Don and his Roma Season 2 Episode 20


Swara stood and looked at him as he played the final chords, his eyes closed but she knew he had sensed her presence. As soon as he stopped playing he opened his eyes looking straight in her direction and tantalizingly scanning her from head to toe.

Swara: I really wouldn’t have imagined you playing the guitar.

He frowned as he stood up and put the guitar away in a corner

Don: Kyon nahin?
She shrugged

Swara: I don’t know. It’s has a romantic feel to it.
She arched his brow

Don: So you’re implying I’m not romantic.

She let out a light laughter, which she immediately regretted as she thought she had spotted a trace of disappointment on his face.he slid his hands into his pockets

Don,: I’d love to see those shoes hit my Mercedes.gas pedal

She mirrored him, placing her hands in her pockets

Swara: Is that so?

Don: Oh, yes. Actually you reminded me last night of our little car chase, here in Berlin. Couldn’t get it off my mind all night.

She smirked and extended her arm

Swara: Hand them over

He smiled then gave her an intense look as he fished the keys from his pocket and threw them

Don: That’s my wildcat

Feeling overly confident, she passed right by him and into the lobby

Swara: Chalo?

He gestured for her to lead the way “Ladies first”The elevator ride down to the underground parking lot was tense, as always. She avoided looking at him as she could feel his eyes on her. Thankfully the ride was quick and she pressed on the keys’ button to recognize the car. It was the same convertible Mercedes SLS AMG Don had driven in London in their police car chase. Although it was not the same car in which they had arrived the previous night.

Swara: Are you seriously letting me drive this?

Don: It matches your shoes. And something else…

he said getting uncomfortably close to her

Swara: Very well, then.

she grinned, jumping into the car Don chuckled and watched her joyful to see how excited she was

Don: Careful now, those heels are sharp.

Swara: Haan yaar, I won’t scratch your precious interior, relax.

she said as she started the engine Don playfully gavebher a concerned look as he buckled his seat belt

Din: Should I revise my will before we do this?

She laughed. He smiled as he gazed at her do so, as if he was determined to make her laugh more often.She drove out of the parking lot carefully and as soon as she got on the road she hit the gas

Don: Arre! Aram se, Swara!
he laughed as he sank into the seat.she gripped the steering wheel tighter as she accelerated further

Swara: Maar gayi…

he grabbed hold of the car door She giggled and after a while slowed down to a comfortable speed

Swara: It’s just such a waste not to take this baby to its full potential

Don: I like how you think

he pointed out, and so made her blush instantly.

Swara: Where are we going, anyway?

Don: You’re in charge, aren’t you?

Swara: Am I?

Don:This is only concerning the car, sorry
he replied cheekily

Swara: Well I haven’t eated.

Don: Me neither.

She was surprised to hear that, given that it was noon and she was sure he must have gotten up way earlier than she did

Sears: I don’t know the streets, you do realize.
she glanced at him

Don: Just tell me what you’d like to eat and I’ll give you directions… but please, no more McDonald’s.
He sighed playfully and shook his head resting his forehead in his palm

Don: Me and my big mouth….

Swara: Arre, there it is
she pointed towards the specific M

Swara: This must be a sign.

Don. Yes, a sign that stands for terrible food.

She decided to play along and entered the McDrive He opened the glove compartment and grabbed a pair of sunglasses

Don: Previous experiences have taught me that I need to be disguised when I’m eating here..
heacted aggravated, crossing his arms.

Lady: Willkommen bei McDonald’s. Darf ich Ihre Bestellungaufnehmen?

Swara grimaced and looked over atDon

Swara: What did she just call my mother?
Don laughed, throwing his head back, which made her laugh too.He then leaned over Swara a bit totalk to the lady who didn’t seem very pleased with their laughing, until he removed his aviators and gave her the look.

Don:Do you speak English, sweetheart?
Swara found it almost sacrilegious to hear him call another woman that.

Lady: Yes, of course.
she mumbled he sighed looking over at Swara

Don: Have you decided?

Swara: Yes.
she crossed her arms to her chest

Swara: I’ll have fries, a hamburger,lots of ketchup, and a coffee.He sighed

Don: You’re really determined to stain my beautiful leather interior, aren’t you?
She grinned, seeing that she had made her point

Don: A salad for me

Swara:Belkol nahin!
she protested

Swara: He’ll have a BigMac

Don: Kabhi nahin! I’d rather starve than eat such garbage. No offense, sweetheart.

he once again emphasized the endearment she narrowed her eyes then turned to the woman

Swara: He’ll have the BigMac,sweetheart.

she demanded so convincingly that the woman immediately placed their order He chuckled

Don: Arre, meri junglee billi… showing your claws?

She arched her eyebrow as Don proceeded to pay and grabbed their order. She grabbed her coffee and drove slowly out of the driveway, sipping on it.She pulled over near a park, close by.Don grimaced as he opened the bag, looked as if he was about to comment on the food but decided against it once he saw Swara’s irritated look.

Don: Won’t you eat?
he asked she nodded

Swara: Don’treally feel like it anymore
He then fished outa fry and took a bite

Don: Mmm, but it’sso yummy

She furrowed her brows and continued drinking her coffee, not minding himHe then fished another one out and wiggled it in front of her


She looked the other way, ignoring him

Don:Uff, I forgot,
he added a bit of ketchup

Don: It’s dripping! It’s goingto ruin my leather seats!

he warned . He rapidly steadied her jaw and made her eat the fry he chuckled She smiled and took another

Don: Let me see you eat your BigMac

she narrowed her eyes playfully he sighed

Don: I’m pretty sure you could use that look someplace else and demand Ido all sort of things.

She blushed, but kept her cool as he unwrapped his burger and reluctantly bit on it, as though it was poisoned.She grinned, and he furrowed his brows

Doon: It takes so little to make you smile.

he pointed outShe didn’t reply, but kept a faint smile on her lips.After they finished eating without anyincidents leading to the deterioration of the luxurious car interior, she said

Swara: There, that’s the last time you’ll have to eat junkfood.

Don: I’ll need that in writing
She giggled

Swara: Neveragain.

she folded her hands and pulled on her ear lobes.

Don: Out of all the beautiful restaurants in Berlin.
he shook his head in mock disdain. He then leaned over to her side

Don: How do you expect a man to be romantic while at McDonald’s?
She giggled

Swara: I seem to really have offended you with that remark

He gave her a half smile as he put onhis sunglasses

Don: Tonight I shall take you out to dinner

Swara: And a movie?
sheadded giggling

Don: No, and a dance. Do you know how to tango?

To be continued

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Credit to: IREENA

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