A don and her kidnapper ( RAGSAN/SANGINI FF) episode 5

Hey guys kashish here with next episode of my ragsan ff…. hope you guys like it too…. here is the link for my ragsan one shot…
Link to ragsan one shot
ragsan one shot

Episode 5
Recap: – ragsan enjoy with each other…..
At morning
Ragsan slept in the bed hugging each other….when sun rays fall on them Ragini sleep gets disturbed and she gets up she sees sanskar hugging her and sleeping for he was looking like a cute baby.. she caresses his hairs…. suddenly he gets up and sees Ragini… he says good morning…ragini says good morning…. sanskar says I will make soup for you.. he goes downstairs and comes back with soup he makes her have with spoon… she was adoring him all the while…. then she was about to go washroom… he picks her up in his arms and took her till there…. when she returns… he again picked up her and put her in the bed…. he did not let her walk every time he only used to carry her and took her everywhere….

At night 1am: –
Ragini gets up and wakes up sanskar….. sanskar asks what happened Ragini… she said I want to have pani puri… sanskar says are u mad or what for you I have to go to pani puri shop at midnight…stop asking your stupid wishes and let me sleep peacefully…. Ragini starts crying she cries crocodile tears( means fake one ) oh sanskar u don’t love me u love someone else police police see this love criminal is cheating on me please punish him badly…. sanskar says okay now stop your acting dramebaaz I will bring pani puri for you okay now happy…he searches many shops finally he finds one shop open… he was very much tired… he brings pani puri for her… she haves all the pani puris and then she says I want ice cream… sanskar gets irritated he brings ice cream after searching 50 shops… he was fully tired now she haves ice cream and then slept peacefully… sanskar pecks her fore head and sleeps hugging her…..

Two months passed
Sanskar gone to the office….. for Ragini only…. they now are best friends…. Ragini became successful in changing sanskar…. now he was no more a cruel merciless gangster… he was a responsible caring best friend and hubby of Ragini….. after he reached home… they both watched conjuring 2 Ragini hold his hand tightly and was shivering badly as they were watching that movie at midnight… she was shouting and screaming…..they were having popcorns together…. in one scene ghost suddenly enters Ragini shouts and all the popcorns fell on sanskar head…. he was just looking like a popcorn ghost… Ragini laughs like a maniac seeing him…..they both slept cuddling each other….

Precap: – ragsan bonding with each other….

So guys did you liked it the episode… do let me know through your comments… so it’s a bye from kashish….love u all…take care….


  1. Fairy

    Choooo chueeeettt of sanskaaarrr!!!loved dere bondng dear…very sweet episode…waitng for nxt one eagerlyyy …keep rockng kashish πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

  2. SPP


    |Registered Member

    Awesome Superb Fantastic
    Loved it
    Loved Sanskar’s care towards Ragini
    Waiting for the next one…………..

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