Don and his Roma Season 2 Epidode 56



I dreamed

it appeared

that you thought to

escape me and became a great
lily atilt

waters but i was aware

of fragrance and i came

riding upon a horse of porphyry into

the waters i rode dow

redhorse shrieking from splintering

foam caught you clutched you upon my mouth



i dreamed

in my dream you had desire

to thwart me and becamea

little bird and hidin a tree of tall marble

from a great way i distinguished

singing and i cameriding

upon a scarlet sun settrampling the night easily

from the shocked impossible

tower i caught you strained youbroke you

upon my blood



i dreamed

i thought you would have deceived me

and became a star in the kingdom of heaven

through day and space i saw you close

your eyes and i came riding

upon a thous and crimson years arched

with agonyi reined them in to

ttering before the throne and asthey shied

at the automaton moon from

the transplendant hand of sombre godi

picked you as an apple is picked
by the little peasants for their girls”

Swara smiled finishing reading the poem Don had written and left over his pillow for her to wake up to. She sat on her back bringing the note to her chest. She felt very blessed to have him. She was so happy, in fact she was scared of being this happy. She tried to fight the natural inclination to fear the imminent danger that threatened to appear around thecorner and destroy her happiness. She knew it was all in her head. This time everything would be alright. Finally she was happy. Finally she found her peace.

She sighed smilingly. Kids. Don’s children. Who would have thought he’d even want any? She kept picturing him with Maya, he was fantastic with her, such a natural. She could only imagine the amount of love and care he would,shower onto his own offspring.

But was she ready to be a mother? She didn’t know. The thought never occurred. She was getting married, Don wanted them to move into that mansion and start a family… was that too soon? Maybe for her it seemed a little rushed, but Don was 34.
She suddenly realized he’d be 50 when their kids would head off to college. But she somehow knew that he would certainly won’t look his age even then.

Women would still break their necks to be around him. She would still feel jealous although she’d be still young enough to compete with the 20-something bimbos that would kill for a piece of him.

Don:I take it you liked it since you’re so lost in thoughts over it.

She flinched. When had he gotten in?

Don:I most certainly did

she smiled widely just as he sat on the edge of the bed, near her. He was wearing nothing but a towel around his waist and droplets of water were falling from the ends of his combed back wet hair, making their way down his perfectly sculptured neck, chest…

he cleared his throat as she ogled at him shamelessly

she smiled looking back up into his eyes

Swara:I’m sorry, I got a bit distracted
He smirked

Don:Is thatso?
and he leaned in to kiss her

she pulled back

Swara:You’re ruining my poem!

Don:I’ll write you another one

he growled as he grabbed it from her hands, crumbled it and tossed it aside, and then grabbed the sheet off her and threw it aside as well, exposing her naked body.She gasped

Swara:But I didn’t even wash my face yet

she protested playfully He raised an eyebrow and then suddenly shook his head energetically, splashing water all over. It made her shiver and she cribbed into his arms instinctively

Don:There. Now there’s nothing else you need to do, but let me love you.

and with that he shut her mouthas he kissed her passionately and she knew she couldn’t, and wouldn’t want it to be any other way.
‘Is this like, for real?’

ragini popped her head out the window to get a better look at the mansion she was seeing up ahead Swara drove right through the opened gates in the Mercedes Don thought was safe enough for her to drive. Ragini barely restrained herself from jumping out of the car before Swara actually stopped it, next to the water fountain.

RaginiOh my God. Oh. My. God!!!

Swara smiled as she stepped out herself, looking over at the beautiful place that would soon be her home.

Ragini:Are you bonkers? How could you not agree to this right away?
Ragini: scolded her cousi

Ragini:This is the life yaar… and I haven’t even seen the interior yet.Oh it’s beautiful. We will redecorate, of course… but I want to keep the original feel to it.

Ragini crossed her arms

Ragini:Tell me why you don’t want to move in right away?

Swara:I told you, na… we need to redecorate…

Ragini:Redecorating doesn’t take years,yaar. What’s up?
Swara sighed, aggravated that her cousin wouldn’t just drop the mater

Swara:I’m just not ready yet
Ragini grimaced

Ragini:Huh? Swara… the man loves you. But keep that up and he won’t like it

Swara:What’s that supposed to mean?

Ragini:You know very well what I meant. He’s super rich, he’s damn hot, he could have anyone he’d lay his eyes on. But he chose you, and I can tell he genuinely loves you. Just don’t mess that up is all I’m saying.

Ragini shrugged Swara just stared at her cousin. Since when was she giving her lessons on men?

Swara:No offence, ragz, but this is my future husband we’re talking about. I think I know how to handle my own relationship

Ragini:But you have to admit, you are jealous and insecure. Else you wouldn’t have hallucinated about that Aishwariya girl.
Swara raised an eyebrow


Ragini:Haan, wahi. Who is she? Some ex of Don’s?
they began pacing the yard, going aroundthe house

Swara:It’s… complicated.Actually I don’t know much about her. But for years she was the one that stood by him. Sure he had many other affairs but she was the one that loyally stood by him through the highs and lows. She was a part of the drug business Don was running. When that fell apart and he took over, she was well feared byanyone that new who Don was. Which is pretty much everyone. He always kept her by his side. I’ve always wondered what happened to her… She went lowkey years back. He either got rid of her, or…
Ragini waited for her cousin to go on but Swara seemed deeply lost in thought

Ragini:I’msure he just ditched her yaar. Had he been serious about her he’d have married her a long time ago
Ragini tried to mend Swara’s mood but was failing.

“He can’t still have a thing for her. He hasn’t seen her in… a lot of time, he’s been with me all along. Yana would have said something. Hell, Sam would have said something… but there’s no sign of her. She’s only in my mind. He was never serious about her. He would fool around with women right underneath Ayesha’s nose. He even made the move on me with her around. I haven’t seen her since. Hell, it’s been so many years… ”she thought



she could only say as she was interrupted from her train of thought

Swara:Come on,let me show you around, it’s getting late and Don doesn’t like me driving in the dark

Ragini:It’s only half past 6 yaar

Swara:Well, well
She smiled grabbing hold of her cousin’s wrist

Swara:Is this a Tag Heuer I see on you?
Ragini blushed slightly

Ragini:Yea, it is… How’d you know?

Swara:It’s Don’s favorite brand. I grew used to the style, I guess I recognize it now. Expensive taste, never knew you had any to begin with

Swara giggled as she teased her cousin

Ragini faked a laughter

Ragini:I happen to like it very much

Swara:This must be thousands of pounds yaar. Did uncle hit the jack pot or something?
Swara elbowed her cousin playfully

Swara:Or is there a secret admirer you’re keeping from me?

She raised aneyebrow at Swara

Ragini:Umm… Something like that. Nothing serious, though. Challo, let’s go inside

Swara:Arre, come on, don’t change the subject
Swara kept teasing

Swara:What’s his name?

Ragini:Really yaar. You’re making too big a deal out of it.We’re just having fun, that’s all

Swara grew serious right away

Swara:Is he buying you off?

Ragini:Huh? No!

she sounded offend

to be continued

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