Don and his Roma Season 2 Episode 14


She resolved to look for it after she got out of the shower. She thought of Don some more as she showered. It all seemed so surreal.

Had he really been nearly naked in her bedroom the other night, kissing her like that? Everytime she thought about it she squirmed and smiled ear to ear. But why had he acted so cold in the morning?

“He did cook for me, though” she thought. But something was definitely amiss. After a while, she turned the tap off, thinking she had heard something. In her heart of hearts she was hoping it was Don.

But it was her phone ringing in the other room. She decided to let it go to voicemail but it kept ringing, so she grabbed a towel and steppedout of the bathroom.

She glanced at thephone

“Det. Ram”

‘Darn!’ she muttered.

Suddenly all the anxiety crawled back under her skin.

Swara: Ji?

Ram: Swara. You need to come over to the office

Swara: Kya hua sir?

Ram: It’s Don, jhaldi aao, we don’t have much time!

Swara: Ji…

she froze, barely got herself to reply and then hung up. She paced the living room nervously. What was she going to do? For one thing, she couldn’t get out of the house.

She glanced over at the door, just for the sake of it, and froze once again as she saw the key was there. She ran towards it, and sure enough, she was not imagining it. Don had left the key.

She ran back to the bedroom, and blocking all her thoughts, quickly dressed, grabbed her bag and car keys and ran out the door.She sped through the London traffic and finally found herself in front of the Interpol headquarters.

As much as she had rushed on the way there, she was now staring out the window.

“What am I doing? I can’t do this. I can’t!” she began panicking, her hands shaking on the steering wheel. She placed her forehead over it

“Swara… think, Swara, think… what now?!”Someone tapped on her window, it was Detective Ram. She flinched and opened the window

Swara: Sir…

Ram: Good, you’re here

he opened the door and let himself in

‘Follow Arjun’

he pointed to the car her colleagues got into

Swara: But sir… what’s happening?

she tried to pull herself together

Ram: It’s Don, he’s here.

She swallowed. Exactly what she had feared would happen

she tried to act surprised

Swara: That can’t be, sir That bastard… I should have known he’d do something so completely unexpected

swara bit her lower lip, she was threading this. She needed to think fast, create a diversion of some sort…ram laughed mockingly

Ram: But not this sir, this time he’s not getting away! I’m sick of chasing this bastard.

Swara cringed. She almost felt like pushing det. Ram for repeating that out the open window

Swara: How do we know?Who saw him?

Ram: You won’t believe it. Vivek spotted him at McDonald’sin Juhu last night. I just got off the phone with him

Swara let out a pretty unconvincing laughter

Swara: Yeah, right!

Ram: He’s positive he saw him’ Ram shrugged

Swara:  we seriously going to believe he saw Don, that too at McDonald’s,when he’s retired for … 5 years now?!

Ram: He was so adamant that it was him…

Swara slowed down and eventually pulled over

Ram: Arre, Swara, what are you…

She turned to him

Swara: Sir, with all due respect to Vivek saab… but come on! Don at McDonald’s?! I mean, he took me to the most luxurious restaurant on Champs-Élysées for breakfast, for God’s sake!Ram shook his head slowly
Ram: Swara, it’s the only lead we’ve had since Paris. We can’t take chances

Swara hastily replied

Swara: No, sir, this is absurd! I’m sorry, but this is just plain absurd! Where were we going anyway?

Ram: Actually Vivek followed- uhm- him till they entered a building.He gave me the address

Swara: They?

Episode End


So I know ur thinking about the percape. It is not acceptable. it is only depend on u guyz who read this ff. U all will decide what will happen next. Frankly speaking I’m getting very less comment. I don’t want u all to comment in each episode but I really want to know how many of u r reading my ff. Just comment in these episode all who r reading. After that I will not tell anyone to comment bcz I feel commenting in every episode is not possible. So plz comment in this part otherwise I have to stop this. Don’t think I’m blackmelling u guyz just want to know whether u like my ff or not. Waiting for ur response. Sorry if u feel that I’m doing wrong. If someone feel I’m rude then I’m really sorry.

Credit to: IREENA

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  1. Actually m little bit confused… swara or sanskar ka koi past h ya nhi … kuch adhura sa lagta h padhne me

    1. they have a past I will reveal it but its not that much important. important is their present will reveal but in short n sorry ?

  2. I read ur ff daily even i have my so mch imp xms in dis month… pls dont end it… nd please add some twists..don ko thora dominating nd evil type dikhao…lyk for some reason he punish swara for her mistakes…u knw wot i mean…

    1. thanx for reading my ff dear don’t worry about comment im happy that u read it. all the best for our exams.

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    1. I know sparkle everything will be clear in next update. I know commenting in every episode is difficult. even I’m a reader so I can understand

  4. No Plzz don’t discontinue it u r doing amazing Plzz keep it… Plzz continue to write its awesome

    1. thanx priya for ur continuous support

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    It’s vvvvv awesome

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    1. thanks dear but I will update the last part today.

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    plzzzzzz plzzzzz dont end this ff its my fav. And u r truly amazing believe me….

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  16. plz don’t end this I really love this I never commented on any ff but u give me a shock so plz don’t end it.

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    1. ah actually I will reveal it today but in short box its not imp. I will not reveal the past in the present. I will reveal it in promo.

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