Don and his Roma S3 E1″Assignment”


‘I’m getting the feeling that Donald isn’t used to expressing his feelings quite as openly’Carol pointed out smiling politely.It was this very smile that made Don raise his eyebrow every time at her,not to mention how she kept calling him
“Donald”.Ever since he took that name legally,everyone has just called him Don,still,since it felt more adequate.

Swara reached out to touch his hand ever so slightly,as they were required to sit at each end of the sofa.Carol said it helped. Being far apart enough meant they could freely speak their minds.But so far,Don wasn’t doing much talking.

Don squeezed Swara’s hand back,then as she removed it he cleared his throat and said ‘That’s correct.I’m not really the talkative kind’

‘This is not about our general behavior,Donald,couple therapy is meant for opening a door to communication between partners.It’s been 3 sessions and you haven’t said much’

If only Carol knew how exasperating Don found the tone of her voice,the calmness and the professionalism she was oozing.Granted it had been his idea for Swara to undergo therapy,but when she said she wouldn’t go without him he had no choice but to agree immediately.
“Agree immediately”he chuckled to himself.A phrase that not long ago would have never been associated to him.
‘Plus you tend not to pay attention to-’
‘I do pay attention
’he snapped‘Alright, I’m sorry…you just seem to zone out from time to time’

Don rolled his eyes but a quick glance at Swara made him reconsider his snappy argument he was preparing
‘Look, we came here so that you could help my wife.I don’t understand why you are insisting I talked about things that hardly have anything to do with me’he defended
‘In appearance,no,they have nothing to do with you,Donald, but in reality I can assure you what your wife has suffered can be very much related to your relationship’
‘The hell it can! Look, miss, I understand you’re doing your job but my wife is unwell and I’d much rather you focused on her instead of me.What she went through was extremely traumatic and scarring and the only reason we’re here is because this is the first time I can’t do anything to help.So unless you finds way to actually help her cope with this, we’re out the door. Understood?’

Carol blinked at Don,totally taken aback.During all the sessions she had never heard him speak so much,but more than that,what really surprised her was the calmness with which he said it all while still being able to freak her out completely.She looked over at Swafa who was biting her lower lip,but she could tell she was not sorry for her husband’s display of authority.
‘Donald, you may kindly refer to me as Carol.Secondly,I’m sorry but I’m afraid this is the way I exercise my practice and if you are not in agreement you are free to search for another therapist-‘
‘-Carol, I’m sorry’Swara interrupted‘It won’t happen again.I trust your way and I hope you can help both me and my stubborn husband,who won’t admit he is wounded as much as I,but I suspect he is hurting very much…’
her tone had progressively descended as she reached the end of her little speech.Don was looking at her,his gaze unreadable,but he was not resenting her for saying that.He wasn’t even trying to come up with a defensive argument.Carol was even more so taken aback by the visible depth of their relationship.

‘Alright…then I’ll give you an assignment.Until next week,try and recreate the beginnings of your relationship’Both Swara and Don looked straight at Carol, one eyebrow raised each.She chuckled‘Well, I wasn’t expecting you to be so surprised.It’s a common practice.Try and behave as though you just started off.You should try and do as much of what you had been doing at the time to assure the feel of authenticity’she smiled ‘Alright? Take care and I’ll see you next Friday’

They drove back to the house. House was a pet name for the giant mansion they were living in.But that was actually all in swara’s head,according to Don, who thought it was nothing more than a reasonable house,big enough to be comfortable but small enough to feel intimate, and most of all,like home.As they approached the gates, she kept thinking what they could do in order to accomplish their assignment Carol had given them.She suddenly remembered the very first time Don had brought her here,years ago.
(remember Don brought Swara to a house even ragini also come there with swara…when swara get a doubt on ragini)

He smiled faintly‘Don’t goooo changing’he hummed

She smiled remembering how he sang that for her just days ago as he kept humming the melody. She knew then and there that she could never doubt him again.She sighed,by the time they parked next to the water fountain she felt silly for doing this.Why did they have to go see a therapist?She looked over at Don who came to help her out of the car.He gave her a smile that warmed her heart.He was no longer Don- the most wanted criminal on her list at the Interpol,but Don-her beloved husband whom she trusted more than anything.

‘Don’t you think this is silly?’

‘Actually, yes,it is’

She sighed‘Let’s just call and cancel the next session,alright?’ she began hugging him when he pulled back

‘Kya? Uhm,I meant I thought it was silly that we came here because I should have at least taken you to the penthouse, what with the assignment Carol gave us and all’She blinked at him
‘Are you pulling my leg?’He raised an eyebrow‘Are you hinting at something?We probably shouldn’t…I mean, according to our assignment’
‘Ah,forget it’she walked away leaving Don behind.
He sighed.He shouldn’t have joked about s*x.Especially since they haven’t had any ever since…

‘I’ll pack my bags’she announced from inside the house his face lit up,and he rushed inside to pack his own bags.Which was quite silly considering the penthouse apartment was fully stacked with everything they could possibly need,but even packing his toothbrush meant they were making progress.He waited at the car and he smiled seeing her with her cute little duffel bags she smiled as well seeing that he’d pulled the convertible Mercedes SLS AMG out of the garage.

‘For old times’ sake’he smiled She approached him and gave him a peck.He took offhis aviators
‘Swara! Would you stick to the assignment?’he pulled on her ponytail playfully pretending to be dismayed
‘Ok, sorry’

she smiled,but the smile didn’t really reach her eyes,and he noticed.He would’ve noticed otherwise in an instant,since he hadn’t seen a heart full smile from her in agesbhe pulled on her ponytail again
‘You haven’t worn your hair like this in a long time’
‘Well, for old times’ sake’she sighed playfully

‘So far so good’ he grinned and then opened the door for her he switched the radio on and the RJ informed they were listening to Oldie’s FM.She giggled
‘You’re really taking this serious! It’s not that long ago,though’
He smiled at her but sighed inaudibly caressing her cheek with the back of his hand

‘Sometimes it feels like it, though’She lowered her gaze and he started the engine.The song on the radio was

“Waiting for a star to fall”by Boy meets girl she sang along, although not so loud as she would normally,and Don smiled ‘I didn’t know this song,it’s nice’
‘Used to listen to ita lot back when I was a girl’
‘Oh so they were serious when they said it was Oldies FM’
‘Ha-ha.It’s not from your childhood’.

Next song was“Nothing’s gonna stop us”now by Starship she was looking out the window nodding her head to the rhythm. Don was more and more so confident that they were on the right track.As they stepped in the parking lot to the penthouse,

“Time of my life”by Bill Medley & Jennifer Warnes was playing.

Sadly,they shut up as soon as Don stopped the engine.The elevator brought back a lot of memories.She looked over at him as he was preparing to press the button for the penthouse apartment

‘Ready?’ he asked she inhaled profoundly


Episode End

How are you all guyz.oh God u all don’t know how much I’m feeling gald.I’m so happy as finally I’m back n writing.oh god I can’t explain my happiness.I have holidays for some days so I’m free n now writing u all don’t know how much I missed you all.your comments ff’s everytime.

Credit to: IREENA

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