Don and his Roma Episode 12


Swara after jogging goes to her home.on reaching home she shouts ragini’s name.

Swara: Ragini….Ragini.

Ragini: why r u shouting swara.

Swara: ragini get ready we have to leave back to London.

Ragini: What r u saying Swara. my Holiday’s r still not over.

Swara: i know u will stay with me. but we have to leave. i have important work.

Ragini: ok.(sad)

Swara watches her being sad so she she said.

Swara: don’t worry ragini u will enjoy with me bcz i have a surprise for u.

hearing word surprise ragini looked at swara who was smiling at her.

Ragini: what surprise.

Swara: u will get to know. first get ready we have flight @3pm.

Ragini: ok….but first finish ur bf.

Swara: ok.

they both did their bf n went to their respective room.

At Paris

Don is standing I front of his private jet. here a man sitting in it.

don went to jet n says.

Don: karan let’s go.

Karan: ya Don.

At New York.

Swara’s room

Swara’s POV

I’m coming back London. today i have to meet him at any How. i can’t wait.

Ragini’s pov

why shona is so eager to go to London. this girl is stupid. but i want her happiness. bcz of me her dreams get spoiled. n what was surprise. oh god don’t know what will she do.

After some time both swarag leaves for airport. after some hours they reached to London.
(sorry I’m not dragging this part).

At London

Swaragini enters into swara’s home.

Ragini: oh god swara I’m really very tired.

Swara: me too ragini.

Ragini: shona i want rest. I’m going to sleep.

Swara: but first eat something.

Ragini: no I’m not hungry.I’m going bye.

Swara: Good Night.

Ragini leaves.

Swara: this lazy girl. I’m also not hungry. but first i will take bath then i will go to sleep.

saying this she goes towards washroom.she stands infront of mirror.she looked at the bathroom. then she remembers what happened last time when she was taking bath in night in her home.(episode 1)

a smile came on her face.then she realizes what she is thinking n composes herself. she went out of the washroom without taking bath n directly headed towards her room.

Swara enters into her room. there is complete darkness. she goes towards the bed n stands near it. then she hears a familiar voice.

“missing me. i missed u too.”

episode end.

I’m really sorry for short n late update. i was little bit busy. it’s a boring chapter bcz i was not in a mood to write. but it is necessary.

Credit to: IREENA

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    1. thanx Sree I’ll try to post soon.

  3. Awsm….i think in swara room there is don….

    1. thanx kriya n we will see who is he.

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