Don and his Roma Season 2 Episode 15 “PAST”


So many of u confused about the story. U all want to know there past. As I already told that there past is not important so I’m revealing their past in short.

Swara doesn’t have parents. She leaves with her brother n his wife. Her brother leaves in Germany while she leaves in London for studies.

In her college time she fell in love with a guy. His name is sanskar . she loves him but he didn’t even know her. She fell in love with him at first sight. He was not a student . she only saw him sometime but was madly in love with him.

After Some months her brother n bhabhi dies in an accident. She was alone. She is totally broken. N there is no one to console her.but after some days she got to know that her bhai bhabhi’s was not accident it was a pre-planned murder.

She was shocked that who will do this to her brother. then det.Ram told her that it was done by DON. (Swara had never seen don before she only heard about him). She was shocked n decided to take revenge from him.

Then they made a plan that Swara will enter to don’s gang n will play against him.

Everything was going according to their plane. Swara entered into the gang but never met don.

One day.

This the day where Swara is going to meet don.

He came but seeing him her face get pale she was lost. She was out of her sense. But when she was about to leave don’t called her back. She wonders but gathers some courage n went to him.

He said why u came here Swara.
She doesn’t know what to say her body was shaking due fear. He came close to her she moves backward. With so much courage she asked him that why he killed her brother n bhabhi.

He laughs n said that her brother was his man but he betrayed him by joining his hands with police. She was shocked with the thruth. She will not believe him. He said can’t she have trust on her first love. This was another shock for him. But the most biggest shock was that he said her that he wants to be with her he loves her. SHe couldn’t believe her heart was saying yes but her mind was not ready but her heart overpowers her mind she trusted him but it was her biggest mistake.

He used her only to get success in his plane. He tells her it was his plane. Murder, Swara’s arrival in his gang all was pre-planned. Even he purposely made her fall for him. She was shocked.

From that time there dog-cat fight starts. She tries to hate him but whenever he came in front of her she cant control her feelings. She was not able to hate him.

Karan was CBI Officer he was also in Swara’s plane but was working for don he betrayed them after that he leaves his job n officially joints in Don’s Gang.

So this was there past. I know it was not appropriate but it was needed. I hope now u don’t have any confusion if any then ask me. Actually there past is not so important that’s why I didn’t waste time.

Credit to: IREENA

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  1. you gave clear sketch of past… nice… but dnt end this ff in hurry yaar… pls… still Raglak was also there…

    1. thanx dear but Laksh is not there in my ff n ragini is supporting character. it’s a pure SwaSan ff.

  2. so don doesnt love swara???? So sad….

  3. Awesome Plzz continue ur faas uurr doing great…. Plzz update next part soon

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