Don and his Roma Season 2 Episode 23


Don ordered for both of them dishes that sounded alien to Swara. He later on explained what she was about to eat pointing out that most of it wasaphrodisiac and Swara gave him a sarcastic look which made him grin.

Don:This is delicious.
Swara really had to stop herself from eating too rapidly, given that it was such a fancy michelin star restaurant. She glanced over at Don and noticed he had hardly touched his food

Swara: Is something wrong?
she hesitated and checked herself inthe mirror-like surface of her clean knife.Don gave her a dimpled smile

Don: Truth is I feel satiated just looking at you enjoy your food.
She blushed

Swara: I’m sorry. But this is really yummy.
she bit her lower lip and let out a laugh as she saw him grin

Don:I’m sure the chef will find the way you think his intricate dish is yummy, adorable

he chuckled she carefully looked around before sticking her tongue out at him for a split second then added

Swara:Your oysters are getting cold
Don then started laughing, throwinghis head back slightly, causing a few people to look his way Swara smiled

Swara: You don’t laugh much, why is that?
Don lowered his gaze to his plate focusing his attention on his oysters and shrugged

Don: I haven’t noticed

Swara:And I don’t mean your Don laughter,theI’m the king of the world laughter.But this genuine laughter.

Don’t: guess there’s not much to laugh about in life, whole heartedly, is there?

he looked up at her, his eyes wide and sincere She blinked a few times then smiled

Swara:Is that why you watch Tom and Jerry?
He looked at her rather gravely

Don:I don’t find Tom and Jerry particularly funny. I enjoy the rawness of it, the chase and the cunning… I find it very primal and intuitive.

She furrowed her brows

Swara:So why does it make you laugh?

Don:I can’t explain it. It contents me.

If Swara had forgotten for a few moments about Don’s mysterious ways she was surely reminded of them now. This man is such an enigma, she thought.

Don:I’d ask you what you’d like for dessert but I have another setting planned for that
She furrowed her brows

Swara:Well I couldn’t eat another bite anyway.
He grinned and lit a cigarette.

Swara:Are you allowed to smoke in here?
she whispered He laughed slowly

Don:I’m the king of the world, remember?(sorry to say this but for me the king of the world is only SRK only to make his character I’m adding this but king of the world is only SRK)

Swara giggled

Swara:You shouldn’t smoke, it’s bad foryou.
she added sweetly He exhaled

Don: I rarely smoke.

Swara:I noticed. I thought it was just that I hadn’t been around when you smoked

Don:No, it’s actually very seldom that I smoke. I’m not addicted to nicotine. I can go on for days, weeks, without smoking if I don’t feel like it

Swara:That’s odd. Don’t you go into nicotine with drawal?
He nodded in denial followed by a dental click

Don:I’ve only one addiction, and it’s not tobacco

Her blood froze thinking of all the various drugs he was dealing. Indirectly, but still… he had unrestrained access to them.

Don: It’s not drugs if that’s what’s going through your pretty little mind.
he smiled sweetly She felt relieved

Don: Is it alcohol?Nothing of the sort.
After a rather long pause she asked

Swara:So why are you smoking now?
Don:because now I feel like it
She sighed and nodded.

Swara:What’s the matter?
he leaned forward

Don:Nothing, it’s just I can never get overthe fact that you can be so cold and distant.

Swara:Cold,… distant?
he furrowed his brows

Don:Cold and distant is not what I intend to be.
he reached and gently held her hand over the table

Don:Forgive me.
he squeezed her hand

Swara:Then tell me something about yourself
He frowned smilingly

Don:Like what?

Swara:I don’t know, random things, like your favorite color… or your age!
He laughed again but tried to keep quiet as he pressed his lips toher knuckles

Don:My age?
he finally looked at her, amused She grinned ‘

Swara: Yes, I’ve been wondering since forever how old you were.

Don:Does it really make a difference?
She sighed but he continued she arched her brow He smiled

Don:I’m 33( added just for the story)

Swara opened her mouth in surprise


Don:I’ll be turning 34 soon, actually
She blinked at him

He chuckled

Don:Why,how old did you think I was?

Swara:27… 28, tops
He raised his eyebrows in surprise

Don:Is that right?

Swara:When is your birthday?
He was silent for too long

Don:I never told anybody about it
She was surprised and tried to hold back a smile but couldn’t ‘

she almost whispered

Don:Hmm… depends on what you’ll gift me.

he grinned She realized that itwas the most she had seen Don smile since she’d known him

Swara:I can’t spoil the surprise, can I?

He flashed a bright smile at her,and she felt like hugging him tight.It was such a heart felt smile

Don: I can’t wait then. I’m tempted to tell you it’s tomorrow. But it’s on the 20th of August.

Swara:Oh, you’re a Leo. How convenient.
she giggled

Don:And you’re a Virgo. I can’t tell you how convenient that is.

Swara: How did you know?
she frowned trying notto blush, not sure what he was referring to exactly

Don: About what, exactly?

he chuckled, narrowing his eyes she gasped, feeling her cheekscatch on fire, withdrew her handfrom his and looked away.

Don:I can’t wait to celebrate your 24th birthday on the 4th of September with you, sweetheart.

he said as he poured themselves some more Dom Perignon She took a large sip of her champagne then she looked at him and decided to drink some more. In fact, she drank the whole glass down, all that while Don was still holding the bottle

Don:Some more?

he asked sarcastically but she quickly nodded and he complied, pouring some more

Don: Is something the matter?

Swara:You knoweverythingabout me, and I know nothing about you.

Don:That’s not true. You know my age and birthday now, which is much more than anybody else knows about me, for instance. And Idon’t know everything about you. I wish I did, though.If you let me. I’d like to discover all your secrets, like arose, blossoming in my hands.

he gestured, opening his palm, spreading his fingers

Swara:There’s nothing toknow about me. My life is very tedious outside of work, unlike yours

she sighed, sipping on her champagne He gave her a dimpled smile ‘

he retorted using her own word then stood up

Don:I believe you owe me a dance.

he gestured for her to place her hand in his. She contemplated for a while then did as he asked her, and as she stood up he brought her hand to his lips, then led her to the dance floor of the luxurious restaurant, amongst other couples.

Episode End

sorry for not posting yesterday I’ll update next part soon. thanx for ur support.

Credit to: IREENA

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