.She grew worried as she knew he would be driving back in the Maserati they had come on the way there. She kept watching him as he ran his fingers through his hair, he seemed quite agitated, his elbow resting on the counter, all the while couples dancing across the floor, blocking her view.

She couldn’t keep count to how much he had drank by the time he headed back. But she gasped as she saw him approach the band and try to talk to one of the artists. He seemed pretty angry as the man nodded in denial. He had probably made a request, which was obviously out of the question considering their caliber.

Don: Come, darling.
he said in a rather strict fashion

Don: I promised you I’d teach you how to tango, a real tango.

Swara’s blood froze. She looked up at him and just sat there, puzzled.When she wouldn’t react Don grabbed her hand and said


then pulled her off the chair, in a manner that didn’t seem brutal to the outside viewers but felt quite brutal to Swara. She had no choice but to follow him out of the restaurant as he pulled her after him.

To be continued.

Credit to: IREENA

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  2. It was amazing dear… How smooth the story line is going.. I simply loved it.. Plsss update next part soon.. Im waiting for my swasan romantic scenes.. More and more in their don mansion.. Love in the air

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