Don and his Roma Season 2 Episode 19


She stared at him as he was going through the clothes, picking items for her to wear.He picked a pair of skinny jeans and, surprisingly, a black satin dress shirt for herself aswell…

Swara: Looks familiar.
she pointed out

Don: Why not? Since it pleases you.
he smiled then bent and grabbed a pair of red pumps

Swara: Whoa! What are these for
she said as he handed them to hold in her free hand, the other holding the jeans and the shirt.

Don: They’re to match with… these.
he exclaimed victoriously as he pulled out of a drawer a matching red bra and panties.

All of a sudden she felt even more aware of her naked self beneath that towel, goosebumps forming on her skin.

Don: This pleases me.

he gave her an intense look and placed the lingerie on her arm along with the other clothes.She pulled them over the towel, to her chest as he got too close and made her feel uneasy

Don: Will you wear what I picked for you?

he stroked her arm with his index finger, watching his moves attentively

she almost whispered

Don: I told you, it would please me.

She looked at him questioningly and he tilted her chin and ran his thumb over her bottom lip, seductively

Don: Even if I don’t see you in all I’ve picked, just the mere thought of you wearing that lingerie underneath will give me great pleasure.

She lowered her gaze, as she felt her cheeks on fire.For a moment shethought he’d lean in and kiss her but then he withdrew and walked backwards and out of the closet, biting his lower lip,his look grave. It was only when she heard him shut the door behind him that she realized she’d been holding her breath.

Reluctantly, she got dressed and checked herself in the large mirror. She decided to tie her hair up in a messy bun and wear some mascara to go with the look. She had to admit she looked nice, but didn’t even want to think about how Donn knew her shoe size, and most importantly, her bra size. As she reached the bedroom door, she slowed down listening at the sound of what appeared to be a guitar.

She tried to make out what it was but couldn’t, so she stepped out. She wasn’t expecting for one moment to see Don playing the guitar, sitting on the edge of the sofa.

Episode End

So this the chapter do u like it. I know u must be confused I told u that I end that ff.

But their life is not so easy.

OK now coming to the point I was just joking I’m? not going to end this ff so soon. Still there r so many twist n turns r left. I never thought to end. I just do it to know how many of u read my ff.really seeing our response I was In shock I? never expected this much appreciation. I really thought I’ll get 13 or 14 comments but I was so wrong I got so much comment.

Thanx to all of u seeing ur response I will try to make it more interesting. I’m not ending this ff so soon so chill. Sorry if u don’t like the joke.?

I just wanted to know how many of u read my ff. I will not force u to comment in every episode I can understand u all read my ff that is important for me.

So do u want next update not last but next update. I’ll post it soon.

Love u guyz so I’m not going anywhere but don’t forget me. Always remember me in ur prayers.


Do u want breakfast OK have it.


Eat whatever u like n tell me how u like I prepare it with my hands for u?

Credit to: IREENA

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  1. Ireena ur ff is different from others and even if possible i demand for season 3 also.
    Plzz never thought to end it.
    Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz continue and waiting for nxt upload

    1. thanx Niharika and sorry for the prank don’t worry dear there r so many chapters left its not going to end soon. so chill.

    2. thanx Niharika I’ll update soon sorry for the prank.

  2. You…. Almost gave us a heart attack by telling that you r stopping this…..never do that again…..and bf was very nice…..hahahaha…

    1. thanx yaar. are u fine ?. I’ll never do that n ha I specially made it for u.

      1. Thank you…and yah ..I am fine….

  3. Superb thanks and continue

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  4. hi,i read d season2 today itself.all chaptr all at once.u r so marvellous.i mean what a grt writer u r.i’m not a swaragini fan so i never read any of ff based on them but ur ff has got smthng spl tht got me hooked up.i just so luv ur ff.plz do continu.i wont be able to comment regularly due to my exam but wud surely read & try to.

    1. don’t worry aanya n all the episode in one a ago. it’s really a big complement for me. I’m glad that u like my ff so much sure dear I’ll continue don’t worry I’ll never end my off bcz of comments.

  5. Thank god,you are not ending it . But it was a bad joke . Otherwise superb chapter.

    1. oh cho cholly uma I know my sense of humar is not good? n thanx for comment n bf pas and kaise nahi a at a Maine itne pyaar we Jo banaya hein?

  6. Breakfast is very nice . Loved it.

  7. Hey ireena whn r u going to post next update???? Desperately waiting

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