Don and his Roma episode 1

hey guyz so this is the first chapter. in the intro i mistakenly wrote sanskar name but it was sorry for that n no one has seen DON means normal people.swara,ram,n his other rivals like other gangsters knows how he looks.I’m sorry for that n I think now everyone get that who is guyz plz surrport me in my ff.

So lets Start

it was midnight in London.Swara entered into her apartment n goes directly to her flat.she is looking very it is midnight so the whole apartment is silent no one is there.

she enters into her flat. switch on the light n turn on the AC threw her purse on the table n sits on the Sofa closing her eyes resting her head on one of the cusion.

Swara’s POV

“ohh God ! I’m feeling to kill my self. My head is paining like hell like some one is heating on my head continuously.”she said still closing her eyes.

she opened her eyes

“i think i should take a bath it will make me feel better.”she said while getting up from the Sofa.

she takes her phone n headed towards her bathroom.

she undressed herself n went to bath tub.she takes her mobile n on the radio to listen some music.she was having wine as well as listening to the song.the sound finishes.

“hello my WILD CAT”

as soon as she heard the word she becomes numb.she is hell shocked .

“what the hell is this,how it cat…”

but her thoughts interpreted by a voice,

“hello n welcome to our show Wild Cat u r  listening 98.5 FM n I’m ur host Ranbir.”

as she realised the voice was from radio she gives sigh of relieve but there is something running in her mind.

“why I’m feeling that he is here,no no he cant how can he.but still i had a doubt.hmmm let me check.”she said n wraps a towel around her.

slightly came out of bath tub n was going living room.she saw a pair of shoes.which was definitely not hers.she was shocked again.

“whats happening? is it my hallucination or its real?ohh god !why this happen with me.”she said n walks to her room.she takes out a gun from her room which was hidden in jewellery box.

she slowly walks to the living room.

“is he is really here eying me or I’m dreaming about him as usual.”she thought n continuously searching of him everywhere.

she then hear a sound of something from washroom.she goes their n saw wine bottle fell on the ground.then slowly she moves her gaze towards the mirror n was shocked to see

“missed me jungli billi” written on the mirror.

screen freezes on shocked face of swara.

so guyz how is it. i know I’m not so good at words n my grammar is also weak so sorry for that.n plz keep Supporting.

or any doubt just ask m

Credit to: IREENA


  1. Roma

    Hi dear ireena, I attracted by the title of your ff….loved it…lovely start …keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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