Don and his Roma season 2 episode 11


Swara didn’t know where Don had left, she was expecting him to come back any minute. But he didn’t. When she realized an hour had passed she got off the couch and began inspecting his shopping bags, carefully.

She wasn’t surprised to see various high end brands on the labels, and couldn’t help but admire his sense of style. For some reason, She had always assumed he had some sort of personal shopper that assisted him, but now it was clear that was most probably not the case. He just had excellent taste. And money.

Swara forgot all the nice thoughts when she remembered how he acquired that money.As she sat up and walked over to the kitchen, contemplating, something stole her attention. It was her cellphone,resting on the counter. She gasped.

Had he left it there accidentally? No, Don wouldn’t be so negligent. She quickly thought of calling the office, anyone- but then she almost dropped the cellphone back onto the counter. She couldn’t.

Don had been very clear. Her heart ached even thinking of what he’d do to Ragini and her parents. She couldn’t. Right then she realized what a huge conflict of interests rested now on her shoulders. Her job right then demanded she’d work towards finding where Don was, and there she was- hosting him in her apartment, unable to disclose this.

She was not only keeping this from her department, she was also an accomplice now.She realized she couldn’t confide inanyone now, not even Ragini. She couldn’t keep a secret like that, she would probably try and help her out, unknowingly causing her and her family harm.

Then again, she couldn’t even think of telling her over the phone, asher phonecalls were taperecorder. She wouldn’t, couldn’t tell Ragini.

She then remembered her appointment with her shrink, Kavya. She decided to call her instead,and cancel it. Surely
won’t think too much of it.

Kavya: Hello, Swara. I’m surprised you called.

Swara: I know we have an appointment, Kavya… can we please cancel it? I really can’t make it.

Kavya paused

Kavya:I can’t help but wonder what made you change your plans, I know you were very keen on meeting today to talk.

Swara: I know…

uff, this was getting off-track, Swara thought

Swara: It’s just that I’m back at the office and I’m a little swamped. I can’t take time off as I had planned. And I think it’s better that I keep my mind preoccupied for a while

Kavya: That’s alright, don’t worry. Feel free to call and we’ll reschedule our meeting, ok?

Swara: Sure.

Swara smiled

Kavya: All the best. Take care

Kavya hung up.Swara sighed. At least she had her phone now. Although she couldn’t really call anyone to talk to about what was happening.

She contemplated on whether she thought Don trusted her or … trusted her to know better than to let anyone on to what was happening.

Swara opened her eyes, and the darkness took her aback. What time was it? She remembered lying on the bed, she must have fallen asleep. She suddenly stood up, had Don come back? Tiptoeing to the living room, she almost flinched at the sight of Don fast asleep on her couch.

More so, he was half naked,only wearing his unbuttoned jeans, his D&G boxers peeking around his waist.She bit her lower lip. The moonlight was caressing his toned muscles and his manly features as he kept one hand beneath his head, instead of a pillow,the other resting on top of his chest, raising and lowering with his body as he breathed slowly.

He was slightly frowning even in his sleep, but that only made him look even more s*xy. She gazed back to his torso and noticed his muscles were slightly damp, as it was a hot night indeed. “Too hot, actually” she thought.

Suddenly she noticed two piercing eyes staring at her. She started back at them for a few moments, unsure if she was just imagining it, but sure enough he broke the silence.

Don: It’s not polite to stare, sweetheart…

She blinked at him several times
Swara: Uhm… I wasn’t, I’m sorry.

He stood on the edge of the couch now, picking up his shirt from the floor and wiping himself with it

Don: Is it hot, or what?

he muttered She bit her lower lip again

Swara: You know, you can sleep in the bedroom, I’ve got air conditioning in there.

He locked her gaze and raised an eyebrow

Swara: Are you inviting me to bed?

Swara: N-No!

she crossed her arms

Swara: But I’ve slept the whole afternoon and I’m awake now, so you can take it.

He rested his back onto the couch

Don: I’m not interested then.

he winked at her as he threw his wrinkled shirt aside

Don: Suit yourself(she shrugged) Remember, you can always change your mind

he slowly stood up and walked close to her

Don: I’ll be waiting

He was dangerously close now.

Swara: Don hold your breath

she snapped He tilted her chin

Swara: You know nothing could stop me.

he frowned

Don: I could take you right now and make you mine

She swallowed nervously

Swara: You wouldn’t

she whispered

Don: Oh, trust me, I would

he caressed her arms with his fingertips

Don: But I won’t. I’ve never taken a woman to bed without her consent. And even though you want me to…

he moved his fingertips to her waist, digging his fingers slightly into her skin She pushed him

Swara: I don’t

He chuckled and then quickly pulled her into a kiss. She didn’t resist it. He kissed her urgently and she responded. He was not being brutal but was not tender as the first time on the ferry either. He was- passionate, exploring her mouth gently but ardently. But before she knew it, he pulled away

Don: I think you do

he said as he panted

Don: But I enjoy this foreplay. No woman has resisted me this long. You’re intriguing

She turned to leave but he grabbed her wrist

Don: Stop fighting it, Swara.

his voice deep She pulled herself away and said

Swara: I need some fresh air.

Don:Let’s go for a walk then.

to be continued.

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Credit to: IREENA

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