Don and his Roma episode 5

Swara turns n shocked to see. the person who was standing near her comes to her n bents on his knees. he forwarded his hands towards Swara.

Guy:forwarding his hand…..may i dance with u.

swara was amazed by his act. she don’t know what to do. she is not in a mood of dancing that too with a stranger.she looked for ragz bit didn’t found her.

the guy gets up n stands in front of her.

Guy: what r u thinking miss.

swara coming to sense.

Swara: woh…. woh….actually i..

he cuts her in middle

Guy: oh com on don’t feel uncomfortable.

there is no way for swara other than to say yes. she unwillingly says yes.

they both goes to dance floor. soft music was playing.

the guy puts his hand on swara’s waist. n puts her arms on his shoulder. they both were moving on the beat of the music.

Swara was feeling uncomfortable with his touch.

Swara’s POV

what the hell! n who this guy, strange man. he even don’t know my name. n ask me to dance with him. how is dancing like we know each other since a long. n where the hell this ragini is gone, once i will get her na i will kill her for bringing me to this stupid party.

the guy turns her. she feels he losses his grip on her. she feels relief. but to her surprise( or shock) some one tightly hugs her from back. his grip was so tight on her that she was not able to move.

But now there is something difference. there is no awkwardness that she was feeling before. she is feeling very comfortable in the arms of this guy. his grip on her is so tight like that she is going away from him.

just then the reality strikes in her mind. she feels the familiar touch. within some seconds she realised who is he.

Swara: “DON”she muttered.

She is shocked n little bit scared.she tries to go turn to him, to face him. but his tight grip is not allowing her to move.

she shouts but no one paid hid to her bcz everyone there was busy in their own world n of course bcz of the music no one is able to to hear her Scream.

Suddenly the guy kissed on her neck from back to make her numb. her body is shivering with his every touch. electrical sparks r running through her body.she is melting with his presence.

he made her turn to him, but she is not at all looking at him.he cups her face n niw there eyes met.

she is looking into his dip brown eyes. she forget about surrounding. she is just lost in his eyes.

both have intense eyelock.

her heart is filled with his memories. love, pain, betrayal, anger this all emotions are there in heart.

his brown eyes, his hairs, his smile, his touch every thing about him is making her crazy.

he moves towards her, they came closer n closer. now both can feel each others breath. where swara is still lost in his eyes.soon he places his hot lips on her soft lips.

but in a next moment she melts in his arms.he carries her.

But one pair of eyes is seeing the whole scenario. he is smiling wickedly.n says

“Now u r gone.”

he calls some one n tells something n smirks.

Swara is getting back to her senses. she opens her eyes slowly slowly. she looked up she is feels she is lying in something soft. she moves her gaze to other side.

she saw him, Don. she is not able to think. He comes closer to her signs her to see somewhere. she sees there n widend her eyes due to shock.

Precape: “New Entry”

So guyz don’s entry is done. but i know it ur not satisfied. i wanted to add more but due to lack of time. i was not able to write the longer part. so sorry for that. in next update i will add Don part.n also sorry for short update. n ha don’t forget to comment.

I’m waiting for ur comment .if ur angry then also comment. n about the unknown guy i will reveal it soon.

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