A don and her kidnapper ( RAGSAN/SANGINI FF) episode 4

Hi guys kashish here with a don and her kidnapper. Hope you guys like it too and I guess many loved the Precap and were waiting for the update so here I go with episode. I recently posted a raglak one shot who have not read it here is the link for you guys
Link to raglak one shot

Episode 4
Recap: – Ragini to be admitted in hospital and sanskar to take good care of her.
The story starts from Ragini fainted in the floor calling sanskar. Sanskar listens to this and runs to her he was shocked seeing her in such condition. The blood was flowing out of the hand he was tensed and numb he did not understand what to do he pick up her and put her in the car and took her to the hospital. He reached there in few seconds as it was not far from his house. He hurriedly took her to the ward and says please save my wife Ragini doctor so much blood is coming. Doctor says don’t worry we will try our best to save your wife. They took her to the operation theatre. Sanskar sits on the chair with a thud he could only think of the every moment he tortured Ragini he was very guilty and angry on himself for Ragini condition. He never thought his life without her even a second and now she was in operation theatre because of him. He did not understand why he saved Ragini why he wanted her to come back to him.
Sanskar( mind); no sanskar she is just your servant don’t treat her like your wife you just want her to be back because you want to torture her more nothing else
Sanskar(heart): no u care about her and u love her most importantly otherwise when she fainted why u were tensed about her and u brought hurrily to the hospital and when u said to doctor u said my wife Ragini u do care for her sanskar and u do love her
Sanskar(in mind); no
Sanskar(in heart): yes
They both continue fighting sanskar was totally confused he don’t know whom to believe. After few hours doctor came from the theatre.
Sanskar: what happened doctor is she fine now can I meet her
Doctor: yes but due to that incident she has lot of blood loss so kindly please take care of her and don’t give her any kind of stress or pain
Sanskar: okay doctor

He leaves to the operation theatre. He goes towards Ragini and sits beside her he holds her hand and caresses her hair. Ragini gains conscious he was very happy to see her normal.
Sanskar: Ragini how are u feeling now
Ragini( in angry mode): it is none of your business because of u only I am here
Sanskar(guilty): I am sorry Ragini I am very guilty for what I did and I will full take care of so for one month I will neither come near u nor force you on me now I am going to complete the discharge formalities
He pecks her forehead and leaves from there.
Ragini(in mind): he really cares about me or just pretend to care for me
He completes the formalities and takes Ragini to the home.

One month leap
Here he didn’t let her get up from the bed he used to pick up her and take everywhere till washroom to whole house he only used to took her and take good care of her in this whole month her condition recovered very well. Ragini started liking him for his caring behaviour. In this one month he changed a lot once who used to be rude cruel merciless don and treated his wife like a servant became a good loving and caring husband and he used to pamper her like a small 5 year old kid. Ragini was happy to see him like that.

Precap: – ragsan enjoy with each other.

So guys how was fourth episode no mature content was there in this episode. Guys I am in 12th so I sometimes there is mature content in my ffs hope u have no problem in this ff also I have written but I will try to less them hope u are not disappointed. Love you all guys bye take care see you soon with next update


  1. Fairy

    Superbbbb part dear…loved ragsan sceness!!good dat sanky is changing ,hope soon he”ll fall for rags…keep rockng kashish 😉 😉

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