Don and his Roma Season 2 Episode 17


Swara awoke the next morning with a smile on her face. As she stretched it all came back to her and she grinned realizing she would be going to Berlin with Don.

Why was she so excited?, she wondered. But shedecided to go withthe flow, for once. It felt right. It finally felt right, somehow.When she steppedout of her bedroom the smell of freshly brewed coffee invaded her senses. She tiptoed to the kitchen and saw Don at the dining table, sipping his coffee and working on something on his laptop.

Funny, shedidn’t remember him using one since he got there.In the split secondbefore he looked over at her, she took in his appearance, breathtaking as usual. He was wearing a white dress shirt with his sleeves rolled up, his defined chest exposed as his shirt was unbuttoned at the top and a pair of casual yet elegantdenims. He just looked as if straight out of a fashion magazine,as simple as he was dressed but his stance gave his look that sophisticated touch that most men lack. Also he was wearing reading glasses. Not just any glasses of course,but the kind that made people seriously hot instead of nerdy.

She quickly associated him with just to be breakfast appropriate.

Don:Well good morning

he said glancing at her above the rim of his glasses

Swara: You made coffee?

she asked trying to act natural

Don: Not just any coffee

he said as he took off his glasses in a rathersensual manner, as she would add.

Don: Turkish sandcoffee
he stood up and handed her a mug

Swara: Oh wow
(she took it and inspected it)Is it potable?

He arched his eyebrow as he drank from his and so she smiledand had a sip herself.

Swara: Oh wow

Don: Oh wow- look howlate it is

he tapped on his Tag Heuer

Swara: I still don’t know what to do about detective Ram. He’d be rather suspicious of me if I didn’t show up on Monday as I said I would

Don: That’s why you’ll call him and say something came up concerning your family in New York and that you have to leave for a few days, on short notice.

She shrugged
Swara:I guess that would work

Don sipped his coffee as he listened to Swara make the call and talk to Ram. She lied to him blatantly. Even asked him if they had any news on Don. She assured him she would be safe with her family and wouldn’t leave their sight, and that she would return as soon as things settled. She mentioned something about her uncle not feeling well. Don watched her very attentively as she spoke to her boss,scanning her headto toe, as she wasn’t looking his way.

Don: Jump into the shower, sweetheart

he pointed out as shehung up on Malik

Don: We should be going

Swara:Arre… but I didn’t pack anything

Don: That won’t be necessary, you will find everything you need in Berlin

he half smiled at her then put his spectacles back on and resumed his work on his laptopShe rose her eyebrows and turned on her heels to hit the shower, remembering the room back in Parisand how she found clothes, all in her size and taste, in the dresser, as long as toiletries in the bathroom, even professional makeup and other essentials.As she felt the water caressing her skin she wondered if Don provided such thoughtfulness with all his… she took in a deep breath, not wanting to go there. She dismissed the thought and tried to remain excited about the trip and the unexpected that was awaiting her in Berlin.

As she got out of the shower, she ran into her bedroom and decided on wearing something comfortable, as they would be flying for a while. She picked a pair of shorts and a white plain t-shirt. She tied her hair into a ponytail andgrabbed her sunglasses, a pair of flats and her bag.

Swara: Don, should I takemy

but she didn’t get to finish her sentence as someone other than Don sat on her sofa
‘Hey’ Karan grinned‘

Swara: You startled me
she threw her bag at him

Karan: Someone’s in a good mood.

he pointed out smilingly as he stood up
Karan: Chalo?

Swara: Where’s Don?

Karan: He’s waiting for us. It wasn’t safe for us all to drive there together

They drove and finally Swara couldsee out the window an impressive privatejet ready to take off.

Karan: You don’t remember, but you’ve seen it before

Karan pointed out as he stopped the car and gestured for her to get out as well.As she stepped aboard she was taken aback by the opulent interior. Exactly how rich is this man?, she wondered.

Karan: You make yourself confortable, ok?

Swara nodded as she sat on one of the elegant chairs and
Karan went into the cockpit.

‘This is the captain speaking’ she heard Don’s masculine voice inthe speakers, with a hint of amusement in his tone

‘Requesting all the wildcats to fasten their seat belts’

She couldn’t help but giggle

‘…Please’ his voicedeepShe felt her stomach knot on that note. She did as he requested and watched out the window as they took off.She flinched as she opened her eyes and saw Don sitting on the chair in front of her, rubbing his temple, gazing at her.

Swara: Where are we?
she rubbed her eyelids lazily

Don: Almost there. Go back to sleep
She closed her eyes and after a while said, withoutopening them

Swara: You’re staring

Don: Shhh
he shushedher

Don: I’m ogling

She blushed but truth was the altitude was making her nervous and sleepy at the same time, so shedozed off again.She opened her eyes again just to feel Don holding her in his arms. For a split second it felt so familiar, so right that she didn’t even question how she ended up there. But it was short lived as he placed her in the passenger seat of an elegant car and was pursuing to fasten her seat belt.

Swara: What is it with you and seat belts?’

she saidHe smiled and leaned over her to buckle

Don: I’m just concerned about your safety

he said matter of fact luge then shut her door and circled the car to his side

‘Welcome to Berlin’ he said reverently she smiled

Both looked at each other n smiles she rested her head on his shoulder both looked at each other with love.

Screen freezes on their smiling faces.

The End

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