Don and his Roma Episode 11

Next Morning.

Ragini wakes up n saw Swara sleeping beside her. she stars at her lovingly.she creases her hair.

Ragini: nothing will happen to u.

Saying this she kissed her forehead n went soon she went Swara opened her eyes.

Swara: nothing will happen to anyone.

She gets up n went to take bath.

At Paris

A man is standing his back is shown.He lits up his cigar. the smoke is exhaling from his mouth.

a servant came from back.

Servant: Sir ur jet is ready.

the man signs him to go.the servant went.the man starts laughing.

Man: I’m coming again my jungli billi.

he turns he is none other than Don.

New York.

Swara comes downstairs in her track suit.

Swara: Good Morning! ragz.

Ragini: Good Morning. r u going somewhere.

Swara: ya I’m going for jogging.

Ragini: what? shona no u r still weak.

Swara: chill ragz…I’m fine nothing.will happen to me.

Ragini: but shona…

Swara(cuts her): I’ll come soon.

ragini nodes n she leaves for jogging.

At Park

Swara reaches to park. she takes a bislari bottle from a shop. she sits on a bench n starts drinking it. after that she leans to the bench n she sees some children playing. a smile appear on her face.

Swara’s POV

there life is so amazing. no worries no tension. i wish i could live my life as i used to live in my past. With adarsh and pari.

a silent tear escaped from her eyes.she closed her eyes n goes to flashback.


A girl is playing in a park with some children. She is dancing, throwing water on them.

a lady is calling her from behind.

Lady: Shona….plz come’s enough for today.

yes the girl is swara. A man tells her from behind.

Man: pari let her play she is enjoying.

pari: ha adarsh but she will get tired na.

Adarsh: ok… i will call her….he goes to her.

Adarsh: princess come let’s eat something.

Swara: no bhai I’m not hungry u go i will come after some time.

Pari: no Shona. come with no more play.ok.u will get tired.

Swara: no na bhabhi i will not get tired.

Pari signs adarsh. adarsh understood n with fake anger.

Adarsh: Shona r u coming or not.

Swara gets upset n leaves from there. parish also went behind her. pari givea food ti swara but she refuses.

Pari: Shona….take this.

Swara: i don’t want it.

Adarsh: Shona plz take it na.

Swara makes faces. parish smiles looking at each other. they came near swara n bents on their knees. Swara turns her face but seeing all this from corner of her eye. pariah holds their ears n says.

Pari: Shona sorry. plz have this food.

Adarsh: ha princess if u will not eat na we will also remain hungry.

both makes innocent faces. Swara laughs seeing them n hugs both of them.

her thoughts break by a phone call.

She opens her eyes n saw ram sir is calling her.she picked up the phone.

On phone

Swara: yes sir.

Ram: Swara how r u.

Swara: I’m fine sir. everything is okay na there.

Ram: everything is fine. actually i called u to ask when ur coming back.

Swara: why sir anything serious.

Ram: ya actually. i have appointed a new officer as ur partner in case of Don.

Swara: oh….I’ll tell u later.what’s his name.

Ram: don’t worry take ur time.n his mr.Maheshwari.

Swara: ok sir…..I’ll call u later.

ram: ok…take care.

She hangs up.

Swara(to herself): mr.Maheshwari after a long time i will see u.

episode end.

Sorry guyz for short update. actually I’m little bit busy now a days.n olz pardon me bcz for some time i will not able to show Swara n don’s part.but after that i will show it.hope u understand.

Credit to: IREENA


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