Don and his Roma Season 2 Episode 13


Don lit a cigar and slowly savored it on the way back to Swara’s apartment.
Swara was dead against this nasty habit but she couldn’t help but stare at him smoking. There was something particularly sensual in the way he would exhale the smoke, not to mention how he’d caress the cigar with his luscious lips.

Don:I think u r not feeling well…
He said as he found her staring at him n smirk.

Swara:no WO actually I was tired.
She lied even though she all rested.

Don:I think I’m getting the bed.
He said playfully she smiled

Swara: u can have it. I will sleep on couch.

Don’t: but I’m willing to share the bed.
He said looking at her n raised his eyebrow. His voice was deep.
Seats give him a suspicious look. Don chuckled.

Don: don’t worry sweat heart u can have the bed urself.
Swara decided not to argue more.Sometimes he could be so domineering just by uttering a simple sentence.
While Don was showering, Swara tried not to picture him in her shower and instead focus on making the couch more suitable for sleeping.
She brought him a pillow and a sheet to cover.Suddenly she heard the tap go off and she knew she had to hurry back into her bedroom before he came back, so she tiptoed hurriedly back to her room but just as she was about to reach it, Don stepped out of the bathroom.
Swara swallowed hard and couldn’t help but stare at him. His hair was wet, and it seemed longer and a tad curly this way, water dripping onto his torso, which again took her breath away.
But most shocking, the small towel that circled his waist caused her a mini heart attack. She may have glanced at his feet that would make any tennis player envious, but sure enough her eyes were back on his towel and rested there for a little (longer) while.
Don rested his palms on his hips

Don: You’re staring again.
he merely whispered

Swra: I’m- uhm, sorry. You should have asked for a bigger towel?
Don chuckled and crossed his arms, his muscles flexing. One more moment and she would faint, she resolved.

Swara: Well, good night.
she grabbed the bedroom’s doorknob.

Don: Not so fast
he grabbed her elbow She swallowed again.

“This is it. It’s happening” was all she could think of. The s*xual tension between them was building up, she could feel it. In fact it was so thick she could slice it with a knife.

Don: Where can I find a hair drier?
She frowned questioningly

Swara: A what??!
that was not what she had expected him to ask. Not at all.He then shook his head playfully spreading beads of water all over her.

Swara: Oh. In the bathroom. bottom drawer

He winked and returned to the bathroom. She entered her bedroom and shut the door, leaning against it. She was panting. She was shaking. He was just there, right in front of her. All of him. Every single inch of that gorgeous man was right there.
All she had to do was show him the slightest hint that she was willing… and she’d have him all to herself. All of him. Every single inch…

Swara:,Ah. I’m delirious!
She paced the room nervously. Suddenly she heard him exit the bathroom once again, and even sighing as he lied on the sofa. This was her chance. She headed towards the door and stopped, squirming.

Swara: No, no, no! Swara, you cannot do this. No!
she began pacing again, fidgeting with different objects on her vanity.

Swara: Damn it!
she exclaimed as she dropped a bottle on the floor. Sure enough, Don was at the door, staring at her, trying to make out in the dark what had happened

Don;Are you alright?
Don asked hastily She nodded

Don:,Dropped a bottle of perfume

He sighed and muttered something to himself

Don:,Would you go to bed and try to keep yourself out of trouble? he pointed towards the bed demanding Swara stood still, though.
She was too busy staring at his D&G boxers.Which were all he was wearing.

Don: Now, please?
Don raised his voice, still pointing towards the bed Swara flinched and headed towards the bed, and removed the duvet.

Don: Wait.(he halted her)Aren’t you changing into something… a little bit more comfortable?

he said, huskily
Swara: Uhm

she didn’t know what to do, not to mention that she was trying really hard not to stare at his pelvic area. She began to retreat to her closet, to grab something to change into

Don: There’s glass shattered all over the place. Keep still

he ordered and went away. Swara frowned questioningly, wondering if he was going to bring the broom again.

Don: Here
he came back and tossed her his wrinkled shirt

Don: I seem to recall you enjoy wearing my shirts.

he raised an eyebrow.In the moonlit room, all Swara could really see were his white D&Gs. And she didn’t know how to unglue her eyes of them.

Swara: Ok… thanks.
she half smiled.

Don: Wear it.

Don crossed his arms over his chest Swara bit her lower lip. Was he really going to stand there watching her undress?

“He wants me to strip for him” she immediately thought. She lowered her gaze, blushing.

Don: Come on, sweetheart

he whispered She stuck her gaze to the tips of her toes as she started unbuttoning her dress shirt. As she removed it, she heard Don sighing loudly, but was too shy and embarrassed to meet his gaze.She then wanted to put on his shirt, feeling exposed in just her bra.

Don: No no
she heard him object

Don: Your jeans first

his voice deep she stood still for a while, feeling very uncomfortable. Finally she unzipped her jeans and peeled them off.

She heard Don groan and unvoluntarily looked up at him. His look was so intense she felt like choking. She couldn’t stand his gaze so lowered her eyes again but met his boxers once again.And nearly let out a scream when she noticed something (substantially) different about them.

She grabbed the shirt and quickly pulled it on, hugging her upper body “Oh. My. God” she thought. Clearly, that could not be unseen. The sight of his arousal would haunt her forever.

She shakily climbed on the bed and pulled the cover’s so she was completely hidden beneath them.Don chuckled

Don: Is something the matter?

Swara: You’re mortifying me

she mumbled Don laughed. Again, a genuine laughter she removed the covers just enough to be able to look at him laugh. It was such a sight to see. She decided not to look at his boxers again, under any circumstances.

Don: I never saw this shy side to you before.

he whispered. He climbed on the bed in an instant, startling Swara, who was clinging onto her cover’s hem. But he just kneeled next to her, and caressed her cheek with his large thumb

Don: So innocent.

he whispered, then proceeded to place a strand of her hair behind her ear

Don: So beautiful.

Swara was looking at him intensely, desperately wishing he would kiss her.As if he could reader mind, he leaned over and kissed her, still keeping his hand behind her ear.He kissed her hungrily, invading her mouth passionately and urgently. And she responded to his actions, not even questioning it. He pulled away

Don: Swara… you need to be clear

She blinked at him, trying to concentrate on what he was asking her, but couldn’t even think at the moment he kissed her again, leaning over her, but she didn’t let go of the covers. When he tried to pull it aside she resisted, and he retreated once again.

He looked at her for a moment the got off bed and headed towards the door, only stopping to wish her good night over his shoulder, then shutting the door behind him.

Swara tossed and turned in bed, feeling like an idiot.

“Stupid, stupid!!!”

she kept scolding herself in her mind, not comprehending how she could be such an idiot. The sun was rising when she finally fell asleep.She flinched, resting on her elbow. She heard it again, a knock on her door

Swara: Haan?

Don: Are you decent?

What a question, she thought, after he had made her strip for him the other night

Swara: Come in

Don opened the door to the bedroom with his elbow, as he was holding a tray Her jaw literally fell to the floor as she saw him heading towards her with what looked like breakfast.

To Be Continued.

Credit to: IREENA

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