Don and his Roma Season 2 Epidode 57

Raguni:Why would you say that?

Swara:Well, why are you being so secretiveabout him, then? And men that mean nothing serious don’t buy such expensive gifts
Swara held her wrist tomake a point

Ragini:He can afford it, and he just gave itto me. No harm done. Now would you stop interrogating me, officer?

Ragini asked on a rather aggravated tone which made A ara freeze. Her cousin had made a pretty unfair move there. She decided to let her be, although she had only meant to help her. But she would have to keep an eye on ragini. She was so young and naïve. And men with money and influence had their way of getting underneath such girls’ skin.

Ragini:… Ok, let’s get inside. Maybe you can give me an idea about the fireplace

Swara faked a smile, leading the way.

Swara was driving home smilingly. Finally she had found the perfect wedding dress. She didn’t know how Don would react, it didn’t seem like something he had considered. But she decided to surprise him anyway. She entered the penthouse humming a tune she had heard Don listen to in his office that morning.

He had sensed her listening from the other side of the door and opened it rapidly, taking her by surprise He grinned in the doorframe and caught her hand, pulling her in, then began dancing to the tunes of Sade, to Roma’s delight. She loved it when they danced. He kept pirouetting her and then pulling her close to his chest rapidly.She smiled picturing that fresh scene, just to lose the smile the minute she stepped into the living area

Don:Why hello there

Don said holding a glass of whiskey in his hand while looking over some cases of jewelry with… a woman. A beautiful woman, to be more precise

Swara:Where is Sam?
was Roma’s immediate reaction. Which translated into

“What are you doing all by yourself with this vixen?”

Don smirked. He surely caught on to her jealousy

Don:He wasn’t needed. Don’t you enjoy my company, Christina?

Christina(tina):I most certainly do

she said uncrossing her long legs and standing up lasciviously, extending her hand towards Swara.sje waited a few seconds for Don to introduce her as his fiancée, but he never did, so she introduced herself

she then shot Don a cold look

Swara:If you’ll excuse me, I’ll leave you to it.
She turned on her heels and went for the master bedroom

“What the hell was that about. And why were his sleeves rolled up!”
Swara didn’t even realize how silly she sounded in her own mind. All she knew was that she wasn’t comfortable at all having him around that woman She realized he was escorting her out of the apartment and so she ran into the shower. She didn’t want to let him see how jealous she was

She stepped into the shower and sat right underneath the tap. She needed to clear her mind. Why was she getting so worked up? Surely nothing had happened. Don would have taken her somewhere else if… What if he did? What if he left too?What if…

But she let out a scream as she felt him circle her waist from behind.She turned and there he was, gloriously naked Before she could say anything he leaned in and kissed her, passionately. Suddenly, she wanted nothing more than to prove he was hers,and hers alone.

She clung onto him and responded more ardent than ever, which visibly took him by surprise.She kept running her hands over his chest, around his waist and up to his shoulders, she ran her fingers through his wet, thick hair, she pulled him deeper into the kiss and pushed him against the glass walls of the shower. Anything to prove he was hers.

He responded to her every move and finally picked her up and she circled his waist urgently. When he wanted to exit the shower and head toward the bed, she stopped him and demanded he’d take her then and there. Don searched her eyes for a moment but complied immediately. Naturally, it only took a few moments for her to reach her peak, with him following.

As he lowered her onto her feet, the water washing over their panting bodies, they looked at each other intensely. She felt like a fool for showing him just how desperately she needed his attention. She was waiting for him to make an uncomfortable remark on that when he cupped her cheeks and gently leaned in, kissing her tenderly. He kissed her like that for a long while, slowly and lovingly, as if to prove she needn’t have worried. He loved her,in every way.

A while later, Swara was looking over at Don who had fallen asleep. But she couldn’t sleep. They hadn’t talked, he had shown her she was silly to be jealous, yes, and she knew that no, nothing had happened between him and that woman, but her reaction worried her. Those few minutes during which her mind ran all over the place and her heart nearly went crazy. And all that just because she had come home to find her fiancée doing business with a woman.

She knew how women were around him. If this was how she was going to deal with it, then she was in for a lot of heartache. She knew it.She felt him move and then realized he was awake and looking at her

Don:What’s going through my wildcat’s mind?
he asked huskily

Swara:Silly thoughts, I guess… she eventually whispered

Don:I know what you’re thinking, sweetheart. All I can tell you is that I would have broken that guy’s legs if I had come home to a similar setting
She smiled. At least he didn’t think she was crazy

Don:I am extremely possessive. But you proved to be the perfect lady that you are and didn’t let the immediate thought that crossed your mind dictate your actions

Swara:I tried to, at least
she said

Swara:But in my mind I smashed that bottle of whiskey against her head several times she giggled He chuckled

Don:And what about me?
She shrugged, but he raised an eyebrow

Don:Come on, I know you saved the worst for last

Swara:Well, I tried not to get to that part. But I would have been very…very angry
He felt her tense up, and circled her waist pulling her close.

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