Don and his Roma episode 9


She stood like that on the side of the bed for a long while. She had no idea for how long. She noticed her jeans began to dry so it must’ve been a long time. It was completely quiet, she couldn’t hear a thing outside her room.

She was too scared to move a muscle. She was expecting Don to come back any minute… slowly she began to regain her senses and flinched almost realizing how she’d been standing like that for so long.

She felt shivers and cuddled into the towel. She then wondered if it was the one Don was wearing around his waist… she closed her eyes remembering him all naked, with just that towel covering him.

She felt her heart race. She then looked at the towel and realized it couldn’t have been it, being that is was so large. She then stood up, an idea creeping into her mind. She tiptoed rapidly to the bathroom.

The floor was still wet, she tried to walk on it carefully. She looked around and finally spotted Don’s clothes thrown on the floor.

She looked at them for a while, not knowing what to do. She knew what she wanted to look for,but was scared to even touch his clothes, lest he came back and got furious of her snooping around.

She then shook herself, how could he make her feel so vulnerable? She wasn’t a scaredy cat, after all… ufff… this distracted her even more.

She was working for the Interpol for God’s sake. She had been in far more dangerous situations. Even with Don. She didn’t know what had gotten over her. Something was different…She then bent over his clothes and began searching.

She found herself picking up his scent. She closed her eyes enjoying it, totally forgetting where she was for a few moments. She went through his pockets and finally came across what she was looking for. Don’s wallet. Of course it had no identification whatsoever, or anything one would normally find in a wallet. But she found 230euros. Which was exactly what she was looking for. She only took 170,thinking that maybe he’d search his wallet, although she was sure he didn’t know how much money he’d had on him. Don is not the man to be using his wallet very often either, in fact, she wondered if he had ever worn one except for this day he had taken her to the restaurant

She sighed, got up, split the money. 100 she put in the jeans’ pocket, the rest she hid in her bra. She figured she had to have them on her all the time.

She then just switched off all the lights and lied on the bed. Again she felt fear overwhelm her. She was envisioning him barging in… and then. And then she felt her insides melt, her heart race. Instead of planning on what to do with the money, she was replaying the evening on and on in her head.It was getting cold and she needed to put a blouse on.

She stepped towards the closetthen stopped. Shereturned from the bathroom
buttoning Don’s shirt, then she removed her still damp jeans, then got under the covers and decided she mightas well try to sleep.

She kept tossing and turning. Why did she even take his shirt on.

Swara: God, Swqra… what is he doing to you?

she shut her eyes tight and buried her face in the pillow. His scent was so overwhelming, it was as if he was sitting right there, embracing her

Why, why did he let her go. She didn’t know whether she was just questioning it or regretting it. She tried to clear her head, clearly she had no idea what she was going to do with the money… the police she couldn’t go to. It would get Don in trouble and he had warned her about that… she was too scared forher family back in New York.

She knewshe had no escape… she just had to wait for the right moment and act accordingly. What she should do, she had n clue.

She was totally lost, alone, but yet… felt strangely protected.She could see the sun rise through the curtains just before she finally shut her eyes and instantly fell asleep.

She suddenly flinched, waking up. She felt her throat very dry andcoughed. How long had she beenasleep for? She couldn’t tell, the room was still rather dark, the curtains sheltering the room from the sunlight. But not as dark as to not see around her very well. She looked at her Tag Heuer watch and couldn’t believe it was 3 in the afternoon.

She was preparing to get up, when she froze.Don was sitting ona armchair, at the end of the bed, looking straight at her, his ankle over his other’s leg knee, smoking a cigar and exhaling the smoke slowly.

He didn’t even react to her waking up, he seemed so lost in thought looking at her. He was aware of the fact that she was awake, but didn’t even move a muscle apart from his arm, to smoke.She was looking straight into his eyes, they were so deep, so mesmerizing

She coughed again realizing why she had felt her throat dry.He then put out his cigar she noticed there were many other stubs in the ashtray.

Swara: my god… how long has he been staring at me like that?

He then caressed his beard, scratching it gently. They kept looking at each other. She didn’t know what to say, she was scared to even move. But was looking straight into his eyes, neither of them breaking the gaze.

He then slowly stood up, he was moving so naturally that it didn’t even surprise her. He put his one knee on the bed, then the other, and began moving towards her just like, well… a wildcat. His arms were now on either side of her shoulderframe, her legs between his, under the coverlet. He bent even closer and touched her cheek with his nose, caressing it softly. Swara wasn’t breaking eye contact.

He then reached ahand towards his shirt’s collar, that she was wearing. He grabbed it and pulled her up her pillow, closer to him.

Don: May I have my shirt back… please?

his voice deepShe looked at him frightened. What was he up to?

He then lowered his gaze onto the shirt’s buttons.She awkwardly raised her hands to unbutton the shirt. He nodded for her to go on, releasing the collar.Her fingers were trembling. She undid one button, then went for the next one, Don was watching very attentively.

When she went forthe third, she hesitated. He thensuddenly, with a very rapid gesture,pulled the shirt, undoing all the buttons at once, startling her.He watched her chest move as she panted, he then slipped the shirt over her shoulders, and before she knew it, he grabbed it and got off the bed, resting it over his arm, going for the door.

But he then suddenly stopped.She was watching him carefully, while he turned around and frowningly approached her. Without any hesitation, he bentover her and placed his fingers on her cleavage, then rapidly snatched the money from her bra.He held the money in between his fingers

Don: Yeh kya hai?’

he asked her almost whisperinglyShe looked at him frightened.He then took a fewsteps back, placing the moneyin his pocket, laughing and shaking his head mockingly.

Don: Get dressed..(he then said very coldly)..From now on you’re not leaving my sight’.

He turned to leave and said over his shoulder

Don: And next time you want to wear my clothes, you’ll have to undress me yourself.

he left leaving her alone in the room, in shock.

Precap: not decided

so this chapter i wrote in hurry hope u like it. just waiting for ur comment.hope u will like it.

I’m also going to write another ff i will post first episode today it self hope u will support me in that ff also.

“A stranger is my love”

Credit to: IREENA

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