Don and his Roma episode 7

Her eyes scanned everything in detail, and what she saw, looking further to her right,shocked her. It was the Eiffel tower!

Swara: what the? hell! how could he take me to the paris.

suddenly she hears a whistle sound beneath the balcony.she bent a little n saw don is there.

Don: dreaming about me.

winked at her leans to the chair in which he was sitting.

She didn’t know how to react. But she found herself staring at him.

He was wearing a pairof fitted jeans and a deep-v white shirt, his sleeves rolled.She kept staring.

Don: what r u waiting for? go change ur cloths. I’m hungry…he said while tapping His watch.

Swara: woh…woh

Don: don’t tell me ur waiting for me to change ur clothes.

she opens her mouth in shock but unknowingly she, is blushing.

Don: dont blush like this.

Swara: excuse me I’m not blushing.

Don: really! ok I’m coming.

Swara: no no need i can do my work by my self.

but suddenly she realized she didn’t have her cloths. she looked at him.

Swara: cloths?

he blink at her n lit up cigar.she didn’t understand but moves inside the room n found so many dresses kept on her bad.she wears a blue skirt n white shirt.she tied her hair into a messy bun.she mives towards the door n realize it could be locked but to her surprise it was open.

she comes out of room n found karan standing there.he sign her to go n walk behind her.

Swara: karan i didn’t undersatnd…..didn’t u betray don?

Karan:he laughs…. I’m surprised the Interpol didn’t figure anything out yet! You guys really need to get your things straight’.

swara frowned, t was all getting more and more confusing. The hall was beautiful and it reminded her of a fancy French hotel she once stayed at. But they then went into another hall which seemed like a totally different place.

She realized it was an old building, the rest of it was pretty unkept and old, but the particular floor on which she had been taken from was luxurious compared to it.

When they finally got outside the building, Don was still smoking. Swara realized Karan hadn’t gotten out of the building too.

Don honked angrily

Don: I’m losing patience, darling’
he then said sweetly.

He then leaned over and opened the door for her.She reached the car and awkwardly got in, then looked over at him. He too looked at her and moved his glasses onto the tip of his nose,

Don: what happen?

Swara: what do u think u r doing?

He rolled his eyes and pushed his glasses upwards, then started the engine and accelerated

Don: Phir shuru ho gayi….

Swara: what do u expect? to dance or jump.

Don:  actually yes. u were so despirate to meet me n now interrogating me.

Swara: what? who said that.

Don: u were applying all possible efforts to reach me ?

Swara: leave that n now say hiw we reached here.

Don: oh..actually we came here through a private jet.u were unconscious……sorry u couldn’t enjoy the Ride.n laughs.

Swara: what u think? ha….u can do whatever u want?

Don: i think i have proved it. n laughs loudly…. leave that n see outside what a beautiful seen is.

She looked at him and frowned. She didn’t know how to react to any of this. Her heart was earning for him and was pounding, happy to see him, but her mind was putting on a big fight for her not to give in.

They reached the place and Don quickly parked the car. He went over to her side of the car and opened the door for her. She looked at him as he put out his hand to help her get out.

she stepped out of the car. She realized he hadn’t let go of her hand. She followed as they entered a restaurant and a waiter immediately greeted them, taking them to a table at the terrace.

She noticed it was all very luxurious and the people that were also there were all as if taken out of fashion magazines.

Everything was extremely beautiful from the table, the architecture of the restaurant and even the flowers that were all over the terrace.

Don: do u lik it.

Swara looked at him but didn’t utter anything.

Don: i knew u lile it. now tell what shall we have?

he opened the menu card.

Swara: I’m not hungry.

He looked at her

Don: Are you going to make a scene?’

he closed his menu rapidly so that it startled her

Don: Listensweetheart, I didn’t want to have to threaten you… but you leave me no choice. If you ever do anything that would draw unnecessary attention to me’ he paused ‘Just know that ragini and your loving uncles would be in trouble’

Swara chocked and turned pale.

precape: “may be some romance…”

hey guyz i know i stopped the episode in middle but i don’t have time so i have to stop it.i will try to update a big part tommorrow. n ha karan’s role will be played by karan wahi.

plz comment.thanx for those who r still commenting n silent readers too.plz giveur support like this

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  1. Amazing

  2. Awsm part

  3. Awsome….

  4. Nice episode but waiting for nxt part eagerly.
    I m still confuse. Sanskar is don or not.
    And when will laksh entry takes place.

    1. Sanskar is the Don…and of course waiting for Laksh’s entry…but is he a part of this ff ????

    2. here in my ff sanskar is don. actually Vk’s name is i always refers him as don. only in past i will use Sankar.

      1. varun kapoor

  5. Superbbbb di. I loved it. Waiting for nxt.

    1. thanx uma

    1. tq dear

  6. Awesome waiting for romance

    1. tysm shraddha

  7. Who is don??sanskar or lucky???

    1. Sanskar.

  8. Reveal soon yr who is the don. I am getting desperate to know. Update soonish

    1. dear in my ff sansakr name is don is sanskar.

  9. Awesome dr n w8ng for don n jungli billy romance…

    1. thanx ashu

  10. ha ha ha… I just imagined swara reaction when she saw eiffle tower… very nice yaar… 🙂 🙂

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