Don and his Roma Season 2 Episode 22


Swara took a bath in the ridiculously luxurious bathtub. She felt as light as a feather and she knew it was not just due to all the essential oils she has used to run the bath. Don had really put her at ease after what had felt as the most sincere interaction they had ever had. The only thing keeping her from completely relaxing was the mere thought that he was just meters away, and that he could come in at any minute. His presence in the house was undeniable. Every corner of it reminded her of him. But she knew he wouldn’t invade her privacy.Or would he? Her cheeks flushed as she remembered how he had watched her take a bath the night he came to London after such a long time in which she hadn’t heard from him, the way he hid in her apartment and how he chose to let her know he was there. She suddenly felt exposed and stepped out of the bathtub, wrapping herself in one of his towels. She then tiptoed to the walk-in closet and this time Don wasn’t there.

She began inspecting the clothes and decided on a little black dress. She accessorized it quite simply, but she looked quite elegant, she smiled pleased to see herself in the mirror. She resolved that the European air agreed with her (or something else, perhaps).She finally took a deep breath and stepped out of the master bedroom. She headed towards Don’s study, guessing he’d be in there, as the door was ajar. She gently pressed on it and stepped one foot inside, followed by her elegantly styled head, and so her eyes met his.

Don was sitting on a chaise longue, and to her surprise he appeared to be giggling the second she entered the room, but his smile faded away as soon as he’d noticed her, his face turning serious. She couldn’t help but search the room for what had amused him and was even more surprised to see he was watching Tom and Jerry.

He sat up and she realized he was wearing an immaculate white shirt accessorized by a black, elegant cummerbund. But his top shirt buttons were still undone and his hair was styled lightly so that its ends remained free and wild.It took her a bit too long staring at him like that, so she blinked a few times and giggled

Swara: Tom and Jerry?

He bit his lower lip, holding back a grin as if he didn’t want to refrain from staring at her.She placed her hands on her hips ‘

Swara: Well I’m ready

Don: Are you, now?

he slowly arched a brow, his look turning more dangerous she swallowed

Swara: I must admit I do not know how to tango.

her voice low He began pacing the room again, towards her. There was that panther gait again. He placed his hands in his pockets

Don: Why did you accept my invitation then?

Swara: I didn’t really expect it to be so formal, I guess

Don: What makes you think it’s formal?

he was getting painfully close to her

Swara: Well, for one thing you’re wearing a cummerbund
she pointed out

Don: You’re very elegant yourself

he gestured at her from head to toe

Swara: I just picked out one of the dresses you provided

Don: What makes you think that I want to take you out into the world looking the way you do tonight?

he stopped just millimeters from her she frowned questioningly.

Don: I hate the thought that other men will ogle at you, lust running through their veins as you take their breath away.
She blushed immediately.

Don: If I had my way, I’d never let anyone as much as look your way,Swara’ he whispered as he caressed her arms with the tips of his index fingers, a gesture her body recognized and responded to.

Don: I’d keep you here, all to myself, and we’d tango and tango… and tango all night long

he felt her skin Shriver beneath his touch and he tilted her chin to see her eyes

Don: I’d never get enough of you. Just seeing the way you shy away every time I hint at making love to you arouses me tremendously. It convinces me of just how innocent you are. My wildcat.

he narrowed his eyes.

Don: I shall be the one to tame you..

he hissed she looked away. It was too much. She couldn’t take any more of that talk, she felt incredibly light headed. She could sense him grin in satisfaction, and she felt her cheeks on fire.He leaned to whisper in her ear

Don: I shall be the one to teach you how to tango…

She shut her eyes tight struggling to regain her senses and he circled her waist giggling, taking her hand in his free one

Don: Relax, darling… just the dance,for now.

She didn’t get the chance to realize what was happening as Don had started sweeping her across the floor of his study, humming something that sounded like a tango tune.

Don: First rule is to look straight ahead
he said, strict but gentle

Don: If you look at our feet then you will automatically break my lead, and you really should let me take the lead

She looked up at him, hesitating. Her features relaxed, turning from fear to awe. She found herself dancing instinctively, just by following him blindly.

Don: Ready?

he warned she frowned quizzically as he hummed

Don: Quick, quick, slow…
and suddenly he turned her in the opposite direction,startling her. She smiled ear to ear and giggled lightly and that made him smile as well as they stopped‘

Don: You’re very instinctive. Of course I knew that already, you proved it on many occasions.
he arched his brow

Swara: But I’m starving and I really should quench at least some sort of appetite.

He was still holding her so she stepped back

Don: I’ll just grab my coat

he excused himself as he headed towards the guestroom. Hisden.He returned looking rather dapper and Swara had to take in a deep breath as he stood in the doorframe

Don: My dear

he stretched out his arm, gesturing for her to place her palm in his She took his hand and with a firm yet gentle grip, he led her out of the apartment.

Episode End

Sorry for mistakes I write this part I. Hurry hope u will like it. Again thanks for our support.

Credit to: IREENA

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  1. awesum epis’.i was eagerly waiting for ur amazing updt.i so luv d way don expresses his possessiveness.

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  2. Awesome…!!! I read all ur updates today and need to say u r a wonderful writer.. I loved the story.. But im sooo sad that how long don has been waiting.. Need them to be united so soon.. Dying for swasan scenes.. Swara nred to agree asap.. Pls continue ur ff and that too with longer updates..

    1. thanx shree I too feel sad for don but story ki demand yehi he has to wait. but I’ll try to add swasan scenes.

  3. Do u remember me di???i hope u will.i just came back from a long journey and started to read to ff.i missed it a lotttttttttttttt. Loved all the ep.awesomely written di.How could u write so intensly.Totally loved nxt u and hope u will read my comment
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