Don and his Roma episode 10


Next Day

Swara slowly slowly wakes up.she is getting blur image of everything.she feels something different.the bed is not soft as it was before.slowly slowly she is getting clear image of her surrounding.

she notice the colour of the room is full white n wall is very pale. Everything around is weird even she was feeling very awkward their. She feels something in her hand troubling her she looked at her hand.she notice saline is attached to her.she then carefully looked at her surrounding n realize that she is in


she doesn’t know what she is doing here. what happen to her? why she is in hospital? she was fine till yesterday.then what happen that now she is in hospital.n moreover where is Don?

her thoughts interpreted by sound of opening the door. she looked at that side n saw ragini is coming. as soon ragini saw her she runs towards her. Sits beside her n holds her hands.

Ragini: Shona r u fine.

Swara: ragini what r u doing here. r u fine. how is uncle n untie u all r safe na nothing happen to u all na.

Ragini: we r fine Shona bit why r u saying this u know we were so scared that…

Swara(cuts her): where is Don ragini?

ragini looks at her questioningly.

Ragini: Shona why r u asking about him.

Swara: just tell me where is he?

Ragini: Shona relax! how could i know about him.but u don’t think about him its not good, ur still weak.

Swara: what r u saying ragini. he was angry on me. i have to convince him.

Ragini: Shona what r u saying I’m not understanding anything. how he is angry with when did u meet him.

Swara: when did i met. i was with him since two days.

Ragini: r u gone mad u how could u be with him.when ur admitted here since two days n was unconscious.

Swara widened her eyes as what is ragini is saying.

Swara: what did u said i was unconscious since two days. r u out of ur mind. i was with don he took me to Paris.

Ragini: Swara i think i should call Doctor. u r behaving very weird. n Paris we r in New York shona.

Swara: what we r in New York this not possible i was with Don in Paris.

Ragini: oh God! how should i prove u ok one second I’ll just come u wait here.

ragz goes outside n comes with a file.

Ragini: see this

Swara saw the file n gets shock.

Ragini: see this ur file see the date when we admitted u here.

she saw the file it was clearly written on the file that she was unconscious since two days bcz of stress.she is shocked.

Swara: how it is possible if i was here then how can i be with don.

Ragini: Shona i think u again get a dream about him.

Swara: it was my dream. i can’t believe it was my dream. but everything was so true.

Ragini: i can understand shona u take rest then we will talk about u also need a time to recover from it.

ragz goes out of the room. Swara closes her eyes n leans to the bed.ragz goes to a corner n calls someone.

on phone.

Ragini: hello! r u there.

person:yes tell me what happen.

he is the same person who was in New York keeping an eye on Swara.

Ragini: she came back to her senses.

Person: good. did u tell her what i told u to do.

Ragini: yes…. now she is sleeping.

Person: okk.

n he cuts the call.

After Sometime

Swara’s Room

swara wakes up n saw ragini is sitting behind her.

Swara: ragini.

Ragini: oh u woke be ready we r going home.

Swara: but first tell me how i reached here what happened in the party.

Ragini lookes at her nodes

Ragini: actually at party u were dancing with a guy. n suddenly u fainted so we take u here in hospital.

Swara: really!

Ragini: Don’t u believe me.

Swara: ofcourse. is it a question to ask.

Ragini: then no more question.get ready we have to leave.

Swara nodes. after some time she gets ready n both went for home.

At home

both reached home n went to swara’s room.

Ragini: shona come sleep now u have to take rest.

Swara: hmmm

Ragini: i will make juice for u.

Swara: no ragini i don’t want anything right now n u be here for sometime.

Ragini: okk..

they talk for sometime.

Ragini: Shona tell me what u saw in ur dream.

Swara: wohh…

Ragini: plz Shona tell na.

Swara: okk.

she tells ragz everything.

Ragini: oh…..he is the same karan na who was working with u.

Swara: ha ragini.

Ragini: ok now sleep.I’m just coming.

she leaves.

Swara leans to the bed n thinks.

Swara’s POV

it was a dream really.the time i spend with him.walking with him in street of paris by holding his hand. his love, his care, his anger, everything that i experience about him.was my dream my hallucination. it is right but it was the most beautiful dream of mine.i wish it to be real. not my hallucination.

tears r continuously rolling from her eyes.

outside the room ragini was watching everything.

Ragini:good everything is going according to plane….n smirks.

Episode End.

Sorry guys I wrote it in a hurry i know it was short as well as not so good.actually I’m not in a mood to write but i tried it for u who read my comment i know many of u feel why i did i added this twist but sorry it was needed for further story.if u don’t like it then also tell me i will not feel bad.thanx for comments.n silent readers too. i experience there r many.

Credit to: IREENA

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