Don and his Roma episode 6


Swara slowly slowly opened her eyes, she is gaining her senses. she opens her eyes n saw don in front of her. she gets up n looked at him, he also saw her.

Don: So slept well.

she is looking at him in disbelief.suddenly she realize that she is sitting in car n Don is driving it very harshly.she shouts.

Swara: Stop the car right now.

he looked at her n said,

Don: it’s not possible sweet heart..(he paused n looked at his back)….

she also moves her gaze towards his

Don:(he continued)..otherwise my nice in laws will caught me.

she looks at back n saw some police man’s r chasing him.

Don: n u know don ko pakadna mushkil hi nahi namumkin hain.

he said as.he takes a sudden turn unexpectedly causing other two car to crash right behind them.swara again shouts,

Swara: what madness is this?

she said as don had already brakes the the double decker n continued increasing the speed.

Don: but why? u know what happen when someone tries to chase me.

she unlocks her seatbelt.he shouted.

Don: r u mad! do u wannna die.

she tries to open the lock of the door, but it was not opening.

Swara: stop the car…. otherwise.. i will jump after all it is just a convertible.

but don is don he pressed a button n within a second a hood is covering them.

Don: now relax.

He then heard the police sirens and accelerated, pushing her into her chair. She then decided to buckle her seatbelt back quickly.

Don: good girl.

Swara: where r u taking me.

Don: honeymoon

Swara: what ?

Don: ya if u want we can go.

Swara: shut up!

Don: not now I’m driving.but if u want u can take off my shirt.n smirks.

Swara: mind ur tongue. what is happening there.

Don sighed as if he wasn’t even bothered trying to manage the traffic gambling both their lives while making his way through cars and taking sudden turns.

Don: blame ur sister for this.

Swara: what ragz.

Don: yes

Swara: but how? she didn’t even know u.

Don: yes that girl…i took u to my car when u fainted.(he paused then continued) she followed us outside then called the police.

swara was listening to him but couldn’t even focus. they came back to the road n couldn’t hear sirens anymore.he breaks the silence.

Don:but u see she doesn’t even know that i can’t let the police held on me n laughs.

he entered into a multi-storey car park.

Swara: what r u doing?

but don doesn’t paid attention to her n was speeding floor after floor.he finally parked the car very neatly n rapidly between the two cars n get out of the car.

He quickly reached her side and opened the door, leaned over her, unbuckled her seatbelt, and he took his time doing so. After all the speed chasing, it felt as if he was moving in slow-motion. She could feel his heavy breathing and could almost hear his heart beatfast, as the silence now felt unbearable.

Don:lets go jungli billi.

she looked at him questioningly.

he pulls her out n starts walking rapidly.

Swara: where r u taking me.

Don: i said na to honeymoon.

Swara: answer me dammit.

Don: well i don’t like to spoil the surprise….come on…(leans to her) i want bite.

He managed to drag her up a few storeys, while she was trying to break lose or stop him, but it was useless, he wasn’t letting her go nor stopping.

He finally dragged her up a few stairs and on top of the building. She soon realized it was a helipad, and there was a helicopter waiting for them.

Swara: what? no….Don u cant do this.

don pretended that he didn’t hear her n goes to helipad. some one is waiting for them in helli as soon as she saw him she says,

Swara: Karan

soon they sit in the heli.

Karan: Don take this headset put it in her.

don laughed at him. karan is confused.

Karan: did i crack a joke.

Don: no there is no need of it she is again fainted.

Next Day

Swara opened her eyes, rays of light bothering them. She blinked a few times and felt her head explode.

She flinched as suddenly she remembered everything that had happened the past night. She stood on the bed and looked around.

Where was she?! She didn’t recognize the surroundings, but that was no surprise. She got off bed and looked around. No sight of Don, she checked the bathroom and then went for the other door, it was locked. She couldn’t get out of the room.

She sighed, looked around and realized the room had a balcony. She tried the door and it opened. She carefully stepped out, the balcony was an open one and she could see buildings right near where she was, she looked at them attentively trying to recognize them.

Where had he taken her? She was well familiarized with New York but it all seemed too out of place.

She decided to look further away from the nearest buildings and try to recognize the skyline.

Her eyes scanned everything in detail, and what she saw, looking further to her right,shocked her. It was the…………

Precape: not decided.

So the new entry is Karan.whom should i choose for karan plz tell me.

n about karan n shona how they know each other i will reveal it soon.

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Credit to: IREENA

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