Don and his Roma Season 2 Epiosed 35


Swara waited quietly in her bed for Don to join her but after trying not to fall asleep while he took his shower, which seemed liked ages, she finally heard the entrance door.

“He left?!”
she couldn’t imagine where he’d be going at that hour. She tried to stay awake, but eventually fell asleep.

The next morning she woke up and almost went back to sleep although it must had been past 9 am. She looked to her right and grinned as she saw Don sleeping next to her. She had hoped he’d come and sleep next to her again, and he did. She began wondering where he had been the previous night before she fell asleep. She figured he must have gotten home late since he was still sound asleep.She got near him and just stared at him lovingly for a few minutes. Then grinned again and jumped on him

Swara:Wake uuuup, birthday boy!


Don mumbled as his eyes opened wide to a giggling swara, hovering over him.

Swara:Come on, no time to waste, you’re getting older by the minute!
she laughed

Don:Arre, yaar…
he rolled his eyes and placed her pillow over his face she couldn’t stop laughing

Swara:Challoooo… sleepy head, uthooo.
she tried pulling the pillow away but he was holding on to it.Before she knew it, he threw the pillow away, pulled her back on the bed ,trapping her.

Don:I’m wide awake darling. You should know better and give a man a minute when you wake him up.
he groaned as he pressed his lower body over hers so she could feel just how awake he was.Swara’s eyes widened and she blushed but he chuckled and nuzzled her nose

Don:You’re an innocent kitten as much as you are a wildcat.

She bit her lower lip and he frowned playfully then leaned in and kissed her tenderly then pulled on her lower lip, teasing her.
Swara:So what do you want to do for your birthday?
she tried to change the subject and clear the s*xual tension between them a little he shrugged as he rested on his elbow next to her

Don:Kuch nahin

she rested on both her elbows

swara:What do you mean? No big plan for Don’s birthday?
He chuckled and said

Don:No, none whatsoever

Swara:No dozens of girls dancing at one of your infamous parties?
she raised an eyebrow he clicked his teeth

Don:I can’t even remember the last time I threw one of those

Swara:Getting to old for all that, huh?
she wrinkled her nose and tried to hold back her laughter but couldn’t help it when she saw his irritated face

Don:One more remark regarding my age… I won’t continue. It wouldn’t work in my favor, I’d scare you off completely.
She swallowed hard just imagining what he was about to say to her to shut her up in that regard.He sat back on his pillow and pulled her next to him, making her rest her head on his chest

Don:Let’s just sit here all day
Swara: you can’t be serious.

Don:I am. Let’s just do nothing. I like doing nothing with you.
She smiled. That sounded so candid, she thought. He begancaressing her arm up and down with his index finger, as he used to, and said

‘Already from the day we met was my freedom mortal shot?
She’s but a girl as they, and yet there’s something more, I don’t know what.
No matter what we speak, or do,The moments in sweet silence fly,
For somehow there is music tooWhen she is mute,I don’t know why.’

She cuddled in hisarms further and smiled widely

Swara:That was beautiful
He began playing with her hair, still not looking at her

Don:You’re beautiful.
She sat up and smiled at him, kissed him once then jumped off bed, to his protest.She then came back holding his guitar and kneeled on the bed

Swara:This isall I know to play on the guitar.
He sat up against the bedframe, fullyattentive.She started playing the tunes to Happy Birthday and he chuckled. It sounded pretty lubberly and she was making funny grimaces whenever she would mistake a chord for another and that only made him smile wider.

Swara:Wait, wait, I got it. One more time.
she stuck her tongue out playfully and played it again for him and even sang along.He then clapped as she finished and she smiled as she saw she had at least entertained him with her attempt at playing him something on the guitar.

Don:Thank you, sweetheart
he said sincerely

Swara,:It was awful
she laughed and he followed

Don:Yes, it kind of was. But sweet, nonetheless

Swara:Here, you play something
she handed him the guitar

hell raised an eyebrow as he placed the guitar in his lap and contemplated on what to play her for a moment. He then began playing.She just sat there, opposite of him, her head tilted to one side looking at the beautiful man that she was so in love with playing such a wonderful piece on the guitar. His eyebrows were slightly furrowed as he was focusing, not to mention he was bare chested and that made the whole picture even s*xier.

As she sank the view in, she couldn’t help but think just how happy she was to be spending this quality time with him, as he had put it, doing nothing, really. It felt so right and natural, and effortless. She felt she could let down her guard and just be herself around him, finally, while still being totally in awe with him. She realized how hard it must have been for him to return to her bed the previous night, after all that unresolved s*xual tension between them building up yet again. She never would have thought that he’d be so patient with her. Especially since she didn’t even try to resist him, but he read her so well, he sensed she wasn’t ready, and that she was holding back. But today was different. She didn’t feel like holding back.When he finished she just kept staring at him and he at her until she shied away, breaking their gaze

Swara:How does an underworld king come to play the guitar so beautifully?
Don smirked

Don:Former, please.
She rolled her eyes

Swara:Ok,former underworld king

Don:A second thought, keep the “king”
She laughed

Swara:You’re deviating.
He didn’t erase the smirk from his lips but seemed lost in thought for a moment

Don:I learned playing the guitar long ago, while I was in the orphanage.

She immediately regretted bringing it up as he was now frowning but she sensed he would continue

Don:I needed some sort of distraction… plus I used to sing on the streets to earn some rupees.
She felt a lump forming in her throat. He sounded so cold and detached while telling her all that, but his face was all contorted somehow.

Don:The kids there would beg for me to play something.So I did. I didn’t talk much and had no friends. So I liked it when they would sit around and listen to me play something on the guitar.
She now felt tears invading her eyes and tried really hard to hide them.She knew it would distract him and she wanted to hear more. It felt like he was opening up and she felt so happy he was doing so but at the same time sad for what he was telling her.

Swara:…You had no friends?
she whispered he shrugged

Don’t:I didn’t care for any.Everybody feared me really, I had their respect that way. But I liked looking after the smaller ones, patha nahin kyon. I think that maybe I’d have liked for someone to look after me when I landed there

Swara:How old were you when you …?
He looked up at her and narrowed his eyes. She feared that he would not share more, as he searched her eyes, but eventually said

She almost gasped but managed to hold back her reaction. But she obviously failed to hide her compassion, as Don looked away she tried diverting

Swara:That’s why you’re so good with kids
she smiled sweetly He smirked again and got off bed, walked past her and into the living area where he placed the guitar back into its place. She realized his tidiness must have been a result of the orphanage discipline.She took the matching silk robeon and followed him, cautiously. Before she could ask him more he turned around and clapped once then rubbed his hands together

Don:So,sweetheart. What have you in store for me today? After all, it is my birthday
he spread his arms she froze. She felt terrible, just then. Obviously what she had in mind was ruined now… she wasn’t ready and he knew it. She fidgeted and he frowned rushing towards her

Don:Hey… enough of that, ok? I was just kidding.
he smiled trying to make her feel better

Don:Waise, it’s not entirely true. I don’t really know when my birthday is
he chuckled but she didn’t feel like laughing. She looked up at him, saddened. She couldn’t hide her feelings

He sighed

Don:And that’s a name I chose for myself. No one knew what my name was, where I came from, who my parents were… nothing. Child services just found a two year old wandering on the streets of Mumbai

She suddenly burst into tears and he was so taken aback by her sudden reaction that he almost hesitated taking her into his arms, comforting her

Don:Hey, hey… Swara… why are you crying? I’m a silly man, I shouldn’t have said anything
he tightened his arms around her she looked up at him

Swara:Don’t say that. You don’t know how glad I am that you told me all this!
He gave her a dimpled smile

Don:You don’t look happy.
he pointed out and she almost smiled but still couldn’t stop her tears from flowing

Don:Please stop crying. I can’t stand it.
he sounded very serious and she complied, wiping her tears away.He led her to the kitchen and gave her a glass of water, without saying anything. He leaned over the counter as he looked at her, frowning. She didn’t know what to take that look for

Swara:I’m sorry I cried if that’s what upset you so much…
He nodded frowningly

Don:It’s not that. I just don’t know if I should have ever mentioned all this to you…
She sat up from the chair he had placed her and came near him

Swara:Why do you say that?
He shrugged looking away

Don:I’ve never told this to anyone. I never wanted anyone to pity me… and that’s what I saw in your tears, pity, and I hate it.
She didn’t hesitate to hug him tight

Don:Don, please don’t say that. I told you, I’m very glad you told me. It means a lot to me?
He hesitated but then hugged her back, and she could tell he was not convinced he had done the right thing at all.

Swara:I’m going to do it
she said, while still hugging himHe froze and stepped back a little to look at her

Don:Do what?

Swara:Whatever it takes… your plan. I’ll do it

Don looked at her, puzzled and eventually a smile made its way to his lips and beforeshe could say anything further he pulled her into his arms and spun around in circles while kissing her.

So how was the chapter. Do u all like it. I wrote this one in hurry so really sorry if any mistake occurs.

Credit to: IREENA

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