Don and his Roma episode 4


Hey guyz I’m back with next update. I’m really happy seeing ur reasponse.keep supporting like this.u can also give me suggestions.

so back to the story.

swara gets shock to see the paper.she was really very scared.

Swara: what the hell! he is really around me.that means I’m not hallucinating.but how it is possible.he was in germany.

her thought breaks when ragini comes out from washroom.

Swara:(in mind)i can’t tell thiz to rags bcz she won’t believe me.instead she will again laugh at swara don’t tell her.

Ragini:hey shona darling!where r u lost.

Swara:coming back to senses…woh woh main nothing shall we leave.

Ragini:ok n ha tomorrow morning sharp 6am we have flight so be ready.ok

Swara:okk dear lets leave from here go to home pack ur stuff n sleep n wake up early.

Swara’s POV

if i went to my home then i will be alone at home. what might he again come. u can’t take risk.its better u can convince ragini n stay with her tonight at her home.

Swara:ragz i was thinking that u come to my home we Will pack my stuff n then we will go to ur home n tomorrow we will directly leave from there.

rags looked at her doubtfully n forwards her hand to Swara

Ragini:Shona check my heart beats is normal or not.

Swara:what r u saying.

Ragini:ya ur giving me shock after shock. may be i got heart attack.

Swara:Shut up u lady James bond.

Ragini:oh thanx for complement but i u sure will be comfortable there.

Swara:ya….n sometimes we need to adjust even if we dont want.


they leave to swara house afer taking the stuff.they headed towards ragini’s home.

Next Day

Swara:ragz r u ready we r getting late.

Ragini:ya but see na my puff is not looking good.

ragini is wearing blue frock upto her knee.light make up n dark liner.

Swara is wearing blue tight jeans with reddish brown loose t-shirt.with high pony tail n light make up.

Swara:oh god this girl na ……goes to her.

Swara:arey yaar ur looking beautiful.

Ragini:i know I’m beautiful but see na this puff.

Swara:okk I’ll help u

Swara helps ragz to get ready n after some times they both left to airport.soon they reach to new York.

At New York

In a bunglow

a young man is sitting in a garden.he gets a call after talking he hangs up n says

“So finally she is coming, now u watch miss.Swara Bose what i will do.”Saying this he smirks.

At New York Airport

Swarag reached New York

Swara: ragz where is Shomi ma n baba.

Ragini:woh…. i didn’t inform them that we r coming.

Swara: What but why?

Ragini: bcz i want to give them surprise.

Swara: u n ur silly talks.

Ragini: Whatever i don’t care.but they will be very Happy seeing u.

Swara:i know that.

Ragini: ok so chalo… we will give them shock.

Swara: What?

Ragini:i mean surprise.

they both leave but to their surprise. there was no one in the house.

Ragini: Whats this now where they went.

Swara: oh God! may be they went for some imp. work. see the result of ur surprise.

Ragini: ok I’m sorry, now stop taunting me.i will call them.

she dialled their number. but they r not responding. she keeps on trying. just than a woman came.

Woman: beta(looking at ragini) ur ragini right.

Ragini:Ya but who r u n how do u know me.

Woman:I’m mrs.priya Kapoor. actually I’m ur neighbour.

Ragini:oh…. aunty do u know where my mom dad went.

Mrs.Priya: they went to ur aunty’s house. she is not well.
so they told to give u this keys when u will come here.

Ragini:oh…. thanx aunty.

Swara:one second…how do they know she is coming.ragz u didn’t tell them about our arrival.

Ragini: ya

Mrs.priya:actually yesterday ur phone was switched off so they called ur friend she told about ur arrival.

ragz makes faces as her surprise got failed. swara laughs seeing her. then they goes inside.

Ragini: Swara u go n get fresh after that we will meet..ok

Swara noded.

Swara went to her room, n put the bags aside. she get freshens
n lay down on the bed.

Swara’s POV

so finally i reached without any problem.i hope in this trip i will become fine.

At Hall

Swara was sitting on Sofa n reading news paper.ragini comes their running n Shouts

Ragini: Shona

Swara: r u planning to kill me.

Ragini: no but why r u saying this.

Swara: bcz ur shouting like that.

Ragini: So mean….. ok leave that u know i called my friend n she invited us for a party.

Swara: So

Ragini: so what so get ready we have to go.

Swara: no way I’m not coming.

Ragini:But why

Swara: u know i don’t like parties. I’m least interested in it.

Ragini: plz shona for my sake u know i will not go without u olz come na plz.

Swara: ok …. but we will soon leave the party.

Ragini: yess mam…(in mind) i konw how to convince u.

they both smile.

Ragz: ok so chalo we have to get ready soon.

n they left.

At same bunglow.

the man called some one n says.

” i want every thing perfect as planed. i don’t want any mistake, we only have one chance.”

” So I’m Coming miss.Swara”he siad.

At Party

both swaragini arrived at the party. ragz was happy but Swara was not at all interested in that party.

Ragini was wearing a red gown with loosely curls hair. littoe bit dark make up.and was looking awesome.

Swara was not interested but bcz of ragz insistence she wears a black gown. with diamond earings. she left her hairs open.

Ragini: Wow yaar… shona see na this party is awesome.

Swara: ya , but when will we leave from here.

Ragini: stop this , just now we arrived n ur saying to leave.

Swara: okk I’m Sorry, u enjoy ill just come from washroom.

ragz noded n she leaves.

she goes to washroom. n was washing her hands then she saw mirror n remembers what was happening with her.

Swara’s POV

I’m here in New York. without any obstacle. still i didn’t get any imagination about him. i can’t believe my life going so smooth. what if he comes back.

she was in deep thinking, her thoughts break due to knock on the her surprise ragz was standing their.

Ragini: do u wish to stay here forever.

Swara: oh sorry i was just coming.

Ragini: okk…..listen u know i danced with a guy….. he is so handsome…. but he was so strange he didn’t even looked at me for once….. i think he was just searching for some one.

Swara:accha….. now stop it. chalo yaha se.

Ragini: okk

they reached near bar. ragini was just talking about the guy n swara was not at all showing interest in it. then some one called ragini she went their n swara was alone sitting on a chair.

just then a boy comes near her Swara didn’t noticed it as she was lost in her own world.

when turns she is shocked.

Precap:” FACE OFF”

Why swara gets Shocked?who was the man talking on phone?what is his plane? how swara is involved in it?

So guyz do u know the answer if yes then tell me bcz i don’t know ( just kidding).

i know guyz ir waiting for sanskar’s entry in next update u will see him.

So how was the chapter hope u will like it.i tried to make it long.if u like then share ur views,if any suggestion, advice u want to give u can tell me i won’t feel bad.

Credit to: lREENA

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