Don and his Roma season 2 episode 2


They both got into the car and as they drove off, both remained silent, they kept stealing glimpses of one another, but both were lost in thoughts and couldn’t get themselves to say anything.

Swara leans to the seat closing her eyes she went to flashback.


Swara was alone in home n parish r were going in car
their phone conversation.

Swara: adarsh bhai plz come home son I’m waiting for u

Adarsh: ha Shona I’m coming.

Swara: Ha come fast im feeling very bored

Adarsh: we r coming.

parineeta from behind adarsh plz look at  road while driving.

they keeps on talking  laughing but suddenly  a truck came n hits parish car. they scream. hearing their scream swara gets tensed. she calls their name but no response.

just then someone picked up the phone n said they r no more.

hearing this  swara breakdown into tears she couldn’t believe what happen just no. she lost her happiness in just a second.her bhai n bhabhi left her in this world.

After a week.

Dec. Ram came to her n told her that her bhayya bhabhi’s death was not a accident it was a  planed murder.

he also told her thathis brother was getting continuously threatening  calls.

Swara came out of her thoughts with car’s voice.

Don pulled the car over near a park and sighed, took his glasses off and looked at Swara.

Swara: Why are you looking at me like this?…she felt almost frightened.

She had never seen that look in his eyes before. She couldn’t even pinpoint what it was exactly- lust, admiration, gratitude, anger, what was it that was piercing into her soul? His gaze was so deep and a mix of all the above, that it scared her.

Don: Swara…

he turned to face her and lightly grabbed her left hand, caressing it between his masculine fingers. He then raised it and kissed it, closing his eyes and slowly inhaling as he did so. He then squeezed it and she could sense the desire that was boiling up inside him.

Don opened his eyes and locked her gaze. Slowly took the ring out of the pocked and placed it in the inside of her palm he had just kissed.

Don: This is yours. I want you to convert it into your every heart desire.

she widened here yes

Swara: Anything at all?

Don remained silent for a while

Don: I admit, I may have not thought this through… but I’ve said it, and you can take my word for it. Anything you wish, you can do with this ring. Even if it means getting away from me.

he looked away and bit his lower lip frowningly, disturbed. Swara couldn’t believe what she was hearing.

Don: Baas… one thing, before you decide.I want you to buy the most luxurious dress you can find, and come dance with me tonight.

she  gasped. That was unexpected. And to think of what she thought he was going to ask of her…

he winked smilingly then again remained silent As he looked deep into her eyes.

Don: Will you do that for me… please?

Swara found herself nodding in approval, instantly wondering why she had accepted.She finally had the green light to get out of there. But still, she said yes.

He then put his glasses back on and unexpectedly,stepped out of the car.

Don: It’s all yours.

he gestured as he leaned over the door.

Don:Drive safely.

Swara slid onto the driver’s seat ‘Don…’

He nodded in denial chuckling

Don: Don’t worry sweetheart, I know you’re not leaving… yet’ he then walked away,running a hand through his hair then placing both in his pockets.

Swara sat there looking at him walk away. Everything that had happened started sinking in. It all came back to her. For a split second she started the engine and thought of driving off, far away, never having to see him again. But that made her flinch, that she even stopped the engine. She couldn’t bear the thought of not seeing him again. It scared her terribly.

Swara:God, Swara…

she placed her forehead on the steering wheel.She decided to keep her promise and go shopping for the most beautiful dress she could lay her eyes on.

She exchanged the ring for a whopping € 50,000. Normally she would have loved the idea of shopping the world’s biggest fashion houses. But she had an uneasy feeling doing so.

She finally picked an a-line, sleeveless, Bordeaux velvet evening gown. Quite simple but yet so elegant. She also decided on a whim to go get her hair done, in a nice casual up do.

She parked the car and as she got out she stared at the building and sighed. What was Don up to, she suddenly wondered. It was not at all like him. Yes, she saved his life, but she kinda did so back in Germany as well.

So what had changed? Why the  sudden change of attitude? She then realized she had no backup plan. She didn’t call her family or det. Ram no one. She had blindly trusted him, yet again. When was she going to learn, she wondered.She made her way upstairs, the building seemed awfully quiet. She opened the door to the apartment and gasped.

There was a giant bouquet of crimson red roses on the center table. She got near it, still in awe,it was bigger than her entire upper body. Must have been at least 300 roses, easy.

The card that was hidden between the roses seemed so little compared to the whole arrangement, although it was as big as her own palm.

“Her delicate and lovely mouth moves sweetly in a wistful smile,While over her and round her head a mound of fragrant petals pile.But now the knight draws near her bed and stretching out his hand he tears The spider’s sparkling wonder web and spills the precious gems it bears.Upon her beauty’s nakedness he feeds his hungry heart’s desire And scarcely can his br*ast contain the burning ardour of its fire;Till clasping her to him at last in one long, clinging sweet caress,His scarlet mouth is set on hers, and on her lips his hot lips press.”

Swara kept staring at the card, reading it again and again. Did he actually write this?!

She couldn’t believe it. What was all this?!She decided to go dress, it was getting late. She put on the dress and looked herself in the mirror. She went out the balcony and stared at the skyline.

There was something so incredibly beautiful about Paris. Even the air had an elegant fragrance of its own.She decided to lay on the bed since there was no sign of Don for a long while.

All of a sudden the door opened and there he was. He was holding the huge bouquet and started tearing the petals, throwing them on the bed, around her, just like in the poem he had written. He slowly did so and within minutes she was almost covered in rose petals, that were matching her dress perfectly.

He then kneeled on the bed and gazed into her eyes, the same look he had earlier that day that frightened her. He got closer and closer and circled her waist as he got on top of her, bending over her and finally touching her lips with his. The kiss was just a passionate press upon her lips, parting after mere seconds.

She gasped and looked at him questioningly but he got off the bed,walking backwards and took out a cigar from his pocket.

Don:How do you like the roses?’

he finally asked as he was searching for the lighter, not breaking their gaze.

Swara: … Beautiful’

Swara blushed.He smiled and kept searching for his lighter

Don: I even poured some of my perfume over them. he chuckled….How cheesy, na?

he looked at her amused She smiled and lowered her gaze. Indeed, she could feel his fragrance accaparating her.

Don: But how sad… neither you, nor I, will be able to keep our promises.’

Swara: Matlab?’ she frowned.

He finally found his lighter and headed to light his cigar, but first said

Don: I can’t let you go…and you can’t give me the dance.

he said coldly as he threw the lighter on the bed, immediately incinerating the rose petals.

She then suddenly woke up- still on the bed-still dressed- and Don still not there yet. She was gasping for air as she had dreamt of her own cremation, and it was all so vivid.

She got out of bed quickly and was still feeling dizzy and suffocating. She got out the balcony and leaned over the balustrade.

Don: Swara…

she heard him call her.He was leaning against the car,in a dapper 3 piece suit.His hair was combed back,held in an elegant ponytail, his beard groomed,he was looking ravishing.She forgot all about the terrible nightmare

Credit to: IREENA

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