Don and his Roma Season 2 Episode 16


Swara: They

She almost chocked up

Ram: He was with a girl,apparently

Ram raised his eyebrow

Swara: Don, walking?

she faked a laugh again
Swara: Seriously, sir… I might not know-know Don, but I know for a fact that he’d never do that. Believe me, he doesn’t have to woo a girl to have his way with her

Ram rubbed his chin pensively Ram: He did say they were strolling, much like a couple of lovebirds

Swara smirked

Swara:Yeah, right

He looked up at her, and after a long pause his phone rang

Ram: Haan Arjun, abort mission… do as I say. Yes, I’m sure
(he shouted into the phone) Back to the drawing board

he stated, as he hung up.
Swara shrugged apologetically

Swara: I’m sorry sir. I’m sure something will come up…

Ram: Swara, I need you back in the office. See, I can’t function without my smartest officer

he squeezed her shoulder Swara smiled

Swara: I was going to come back on Monday

Ram: Sure then, see you then. Have a nice weekend. I’ll get a cab, we’re in your neighborhood here, na?

Swara looked around, as though she hadn’t known that already

Swara: Oh, that’s right. You sure you don’t need a ride, sir?

Ram: Belkol. See you on Monday

he said as he shut the door behind him.Swara let out a long sigh “That was close…”She drove for a little longer till she reached her building and parked the car. When she entered the building she was really upset to see the elevator was out of function. “Great” she thought.

This was all she needed, some more cardio after all the tension she’d been through.She took the stairs and by the 7th floor was exhausted, leaning over the balustrade.

‘Did you give my regards to Ram?’

she heard a cold voice and she glanced up to see Don on the next level, sitting on the stairs. Swara froze. He sure looked angry.

She stared at him while he began walking down the stairs towards her,painfully slowly.She began panting. A million thoughts travelled her mind, what could she do to convince him she didn’t try to set him up, yet again?

“He’s never going to believe me. He’ll probably just kill me right here, my body won’t be discovered for days on end as nobody takes the stairs… I just knowit’ tears began to fill her eyes.

He kept getting closer, it all seemed in slow motion in her head “Just get it over with” she thought then shut her eyes tightly as he stood right in front of her.

Then, totally unexpectedly he grabbed her into his arms, hugging her tightly. She opened her eyes in shock, and just stood still.

Don: Thank you

he said as he squeezed her into his arms They stood like that for a while, the lights went off as the lighting was motion activated.He caressed her hair and kept thanking her. She couldn’t believe it.She finally faced him

Swara: You’re not mad at me?

He smiled and caressed her cheek as he nodded

Swara: Lekin… how do you know…?

Don: I was just returning when I spotted your car on the side of the road, then I saw you arguing with Ram over something. I noticed your hair was damp

he ran his fingers through her hair smilingly

Don: I thought he must have called you to the office on short notice. When he got out of the car Ididn’t know what to think of it, but as I reached the building I saw his team in another car returning. They had tracked me down… I got it

She sighed in relief

Swara: A retired officer spotted you at McDonald’s last night, then followed us here. He gave Ram saab the address. I didn’t know what to do…

He hugged her again and she continued

Swara: I convinced him it couldn’t have been you

He then faced her

Don: Swara, listen to me. We’re not safe here. I tried to keep it as low key as possible, but now you’re involved too, I can’t risk that

his voice was grave and his eyes piercing, she looked at him in awe.

Don: We need to get out of here

Swara looked away, she felt her stomach knotting

Swara: Don, I….

He grabbed her shoulders and caught her gaze

Don: Swara… listen to me, please

he emphasized his request and she complied

Don: Let me take you away, let’s start a new life

he grabbed her hands in his and kissed her knuckles, closing his eyes as he did so. She smiled, but was still in shock

Don: What you did for me today… now I know for sure you wouldn’t betray me… I know you care, Swara

he gave her the saddest look that broke her heart

Don: I should have done this long ago. When you took that shot for me back in Germany I knew… I knew you loved me

he shook his head she gasped. Hearing him say it made her realize once and for all that was nothing but the truth. She did love him, and how.

Don: But I didn’t think you’d ever … give this a chance. I know what you think of me. I know what I did to you

he sighed and kissed the insides of her palms slowly. She felt tears fall down her cheeks, but she wasn’t sobbing.

Don: I can’t undo all that. But I regret immensely to have hurt you, Swara

he wiped her tears

Don: Like I told you in Berlin, and even in Paris…I want to leave this all behind. I want a different life. I want a life… with you

he smiled caressing her cheek, his eyes widening as he saw her slip underneath his palm but quickly managed to grab her before she would’ve fallen down the stairs.

She opened her eyes and the darkness engulfed her, she raised her head and felt a restriction around her waist- it was Don’s arm. He mirrored her reaction

Don: Are you alright?

Swara: What happened?

she tried to accommodate her sight to the darkness

Don: You fainted. I took you upstairs

She sighed and leaned back on the pillow. He leaned over her and caressed her face

Don: Do you remember what I was saying before you passed out?

She looked into his eyes and nodded

Swara: Yes, but I still don’t understand what you were saying

Don: What’s there to understand? I thought I’d made myself clear

She gazed at him. No he hadn’t. She was more confused than ever.

Don: Will you let me take you away from here?

Swara: … And go were?

Don: Away… far away. Somewhere where I’m not Don the worldwide wanted criminal and you’re not Swara the officer. Somewhere where we’re sirf Don aur Swara

She looked at him questioningly

Swara: You know we can never have that

she barely whispered Don frowned

Don: Why?

Swara: Because as you said, you’re wanted all over the world, Don! Anywhere you’d go there’d be a Vivek to call detective Ram and inform him of your whereabouts

Don: I have a plan. We can escape all this forever, if you want to.

She looked at him questioningly

Don: But I won’t tell you now. First I need you to trust me

Swara: I do trust you

shefound herself saying. Did she, really? She wondered.Don half-smiled

Don: Let’s go to Berlin for a while. I have immunity there. We’re not safe here. Let me show you how things could be

he caressed her arms with his fingertips and peeked at her to watch her reaction. Sure enough, she was blushing

Swara: But I told detective Ram I’d be back in the office on Monday.

Don: Screw Ram

he stated

Don:He’ll have to wait

he then leaned in and captured her lips with his. He kissed her tenderly for a while then the kiss grew more urgent and he pulled her closer into his arms as he leaned over her.

Don: Say you’ll come with me

he whispered

Swara: Mhm

was all she could mutter between his kisses

Don: You will?

he faced her, his eyes bright and happy like little boy’s.She nodded smilingly.He grinned but his smile slowly faded as he saw she was lowering her gaze and frowning

Don: Swara?

he tilted her chin to face him

Swara: I’m still scared

she whispered, not removing her eyes from her hands.He sighed and closed his eyes

Don: I’ll have to earn your trust, sweetheart. I know that

He then got off the bed and smiled

Don: Berlin, tomorrow

She hid her face into her palms and he giggled lightly

Don:I love it when you shy away

he caressed her hair lovingly
Don:Rest now.I’ll make the arrangements, we’ll have to be extra careful.

She nodded and watched him walk out the door, smiling like a little boy.

Episode End

So this was the second last chapter r u guyz excited for the last chapter. Hope so. Sorry if I disappoint u guyz.

Credit to: IREENA

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