Don and his Roma season 2 episode 12


Swara sighed in relief as soon as Don put the shirt back on, as wrinkled as it was,which seemed to disturb him a bit. He was at all times presentable,after all.

The ride in the elevator was extremely awkward. She knew he was peeking at her, but he wasn’t exactly trying to hide it anyway.

Don: Are you alright?

he suddenly asked, the floor number on display changing way too slow for real life.She looked at him questioningly.

Don: You’re quite pale

he pointed to the mirror in the back so she could see for herself.She glanced at her reflection

Swara: I’m fine.

she placed a strand of her hair behind her ear. She was a mess, she thought.

Don: You barely ate all day. Let’s go somewhere and grab some food

The elevator’s doors opened and he gestured for her to step out.

Swara: It’s late

He checked his Tag Heuer watch

Don: 1:21. But this is London, sweetheart, surely we’ll manage

he winked As they stepped out of the building, they couldn’t help but contemplate whether it was hotter outside or vice versa.

Swara: I, uhm, forgot my keys

Don: We are going out on a stroll, remember? Challo.I’m not very familiar with your neighbourhood, you’ll have to show me around.

Don was walking alongside Swara, hands at his back, inspecting the surroundings. It was outstanding how alive London was at almost 2 o’clock in the morning.

Busy streets, busier lanes, people coming and going.It was as if the city was restless. As they entered the market, vendors of all kinds of street food were busy serving their customers, Indian music of all sorts filling the background.

Swara kept glancing at Don, truth was she was hungry and was willing to feast on any of the street goodies. But one look at Don’s grimace and she realized they wouldn’t be eating off the street anytime soon.

He caught her inspecting him and slowed down

Swara: You’re not seriously considering eating something from these guys, are you?

Swara shrugged

Seats: I don’t mind

Don frowned

Don: Surely there must be a… safer place that serves some decent food. Something more international, perhaps

he grinned

Swara: Why, too used to Parisian petit dejeuners and Italian cuisine?

Swara chuckled He raised an eyebrow as they resumed their slow pace

Don: Not exactly

his voice turned cold, it was a sudden, obvious shift. She expected him to continue, but he didn’t.

Swara: How long has it been since you’ve last walked the streets of London?

she casually asked He crossed his arms to his chest sighing loudly

Don; Ufff… tough question. I really can’t remember

Swara: You’re that old, huh?

she raised an eyebrow trying hard not to laugh He let out a laugh

Swara: Pardon?

Swara laughed too, she couldn’t believe she had made him laugh, atrue, genuine laughter, even if it only lasted for a split second.

Don’t: I could easily demonstrate I am not that old, sweetheart

he winked at her seductively, and she knew he was doing this intentionally, to make her feel uneasy.Trying desperately to change the subject she looked around, She pointing at a McDonald’s.He returned the grimace

Don: You’ve got to be kidding me

She crossed her arms

Swara: Well I’m really hungry, and clearly nothing short of a 5 michelin stars restaurant will please you

Don sighed, gesturing for her to lead the way. Swara couldn’t help but grin after she passed him, not wanting him to see her amusement and excitement. Don was about to entera kids’ McDonald’s. If this wasn’t fun, she didn’t know what was.The place was packed. McDonald’s was always packed, but it appeared that even more so late in the night.

They sat at the smallest queue and Don was inspecting the surroundings, visibly loathing the place. Thankfully, there were hardly any kids but it was nothing close to a relaxing, quiet ambiance.

“Welcome to McDonald’s, may Itake your order?’ a girl asked, batting her eyelashes at Don Swara inspected the menu displayed behind the counter

Swara: Uhm, I’ll have a BigMac, fries and a diet Coke.

she then looked up at Don waiting for him to order He shook his head, his hands in his pockets

Swara rolled her eyes. Don gazed at her and finally sighed

Don: Fine. I’ll have a salad… You do have salads, do you?

he frowned the girl bit her lip and fidgeted

Girl:Coming right up

she turned to place their orders Swara rolled her eyes again

Swara: Seriously?

Don half-smiled and shrugged.

Swara: I meant the salad-are you kidding me? Who comes to McDonald’s and buys salad?

she squinted The girl handed them their tray

Girl: Enjoy

Don feigned excitement grabbing it They sat at a table

Swara: I can’t believe I’m stuffing my face with fast food while you’re eating salad

Don: I’ll have some of your fries, alright?

he said while unboxing his salad, looking rather disappointed of its content Swara smiled to herself.

This was an environment she would have never pictured seeing Don in.

Swara: What if someone sees you here?

Don: Cops are known for eating doughnuts, not BigMacs

She chuckled

Swara: Younever know. You don’t seem very pleased with your salad

Don: Don’t even get mestarted

he tossed the salad sulkily

Swara: Should have gotten yourself a Happy Meal, they give you a toy, too

she giggled He looked at her, giving her a dimpled smile

Don: Someone’s in a good mood. Seems like the fresh air agrees with you

She contemplated while nibbling on her fries. He was right, being with him out, casually, talking like this. It felt nice. She didn’t feel scared, threatened, not even anxious. She felt at ease. Looking up at him she caught a glimpse of him yawning silently, covering his mouth with the back of his hand.

Swara: I forgot I woke you up. We should be heading back

Don: It’s alright

he looked at her.They stood up and Swara was heading towards the exit, but turned to see Don disposing their tray

Swara: Who does that, even?

As they exited the building she sighed, somehow the streets of London brought her back to reality and she began wondering what to expect when they got back home.

This man was one minute killing a drug dealer in the suburbs of Paris and the next disposing their tray at McDonald’s.

Don: Challo?

he looked at her Somehow she felt more than happy to follow.

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