Don and his Roma Season 2 Episode 1


Swara got dressed with her now dry jeans and a blouse, with a jacket on top of it that she had found hanging in the closet.

She then tried the door, and it was unlocked. She stepped out of her room. She started inspecting the huge hall. It was very beautifully decorated. There were doors leading to different rooms, but she couldn’t get herself to try any of them. So she looked around the room some more.

She inspected the library. She couldn’t believe what great volumes Don had in there. She wondered whetherhe had really read them or not. She then looked out one of the windows, and was surprised to see Don waiting in the car. She didn’t know whether he was expecting her to come down or not.

She then saw him checking his watch. He seemed pretty irritated. But most importantly, she noticed he was wearing the same shirt he had taken away from her, all ironed and neat, but still, it was the one she had slept in.

She then decided to go downstairs.Surprisingly, there was no sign of Karan, or anyone else for that matter.When she got out of the building Don looked over ather. She waited forhim to say something, but instead he just gestured for her toget into the car.As she was approaching him, he first hesitated, but then decided to open the door for her.

He then started the engine. She looked over at himbut couldn’t read anything especially since he was wearing his sunglasses.

Swara: Where is Karan?

she decided to ask him

Don: I sent him away, I don’t need him now that you’re here

She frowned questioningly

Swara: Matlab?

He then opened the glove compartment and took out a gun. She flinched, not having expected that.

Don:Take it.

She looked at him,puzzled ‘Why?

Don: Because we’re going to seal a deal. And since you’re coming with me I need you covered.
She placed it in her lap.

Swara: How exactly are you going to trust me with this? I could kill you right here, on the spot.

she pointed out Don chuckled

Don: Oh, no! Please don’t kill me, Swara……he then turned serious You had the chance to do it, but you got shot instead, remember.

Swara lowered her gaze.

Don: And waise bhi, I’d much rather die in your arms, sweetheart

he stretched his arm and titled her chin,but she turned her head to the side.

Swara: Don’t treat me like a baby.

Don: I’m not. ‘I’m treating you like a confused fool. Don’t try and play this smart with me, Swara

hewarned her.She then took the pistol and placed it at the back of her jeans, underneath the jacket.

Don: Good girl.

he chuckled.She rolled her eyes and pretended to look out the window. She noticed something was missing. She tried really hard to realize what it was. Finally she figured out that Don wasn’t wearing his signature cologne(a type of perfume).
Her heart raced as she realized he was wearing the shirt to smell her scent.

Paris was beautiful as always. They kept driving until it became not so beautiful. They had probably reached the suburbs(large town but not included in the countryside).

Somehow Swara felt completely different now. Don all professional by her side, she began feeling as though they were back in Germany.

She knew things were about to get ugly. She was used to shooting bad guys, it was not an issue. But she was not used to not being able to shoot the baddest.Don looked at her one final time before they entered the obscure building, and subtly nodded at her. She looked back into his eyes and all of a sudden felt a lot more confident.

They entered and as expected, there were a bunch of people circling a poor-lit desk.

Man: Always on time.

a dressed-up man pointed out.

Don:Gentlemen. Don bowed mockingly

Man: Enough, Don. It’s as much of a pleasure to me as it is to you to meet, so let’s cut to the chase. Haveyou brought my stuff?

Don: Right here.

he showed him the briefcase he was carrying tapping it.

Man: I see you’ve brought something else aswell.

the man looked at Roma, scanning her fromhead to toe

Man: What’s the special occasion?

the man laughed but Don looked at him angrily.

Don: Where is my money?

Man: Right here.

another man opened a briefcase and showed him the money

Don: Good

they both came closer to the desk to exchange briefcases

Man: Wait, wait.I was serious about this girl

he then took aring off his finger that seemed extremely expensive and threw it along with the money.

Man:I think it’s reasonable he added while lustfully looking over at Roma Don tensed his muscles.

Don: Pierre, don’t push it.

The man looked atDon questioningly

Man: What’s it to you? Please. There, I said it, I know how you feel about pleasantries..he smirked.

Don then grabbed the ring angrily and threw it in Pierre’s face in disgust, shut the briefcase and tookit while leaving his on the desk.

Just as Don was about to turn around, Pierre grabbed Swara by the arm, before she could even react.

Man: Not so fast.

Don immediately took out his gun and pointed it towards Pierre

Pierre: You let her go this instant he said through his teeth.

Pierre: Really, Don?Pierre laughed.You’re messing up our business together for this girl?’ he grabbed her closer.

Don: I’m not even kidding, Pierre. Do you really want to die today?

Pierre gestured to a guy, and Don felt a gun touching his temple, but he didn’t even flinch.

Pierre: It seems to me like you’re the one who wants to die, Don:-)

Don then laughed,Swara felt goosebumps as she recognized that laughter, so cold, so deranged,his eyes weren’t even expressing anything along with the laughter other than coldness. Don disengaged the safety ‘Good Bye’ he said coldly,

just about to fire the pistol.Pierre turned pale, Roma felt as he gestured towards the guy to shoot Don and that’s when she quickly stepped on his toes with her high heel and escaped him, instantly grabbing her gun and shot the man aiming at Don, all in under 3 seconds.

Don only then flinched, as though he didn’t even know somebody was holding a gun against his temple. He shot Pierre immediately, then turned to take care of the other 2men.

He then turned to Swara who was panting heavily, and slowly approached her

Don: Let’s get out of here.

he said as he grabbed the briefcases. He took her by the hand but then stopped

‘Ek minute’

he bent as he grabbed Pierre’s ring and kicked him right in the stomach, finishing him

‘Nobody plays with my wildcat’.

So this the chapter. i continued from where when Swra was with don. if u don’t lile then plzz, plz tell me. n once again a big sorry.

Credit to: IREENA

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  1. Oh again a sorry for mistakes i wrote Swara’s name as Roma. i wrote this part in night n was not feeling good so this typing mistake. not only this but there r so many:-)

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