Don and his Roma episode 8

Swara choked n turned pale.

Don: so whar we r having ? he again ope. the menu  card.

just then a waiter comes n don was telling him something in French.

she was lost in thoughts and couldn’t help but stare at this handsome man. Why did he have to be so s*xy? It wasn’t just his looks, but also the way he spoke, the way he went about himself. Everything was so masculine about him and so desirable. Even the way he would look at her or touch her, ever so gently, knowing fully well how brutal he can be, the way he smelled was out of this world, she had never smelt such lush colognes. Everything about him was so…

Don: Swara

Swara: comea to senses…. ha

Don: what r u having?

She looked at the waiter n said

Swara: whatever he is having.

Don: he smiles …..god girl.

he lit up the cigar.he exhaled the smoke.swara was loking at him

Don: swara i barely controle myself in that night at London.

she blushed n remembers the night.

Don: only i know how i controle muself from jumping into the bath tub.

Swara: what were u doing their.

Don: hmm….how can i explain u something which i myself didn’t underatand.

Swara: is this the way u treat Every woman.

Don: I’m not that type of guy which u r thinking.

Swara: really! then why u kidnapper me n took me here.

Don: well i did my job u faints their so i took u but ur cousin called the police that’s why i took u here.n u know i left u on that night.

he looks lustfully at her she blushed.just then waiter comes n serves the food.

Din: I’m not hungry any more.he then looked at her …..I’m craving for something else.

she loked at him as he bite his lower lip.

Don: swara eat.

she lower his gaze n starts to eat. she don’t know what she is eating.she is lost in thinking whats happening.She realized that don is staring at her.

Swara: why r u looking at me.

Don: I’m veey hungry Swara.
soon they leave the restaurant.n walling on the road. suddenly he grabs her hand n pulled her to him.

for her it was a dream. walking with don on the streets of Paris.
just then don gets a call after talking he tells he that he has some imo. work. he deop her home n tells.

Don: I’m going bit hope u will wait for me.n smiles.

she went to her room.she changes into comfortable cloths. n sits on the bed.

Swara’s POV

whats happening to me ? still he affects me so much. swara don’t think about him like that. remember what he did with ur loved ones adarsh n pari.he is criminal.but the man whom I’m seeing now is different.

she was lost in her thoughts.n thinks something.

Swara: ih god! how stupid I’m.its a golden opportunity for me to get out of these mess. both don n karan r not at home. it’s very easy to runaway.don went in hurry so he didn’t locked the room.

then she takes a blanket n covers herself. slowly slowly she moved out of the room. She comes down no one is there she headed towards outside. she comes out of the mansion. starts running on the road.she thinks at this time don must be got to know about her absense, so her first place was to visit police station.

she was running without she was about to cross a road , a car comes in front of her.before she could react. the person in the car pulls her into the car.she says

Swara: Karan, plz let me go.

Karan: r u mad or what.why r u running from here.

Swara: karan plz i wanna go home ragini must be waiting for me.

Karan: swara u r trying to escape from don’s kingdom. do u think it is that much easy.ha

Swara: i know bit see na I’m already escaped. I’m out of the mention.

Karan: really, u know what will happen when he got to know that u r not in home.u know he is don not an ordinary will effect to ur sister, ur uncle n aunty.

Swara widened her eyes. she remembers how don was saying in restaurants that it will effect her sister. n she know what he can do bcz she already had already gone through the pain of looaing ur loved ones.

Karan: n u were saying ur escaped. ha…. so ur wrong Swara just look outside do u think ur escaped.

she looked outside n saw she is still in mention. she didn’t understand anything. she looked at karan questioningly.

Karan: i know ur confused but its don’s kingdom. the road in which ur running is in the mansion not outside. what do u think don is that much careless that he will let u alone to escape. u never visited this site of mention bcz it’s backyard. when he leaves u alone in the mension he close the front door of mension n opened the back door. bcz if u try to escape then also u will not be able to reach outside.

After listening this she becomes pale.her body is shivering.karan starts the car n drove back to the mansion.

Karan: i hope he will he is not reached n find out that u r missing.

Swara came out of the car n went to her room. She don’t know what to do.she did a big mistake by trying to run away.
she thought to take bath n was about to go the bathroom door opened.


then she saw him. he was standing at the door looking at her in anger. his body is covered with only towel.his wet hairs r making her crazy. she was lost in admiring him, he was coming her n she was moving back.

Swara: wohh..don i….

Don: shut up; enough of ur stupid pleas.

she couldn’t help but notice his muscles tensed.water is dropping from his hair.he then pull her into him.

Don: i was not joking when i said u to be here.

Swara: I’m ssorrry.she stammers.

he then pushed her into the jacuzzi.n says

Don: why r u making things hard for me.

saying this he also jumped into the jacuzzi. She let out a scream, but he captured her lips with his and kissed her hungrily, cornering her. His kiss was so brutal, so urgent, he could feel him against her and it made her lose her mind.

He then pulled her t-shirt over her head, breaking the kiss for just a second, and threw it on the floor along his towel.

He grabbed her ponytail and exposed her neck, kissing it feverishly, her collarbone as well,then her cleavage and went for one of her bra’s straps to pull it downwards but then suddenly looked up back into her eyes. He was taken aback seeing her look so frightened.

She had tears coming down her face. He did feel her respond to his kiss, he thought she wanted him as well. But something was so disturbing in her look that he just stopped.

He let go of her hair and placed both his hands on the side of the Jacuzzi behind her, leaning his forehead on her shoulder for a few seconds then backed off.

Don: get lost.

she was surprised by it. doea he really letting her go?

Don: before i change my mind just get out (he scream)

She quickly got out of the Jacuzzi,her clothes dripping wet. She almost fell, slipping. But ran outside the bathroom. She was trembling as she sat on the corner of the bed.

Didn’t know if it was because of how scared she felt or the fact that she was soaking wet and freezing.All of a sudden she felt him place a large towel on her shoulders, but before she could turn around he was gone.

she is feeling guilty.she leans to the bed n tears r continuously flowing from her eyes. soon she dozed off.

Precap: “Biggest Shock”

so guyz hope u like it. i know many of u got confused who is Don.

actually in my ff sanskar’s name is Don.that’s why I’m refering him as don. n why swara said that she loved him when he was sankar its related to their past.i will reveal it.about laksh i have still not decided when he will come but I’ll try to make his entry soon.

if any further doubt u ask me i will explain.n thanx for ir precious comments keeep commenting like this.

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