Don and his Roma episode 2


hey guyz back with next part.I’m really happy by seeing ur comment.i know u guyz are little bit confused ur confusion get clear in this part about whom swara is speaking n about pairs may be in next update.plz encourage me like this always.

So back to story

swara was shocked to see the mirror.

“what the hell! how it is possible.”she said to herself.

she couldn’t believe her eyes.she is still confused that is she dreaming or it is true.

she takes out her mobile n clicks the photo of mirror.

“i have to check in the hall.”she said while leaving from bathroom.

she enters in hall n scans the whole room.but she found nothing .slowly slowly she moves towards balcony n observes that its door is open.

“did i opened the door when i reached i don’t think so but if i have.”

“ok let me remind what i have did.”

“first i came open the door ,then put my purse on table i rested on sofa then i went for bathing…in this all things i didn’t went near means he came n went out through window.”she said while holding her head.

“i have to tell this to Ram sir as soon as possible.”

“okk now shona relax.just relax.don’t panic he cant do anything to u.”she said to herself.

she went to her room n sits on bed closing her eyes n thinking about something.a silent tear drop from her eyes.she wipes it n says.


Next Day

Swara hurriedly get ready n went for Office.

as soon as she reaches there she directly goes to Ram’s Cabin.

“sir i wanna tell something.”swara said while opening the door.

ram smiles n said,”yes shona u always want to say something.”

“i know but I’m serious.”she said

“really!ok tell whats so serious.”he said in a ignoring tone.

she tells him everything.

“hmmm….ok anything new.”he said.

“new? no sir its true this time I’m sure I’m not hallucinating.”she said.

“its 100th time ur saying me the same thing.”he said while sitting on the chair.

“yes sir i know but this time i have proof.”she showed the photo.

“may be some one had played prank on u.”he said

“why?sir I’m sure he is….”

ram interputed,”u very well know Don is in Germany.we have confirmed it.we don’t know what he is doing there but he is there since 2 months.”

“i know sir but what happening to me is also imp we cant ignore it.”she said with her pleading eyes.

“Swara u know whats ur condition since 2 yrs ur imagining this things, u should control ur self,don’t let ur emotions to control ur self.”he said.

” ur right sir i should continue my treatment.he already made me half mad before n now his imagination is making me full made.”she said with both hands on her head.

“don’t worry every thing will be fine,should i call dr.kavya,to fix ur oppointment.”

“no thnx sir i will directly go to her i can handle it.”she said

” thats like my sherni.”

she smiles fakely n leaves.but still she is not convinced.

“God! plz let her leave in peace.”ram said

the episode end on Swara’s tensed face.

Precape: another shock

hope u like this part n some of ur confusion will get clear.n u all are thinking why is swara behaving like that u will soon get to know that.

sorry for short update today i was busy n also I’m not sure about tomorrow but after that i will try to update big part

Credit to: IREENA

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