Don and his Roma Season 2 Episode 21


They returned to the penthouse apartment and Don went missing as soon as they entered. Swara resolved to inspect the house more attentively as soon as she’d get the chance again. She was curious to find more things that could turn out insightful about Don.

Like the guitar she hadn’t even noticed the night before sitting in that corner. Or was it that she’d seen it but didn’t even strike her that he could actually playit, and just dismissed it as a decorative piece of furniture?She realized she was still holding the keys to the Mercedes. It was outstanding the level of trust Don had in her. She could so easily go out the door, and be gone. But this time it wasn’t like this. He had asked her to come to Berlin, he had given her a chance. Although, she was aware of the fact that it had been most likely just a façade, as Don always got what he wanted, and her say in it probably didn’t really matter. She furrowed her brows contemplating this. Was this

“freedom” he apparently gave her really there? Or was it just an impression, a delusion. She soon realized that not only did Don make her do as he pleased, he actually convinced her thatshe was doing what she desired, this false liberty actually caging her in more securely. He was playing with her mind. Making her believe she had a choice, when in fact, she really didn’t.

Swara was surprised she could clear her thoughts and come to this realization. It was like a moment of clarity that appeared out of nowhere.Don stepped out of what appeared to be his study, his sleeves rolled up and barefoot. Suddenly all her theory dissipated. Such was the effect he had on her. His presence was like a drug she craved. The more he stood away, she could bring herself to realize she was addicted, and she needed to escape this addiction, she needed to break free. But the second he’d be near her again she was hooked again.The feeling was so euphoric and unique, it was like nothing she had experienced. The more she got to be with him, the more she needed of him, this feeling he gave her which was so alluring and promising.

Don: Is something the matter?

he leaned on to the doorframe of his study after gazing at her for a while sitting on the sofas he almost flinched out of her train of thoughts

Swara: No

He frowned and paced his way towards her. She glanced over at his bare feet, and the way they sunk into the carpet of the living area, very similar to a panther’s paws while approaching it’s prey. He had the gait of a feline on the hunt. The mere comparison sent chills down Swara’s spine.

Don:You’re pale

he said as he reached her, stroking her cheek tenderly with his index finger then tilting her chin upwards to meet his eyes

Swara,: I’m getting used to the place, I guess

He furrowed his brows and crunched in front of her ‘

Don: You don’t like it here?

he placed a strand of her hair behind her ear gently

Sears: I do, it’s lovely
she tried to smile

Don: Then what’s wrong?
he placed his palms over her knees after a long pauses he said

Swara: just don’t know where this is heading and the unknown is overwhelming, I guess
He frowned

Don:What do you mean? It’s heading wherever you want it to. I brought you here so that we can spend more time together and not worry about Ram and all the security issues

his voice was particularly soft and calm

Swara: Wherever I want itto?
the incredulous tone in her voice made him frown deeper

Don: Swara, have I ever pushed you into doing something you didn’t want to?

he was still calm and patient

Swara: Not apparently, but in a very subtle way you’ve always made me come around. I’m just wondering how much of what has happened has really been left to my choice

He searched her eyes for a while and then said

Don: You’re the only person I’ve ever given a choice. Don’t doubt that

She was completely taken aback by his statement and couldn’t hide her surprise

Don: Swara, I know you.I know how driven and determined you are. You’ve always had a choice, even when I made it seem like you didn’t. I know you took money from me back in Paris so that you could run away. I know you could have gotten away, neither Karan nor I could’ve stopped you if you really wanted to run. I know how your mind works, Iknow just how fast and intuitive itis. You can get yourself to do anything, I admire that about you immensely.

She was in shock, hearing all this from Don was really surprising

Don: So why are you questioning your intuition now, Swara? You’re here with me because you want it this way, just as much as I do.

he got closer as he crossed his arms, his elbows resting on her knees.

Don: Maybe you don’t trust me yet, but you need to trust yourself

he added as he gazed down at her lips suddenly the energy between them shifted to what she recognized to be Avery s*xual tension between them.

Don: I’ve never waited for something for so long.

he whispered not removing his eyes from her lips

Don: I’ve never wanted anything as much as I want you.

That was it. Swara felt like fainting just hearing Don say those words. But somehow she kept still.

Don:Surely you’re aware of the power you have over me,

he looked her in the eye intensely, he was almost panting he shut his eyes tight and sighed as he straightened

Don: It’s almost dinner time. I’ll be waiting, whenever you’re ready.

He turned to his study again leaving her to wonder what he had really been referring to.

Episode End

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  1. Very…very good….di I didn’t understand one thing why swara is not searched by Interpol team…..nor no one has seen her in Berlin… this can be possible…. Because if she is not in her mansion then they would have started searching for her….

    1. thanx jenisha actually in previous updates when don & Swara decided to leave from London Swara told ram that she is going to ragini’s parents house in London n will not come to job. that’s why no one is searching them bcz they think she is there in new York n don has his own arrangement that no one can catch them n mostly they came out of house at night.

  2. Can anyone please help me , I can’t find don and his roma season 1’s episodes after 12th episode , please can anyone give me links or help me to reach them pleaseeeeeeeee 🙁

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