Don and his Roma Season 2 Epidode 58

Swata:You didn’t… did you?
Don searched her eyes

Don:Of course not. What I meant was I shouldn’t make fun of your jealousy

she smiled

Swara:What would you know about jealousy?

Don:A great deal, although I hate to admit it

Her eyes widened and she had to try hard not to laugh

Swara:You? Jealous?

Don:Swara, I feel like killing everyone that even looks at you for more than 2 seconds straight. It takes a lot to keep myself from doing that.u didn’t know but when Arjun comes near you, I really wanted to screw the immunity and just run off with you
Swara sat up rapidly

Swara:Why didn’tyou?
Don slowly sat up,following

Don:I was afraid
Swara furrowed her brows

Don closed his eyes and sighed ‘

Don:That was when I finally realized I loved you. It had been eating on me from the inside fora long time… just knew it

he ended urgently and caught her lips into a passionate kiss, laying her on her back

Don:I was terrified
he then uttered, pressing his forehead onto hers

Don:I’d never felt that, for anyone. I didn’t know how to handle it… so I ran. Like a coward.And then it took me forever get myself to get to you… I’m sorry

he opened his eyes and looked deeplyinto hers She let out a cry


While she hugged him tight she reminded herself just how lucky she was to have him, and that she shouldn’t let stupid things get to her. They had been through so much, they deserved a break. They deserved to be happy.

Yana:Look, Maya! Look who came!

Yana made her daughter come to the entrance door When she saw Don her eyes lit up and she began bouncing

Maya:Don chacha!??

They all giggled, it sounded so funny to hear a kid call Don that, so innocently

Don:Who’s the birthday girl!? Don acted all surprised

Don:Do you know her?
Maya frowned


Don furrowed his brows crunching in front of her

Don:But you don’t look old enough to be 3!

Maya:Am too!

Don grimaced

Don:Look how small you are
Maya stumped her foot at Don

Maya:Am not, I’m bigger than you!

and she measured herself in comparison to Don who curled further in order to be smaller than her

Don:Hmmm… you’re right! But you know who’s bigger than both of us?
Maya nodded in denial but already she was smiling ear to ear Then Swara placed the giant stuffed bear they had bought for her right next to them.Maya’s eyes widened and she approached the toy carefully.

Don:See, he’s my friend
Don started petting the toy

Don:He’s so warm and fluffy. Here, give him a hug

he slightly pushed the bear closer to Maya After a long deliberation and inquisitive looks, Maya touched the toy and finally gave the bear a hug. She was leaning so much into it that she nearly fell over it, knocking it off

Don:Oh, careful! He saw how beautifulyou are and fainted, see?

Swara giggled. Watching the two of them was unbelievable. Don was such a natural with kids. She wondered whether he had developed those skills in the orphanage. He did mention that he liked looking after the little ones.Don gestured for Maya to come closer

Don:Hey, Maya… can I get a hug too?

she giggled

He pouted
Don:Why not?

Maya:Cause you’ll fall in love with me and fall

she said nonchalantly They all began laughing, and Don was trying not to laugh too visibly, careful not to hurt Maya’s feelings. He kissed her hand, in return and took her into his arms, getting off the floor

Don:Hey! Put me down! I’m big now
she protested

Don:No, I’m upset that you didn’t want to hug me
Maya rolled her eyes and hugged Don’s neck

She sighed audibly

Maya:Only one

Don:Please, pretty please!
Maya finally gave him a peck and he closed his eyes smilingly
Don:Ahhh. Thank you, Maya. Quick, Sam, take her before I faint

Karan laughed and took Maya into his arms

Karan:Chalo Maya, you’ve broken enough hearts for today

Swara:Wait till she’s 16

Swara giggled Don’s smile immediately faded

Don:I’ll break their neck if anyone tries to get near her

Karan:Ohhh, ok, chalo Maya, Don uncle is a bit demented

Karan laughed as they all went towards the dining table.

Don:I’m dead serious.Plus I need to practice in advance, for my own daughters


Swara emphasized the plural that got her conflicted

Karan:Wait… what? Sam let out a laugh, stupefied

Yana:Swara… ?

Yana and Sam were both smiling but looking at both Don and Swara in shock


Swara realized they were hinting towards her belly

Swara:Oh, no! God, no. Don is just… having a wild imagination, as always

she chuckled nervously and Don lowered his gaze furrowing his brows slightly, clearing his throat

Don:So, what have you cooked for us this time, Yana?

he changed the subject and the conversation went on, without Swara. She felt terrible for making such an awful joke, like that. She wanted to fix it but clearly she couldn’t, not at the table. She kept looking at Don feeding Maya and playing with her, persuading her to eat, and finally when the birthday cake arrived he filmed it all and gave her instructions on how to make a wish before blowing the 3 tiny candles.

Swara’s heart sank. She loved seeing him around Maya, he looked so different, but in a very lovable way. It was a side of him that she absolutely adored,and felt so blessed that he wanted to have children, children of their own.But it was all so sudden, everything was moving too fast.

When they got into the car on the way back, they sat silently and finally Don said

Don:I’ll drop you off, I need to take care of some unfinished business

She froze. She immediately thought about that woman the other day.

“Unfinished business?” she thought. She could feel her heart in her throat and had to breathe slowly for a little while to regain herself

she uttered

Don:Don’t wait up, alright?

he said as he pulled over and finally looked over at her she couldn’t read him. He was impassible. She needed to get out of the car before she would choke into tears, and so she did, not looking back. He waited for her to get inside the building and droveoff rapidly.

She didn’t shower,she didn’t even undress. She just sat on the bed, and waited. A million thoughts going through her head. The jealousy was tearing her up from the inside. She waited, and waited, and finally drifted to sleep. She didn’t know she had been asleep until she felt Don cover her up with the duvet.

She tried not to let him know she had woken up. She tried to smell female perfume on him, but couldn’t. His was overpowering it, if any. He was standing face up, looking at the ceiling. She wanted so desperately to curl next to him and drift away to sleep, she felt so tired. But she couldn’t. God knows where he had been… before she could debate it any longer, he turned his back at her.
I just kept on writing didn’t realize how much I wrote bcz I was so happy while writing this.whenever I wrote about Don and Maya I feel so happy so I just kept on writing about them.I love to write about them.

Coming to the Don express his feelings directly to Swara about kids….can u believe Don wants kids of his own….

Thanx a lot for your comments.I’m really feel happy whenever I read your comment..your one comments makes me feel that I’m on cloud nine…silent readers thanx for reading the ff..hope I’m not disappointing u all.

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  1. Finally finished reading 4 chapters at once…hand to catchup…anyways it’s was awsome…I love this ff…I hope swara accepts don whole heartedly and stop being unsure about her feeling

    1. oh…so sorry I know it’s too much u might felt bore reading this much at once…sorry for that n thanx a lot for your comment. it will take time to her to be normal but she will became normal..

  2. Omg… It was tooooo awesome as always.. Im falling in love with ur ff.. I hope for some more updates today itself.. U r too good in that

    1. thanx a lot yaar….u like it than I’m happy….I’ll try to post whenever I get time….once again thanx dear.

  3. wow..i hope swara dosent get this worked up everytime

    1. thanx dear for comment

  4. don & maya are really adorable together.swara should come out of her dilemma ASAP else it wud be too late to mend.awesum epi.

    1. thanx atulaya12..for comment….yes she will come but it will take time.

  5. Ohh god it ws sooo good…i donno where would swaras thoughts leads hr….i hope she don’t thing much..jst b thoughts free…again u nailed it IREENA

    1. thanx a lot dear….I know Swara is thinking too much but it was needed for the story than once again for comment.

  6. hey iree na dear i jst read ur season 2 and luvd it can u plzzz tell me hw many epis did season 1 had i got only upto 13

    1. thanx I’m happy u liked it….actually I have written only 13 episodes only but I discontinued it bcz I was out of track.I continued season 2 with episode 9. thanx for reading dear.

  7. I read all four chappys together. So i dint comment long in others chappys. This was the best of all four cuz it had don and maya’s great bonding. They r very adorable and cute. I loved each scenes in this ep. About Ragini’s admirer i feel that its a new twist. Is it? Last part is so amazing that i am very restless to see what happens nxt. I truly cant wait so plz try to post nxt soon.
    Love u dear??

    1. thamx dear for reading….ta I too love this part bcz of Don n maya’s bonding…he is so chweet with kids I love it….about ragini’s admirer let’s see what will happen I’ll try to post u dear ???????

    1. tysm dear ?

  8. Hey Ireena first of all I’m really sorry for being irregular even I didnt wish you in ur 50th epi… so bad of me… 🙁 🙁 Secondly a vry big congrat for more than 50 epi…?????????? 😀 😀
    I read all the msd 15 epi at once… I felt like reading novels?? its tooooo interesting yaar… awww… such an beautifull ff…?? Hmm.. I have a quest how can you write more than 2 epis in a day.. 😉 😉 ugh.. I loved don and maya bonding… he is just unpredictable…!!! he he he… swara jealousy… and dis ragini what she is upto do..? in bwn hw ru dr…:) 🙂

    1. don’t worry about comments dear….I can understand….n thanx for ur appreciation…..15 episodes continuously good yaar…I’m happy that u liked it…I don’t know how can I write this much but it happens I don’t know how….Don is nice with kids may he get his child soon?. About ragini let’s see what will happen…how are u dear….

      1. I’m quite good dear… wat abt u..? hmm by ur statement i think swara will be pregnant soon.. 🙂 🙂 yipee… you going to give us some good news… I hope so.. 🙂 🙂 Uff.. Im waiting for nxt epi..!!!

      2. ya dear I’m too good….hmmmm….may be ur guess is right…..but u meant to say Swara is going to give good news not me…just kidding…let’s see what will happen to them…will they get good news or they will be separated…..I’m just going to update next part….don’t know whether u will like it or not….?????????

      3. ha ha ha… ofcourse swara only going to gve good news… but it depends upon ur writing na…!!! separation.. noooooo…!!!

  9. Superb updates dear.. I loved Don and Maya’s bonding..He is so natural with kids..Now he wants his own children..Wow!!

    1. ya he is so chweet with kids…..he wants kids but may be it will not be so easy let’s see….n thanx for comment.

  10. Di that daughters part was awesome…. I can’t stop laughing…… I loved maya and don bonding …. The way he played with her was looking very cute,…. Hope swara’s jealousy does not cross it’s limit….

    1. thanx jeni I’m glad u like it…don’t laugh too much otherwise what will ur family think…just kidding…ya I too loved the part…com on yaar having a man like Don in ur life then jealousy is common…

  11. Toooo..awesomee…..

    1. thanx dear?

  12. You are awesome! In love with your ff 😀

    1. thanx yaar….I’m happy with ur comments

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