A don and her kidnapper ( RAGSAN/SANGINI FF) episode 2


Hey guys kashish here love you all for the comments and I am sad there are less than prologue it is just 52 comments including mine but happy too that in prologue I got 72 comments including mine ya I know I am selfish girl anyways no problem. Anyways letโ€™s get into the story.

Episode 2
Recap: – the girlโ€™s bold avatar.
We see the boy get up from the bed he sees the girl was crying and sleeping whole night the bed was fully filled with tears. He woke her up and drags her into bathroom he tries to intimate with her while shower she protests him and gives him a tight slap on his cheek. The girl is revealed to be Ragini and the boy is sanskar. Ragini says you b***** creature how dare you to force me on yourself remember one thing after what you did with me I hate you sanskar kapoor like no one ever can donโ€™t try to touch me or force me otherwise no one will be bad person other than me. She pushes him from the bathroom and haves shower and came down wearing turquoise blue knee length frock. Sanskar gets mesmerised seeing her and was lost in his own world. After sometime he remembers what Ragini said to him and pins her to the wall he says how dare you tell me what is wrong and what is right remember I am sanskar the don everyone gets afraid seeing him but you are special so I like you and I thought to make you mine now only but I have some work so I am leaving from here if you have any work then servants are here they will help you . Sanskar leaves from there and Ragini cries!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No Precap

So guys how was second episode. Love you all for the comments bye take care see you soon with next update.

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  1. Why so short episodes yr. Nd pls don’t count comments. Write for people who likes ur story.

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      tysm amna will not count comments okay fine dear will write this is my first ff and i got so much good response how come i won’t write this ff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Waiting for your next update ๐Ÿ™‚

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    Oh my poor ragu….but lil short part dr…

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    Oh my poor ragu …..Feeling sadda for her.?

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  6. Fantastic episode dear….poor rags.!! plz post a bit more longer episode plzzz..coz i jst love readng ur ff dear ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

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  7. nice……… Poor ragu feeling bad for her waiting for next part

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  9. Nice but short

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  16. Awesome dr.. But its too short..

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  18. Nice epi…feeling very bad for ragini….

  19. Superb one

  20. Super scenes.. But poor ragini…plz update the next part soon..

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  21. Plz make it long…epdi is too short..

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    Awesome Superb
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