Doll in shirt and pant [Manmarziyan OS]


Hi.. I am Tanu also known as Shravanfan… well this os was the first os I wrote for manmarziyan fandom but in different site. This story is very close to my heart and according to me it’s my master piece still now.. so I thought to share it with this site as well.
This fanfic is the result of lots of different point of view. I am quite repulsive to romance and love and blah blah blah so it will not be a romantic story. My favourite ship is Neil and his smile. So the fanfic is on that.
What is smile?

It can often be heard that smile is the most beautiful expression that on can acquire. We adore smile but nothing is spared from social criticism and restriction. A girl often experience advice that she should not smile to everybody, which is often considered indecent or too frank behaviour. She should smile to their loved ones only, she must smile in her circumstances of pain too. She must only smile but not laugh heartedly. And if a guy smile more than most population do then just forget about the poor guy. The comment like girly, gay, joker, wifu, darling, babe and who knows what just never live them alone. Uff so much to deal with just to smile.

Disclaimer: I owes nothing.

Outside character (OC)- Neil’s father [ Mr Malhotra] Neil’s father colleague 1- Abir Mitra.
Colleague 2- Ravi Chandra.
[well I introduce this OCs in my fanfics, hope you don’t mind]

Warning: no warning actually, yeah a little angst but only verbal and little physical

Ring ring ring…’

A lazy Neil stretch his hand to grab his phone from the bed
side table. He is still under the cover. It 12 p.m. but still early for Neil to
call it morning. He curse under the breath when the phone falls from the table
due to 1. It was too near the side 2. It was vibrating 3. He was being too clumsy 4. The table is flooding with unnecessary thing. Whatever the thing is
its too early to ponder on that. So he just faced his back towards the fallen
phone and covered his head with the cover to avoid the midday sunlight.

‘Neil, Neil… Get the hell up. Your sam called me. Said
you are not picking her call, ”

Neil jolt up in a second. “What..? shit. Saminder singh will
kill me today, I am late ma, very late” he pushed the covers from a body to
reveal his white loose T and polka dot shorts. He swung his leg aside the bed
and proceed to stand.


“Please shivji let it not be my phone, let it be my bones of
foot but not phone… salary will be in more than half month, I can’t buy
another now. Please shivji.” He kept his eyes closed and kept on praying.

“I wish it were your bone but no it’s your phone, kiddo” his
mom said.

He opened 1 eyed and looked down to find his once useable
phone “no… again” he looked to his mom “you know what I hate phones, they are so

“I know, I empathy you son” his mom smirked.

Neil’s POV

Really!!!!! Which mother smirk to her son. Arhhh
why the hell all bad thing happen to me. First my phone ring and spoiled my
nap, then this idiot phone had to fall and then my idiot leg had to break this
idiot phone… Idiot. Idiot… idiot ..
oh man saminder singh will surely kill me today. I better get ready

Normal POV

Neil came to kitchen to find his mother sitting on a chair holding her head in her hand.
“Are you all right? You don’t look well.” Neil asked in concern.
His mom raised her head “don’t worry, just a headache.”
“Were you drinking last night?” Neil raised a fine shaped eyebrow.
“Was I drinking? Hell no. you were drinking last night.” She pushed her chair to get up.
“Yeah, but I don’t have hangover. You have. Did I passed it to you or you were drinking in my back.”
“I am Bharatiya sanskari woman’ don’t make nonsense comment” she crossed her hands below her br*ast to imply her state of authority.
“‘Bharatiya sanskari woman’ woah, you smirk to your son. Which Bharatiya sanskari’ woman smirk to her son, an ideal “Bharatiya sanskari ma will cry to see her son in pain. And you were smirking at my distress, so this bharatiya crap is not too convincing. So who knows, what you are doing in my back. You cannot be trusted.” said Neil with a smirk.
“Yes, you are right I cannot be trusted, you know what? I drink up to my throat, wear your shorts and do hula dance in Terence every night.” She was frustrated.
Neil closed his eyes with a hand and laughed. ” haha, it sounds cool, how about I join you today, you can wear my shorts and I will wear your kurti.”
“arhhh, what a son I got, you just increased my headache, get the hell out now” she said in futration.
Neil pout “yeah going.”
“Now where the hell are you going? you didn’t have breakfast, you even skipped you dinner last night.” His mom shouted.
“Mom I am late, and you wasted my time more. I will have food in office, already an orange and a spiky pineapple is waiting for me.” He pick up the key of his bike and proceed towards door.
“orange, pineapple!!!!!!” his mom was confused as hell.
“you, will not understand ma.” He went back to his mom and hugged he “you are not looking so well, take care” his mom smiled and kissed his temple.

[Skipped birdsong scene]

Neil’s pov
God knows what sam saw in that pineapple, always listening his nonsense. Damn, he is so irritating. He himself don’t do any work and only gives looks to sam and we works like labourer for him. Today he was most irritating, didn’t even gave time to eat. God I am so hungry.
Normal pov
Neil opened the door with a shout, no its noT ‘I am back’ or anything. Its ‘mom, I am hungry like a beggar, give me food’.
Silence. “mom, I said I am hungry.” Neil opened his sweaty T and left it in way. ” aare meri ma, do you already started drinking? I said I want food.” Neil went to kitchen to find his mom lying on ground. He hurried to her “mom, ma what happen to you. Open your eyes.” He could feel his mom is burning with fever. “ma… open your eyes please.” Now tears is falling freely from his eyes. He grabbed a bottle and sprinkled some water on her face. After few minute she gained consciousness and neil let a sigh of relief. “ma, you are not fine, you need to rest, I will call doctor.” He pulled her up and she remained confused.
She watch around dumb-foundedly and then her expression changed in horror. “no, I don’t have time for rest, I can’t rest, I have to cook, I haven’t cooked yet and your dad is coming along with his co..” neil interrupt her midway “dad?? Why is he coming? I mean, he should not be coming? He wasn’t supposed to be coming for at least 6 months.”
“neil, son your dad came for urgency and will leave by tomorrow. He could not book any hotel and he and two of his colleague will be staying where today.” Neils mom said.
Neil rolled his eyes “you are sick. You cannot even stand, you need rest.”
“No dear, I am fine. I have to cook their food.” She smiled and said.
“no, you don’t have to. I will do it, you take rest.” Neil said and pulled her towards her bedroom.
“you cant .”
“I can, after living with you all these year, little knowledge of cooking I gained.” He smile and softly pushed her in bed. Made her pillow and let are lie down. He then call a doctor from his mom’s phone.

He bought all the medicine which the doctor prescribed. Forced his mom to take medicine and now he is standing in the middle of kitchen. He have lots of work to do, his father And his so called friends will be there anytime soon. So he needs to buckle up his belt and hurry up. He already can see his mom started preparation. He is not a good cook like his mom and he is not a bad cook either.
After running around the kitchen for 45 minute he can conclude his work is already done. His stomach growled like an angry beast reminding him he was hungry like a starved beggar like 3 hours before. So he took out a porcelain plate from cabinet and started serving food for himself.
Ding dong’
Neil let a sigh of frustration, left his plate on the table and went to open the door.
Standing right before him is his father wearing his usual foul expression. Neil smiled a greetings and his father didn’t bother to return it. Neil let it go and moved aside to let him enter. His father entered with some bags in hand which Neil conclude as for his long distanced family, while moving his father revealed two more men outside. They smiled greetings to Neil. Neil conclude they are his father’s supposed colleague. He smiled his all so famous smile to them.
“what are you to standing outside for, you are welcome, make yourself at home.” Neil’s father called them. “and this my son, Neil.”
A young man around mid-thirties pats Neil’s back. “You have a nice young son, Mr Malhotra.” The man said “I am Ravi, Ravi Chandra, works under your father, Neil.” Neil smiles
Another man who looks a little older around 45 smiled to Neil “hello, I am Abir Mitra, son” Neil joint is hands unconsciously and said “Namaste”
“wow, Mr Malhotra, your son is quite cultural, I must say.” Abir said.
His father smiled a plastic smile and look to Neil “yes, I am seeing that too, so, from where did you learn this culture Neil, taking classes.” Neil looked to his father and then lowered his eyes. “You sit down, I will bring water for you.” Neil left for kitchen.
Two outsiders remain awestruck to see such indifferent behavior. “Have sit gentle men.’
“Mr. Malhotra we really didn’t mean to bother you. After so many days you came to your family and we are here. I am really feeling bad. Me and Ravi could easily stayed in airport.” Abir said.
“No no you are not really interfering anything, get comfortable guys.” Mr Malhotra laughed and said.
Neil entered the living room with a try with three glass full water. He passed the water to the men sitting, with a smile. They drank and put the glasses back in the tray which neil picked up to take it in.
“Neil, where are you going? Really you don’t have to run around to treat us like guests. Sit down have some chat.” Ravi said.
“I would love to sir but my mom is sick, so I was going to give her a quick check.” Neil said showing his finger to the bedroom.
“Your mom is sick, what happened to her?” his father asked in concerned.
“um, a little fever, nothing too serious, she will be fine.” Neil said.
“Fever is serious Neil, did she got medical check-up?” his father asked.
“yes I called a doctor, she took medicine I even gave her ice bag, she will be fine.” Neil said with a sigh.

“ok that good” his father smiled. Then a pregnant pause occurred and then it was broken with a hushed voice of his father which was not exactly a hush voice, the two outsiders can easily here it. “did you mom made food.” He looked around and said. “I mean did you have food. Will I order food from outside.” To cover up his statement.
Neil so much wanted to role his eyes but restrained himself. What’s the reason for those made up words, he simply mean -did your mom made food for us, it didn’t matter whether you are sick or not, I just don’t want to have my nose cut in front of my colleague.’ Neil thought. “No, it’s not required. I already made some food.” He said. He could clearly see the sigh of relief from his father.
“ok fine, I will go and see your mom.” His father said. Neil nodded yes. His father left. Neil went to sit with remaining gentle men.

Neil’s father came out of the room, “sorry guys my wife is really sick, I cannot introduce her to you.”
“Ah, its ok sir, we are really bothering you this time. So we cannot ask for more. And you have a very good son.” Ravi said.
“Yes your son is such a treasure to find, he is well behaved, he respect elders, I heard he is very creative, you must be really proud of him, right Mr Malhotra. He even helps his mother.” Abir said with a polite smile.
“yes, he is very good. He never made me realise that I lack a daughter.” His father said with a strained smile and Abir’s smile fell. “Mr Malhotra…” Abir started but get interrupted.
“you never realise that you lack a family also.” Neil said back.
“wow, and I thought you changed somehow, so finally coming out of shell right neil and Ravi, Abir what were you guys saying? Neil is a very good, cultural, respect elders and crap…”
Neil abruptly stood up and went to his mother’s room.
“I don’t mean to hurt your feelings but you straight out insulted your son, I was talking to him, he is such a good boy, why are you hurting him.”Abir asked, he is more confused than sad or angry.
“I am hurting him? no Abir you are wrong. He is hurting me. It hurts every time when I listen to his cheeky laughter. That girly smile. He is of not good use. He quarrel back like a lady. He smile too much. He cries!!! Can you believe it, my son brawl his eyes out like a little girl every now and then for small thing. He just can never be as I wanted. You know what? god really love to make a fool out of me. I always wanted a boy so that I can enroll him in defense. Haha… I got my wish, got a boy but the funny part is this boy is nothing like I expected. Just a fraud in disguise. I got a doll in shirt and pant. So lucky I am.” Neil’s father said sarcastically.
Ravi was awestruck and sat like a timid animal but Abir was then furious. “you have no right to talk about you child like that.”

“He is my son, so I have right” Malhotra argue back.
“you should be happy that you got a son like him. He is caring…”Abir got interrupted.
“What will i do with care? Is he going to be somebodies wife? Abir I don’t want to argue with you and really don’t want to spoil our relationship over some stupid matter.” Malhotra sad calmly.
” the matter of your son is not stupid, you need to see world from his eyes, you need to change your point of view and certainly need to leave some stupid stubborn obsession for military. You were in military for so long, what you gained? Of course military is the most respected job but he loves art, he respect it so why are you destroying your relationship on those stupid dreams.” Abir said.
“Abir don’t talk like you know everything, he don’t love art. He just know art and he is using it just for living. He bagged a job with his so called talent and just doing it because it provide him money. He have no passion for anything. He is the most careless human being I have ever seen. If he had that much attachment to art then I would not say anything to him. But no, he is just doing it because he can do it.” Malhotra try to convince.
“He may be careless and not up to the mark of your expectation, but he is your son. You just cannot insult him like this. You are luck Mr Malhotra that you have a child everybody is not bless with that.”Abir said.
“yes, you are right he is my son. So, it my business that how I will manage my child. So you should mind your business and your child” Malhotra said and at that moment wanted to take back those words. Abir’s only son died 3 years ago from suicide as a result of ragging. “I am sorry Abir, I didn’t mean to bring that up and hurt you, it’s just happened. I am so sorry” Malhotra

“You know what? I should have stayed in airport. Very much thank you for inviting me and introducing to me to your family. He turned a little to find a photograph of Neil and a lady, which is most probably his mother. His mind went back in past and quickly relive some happy and tragic moment of his family. He had a son too. Nothing like neil but also so much similar. They were a happy family, but one night changed it all, he should have listen to his son, he should not have forced his son to go in that hostel for studding engineering. He was a bad father. He should knew his son was struggling but no he was only seeing a better placement which the collage will provide and pushed his son in that hell hole. His son died. His wife is almost insane. Nothing is left. He closed his eyes and turned back to find Neil standing in the door fame. His eyes is filled with tears. He feel really poor for this poor soul. Then he left.
Ravi was in constant inner fight to whether leave with Abir or to be here with his boss. He choose the later but remain uncomfortable.
“Dad you must be hungry. Will I get the table ready?” Neil’s voice broke the daze. His father looked to Ravi and found him to nod his head. “yes.” He said and the looked to something interesting which is the wall beside.

They kept eating and Neil was serving. He could feel his father was boiling inside.
“will you quit this act already. You are making a fool out of me. Can you never quit this girly nature?” he shouted out off blue to make Ravi a severe choking.
“mom is sick, she was to supposed to be doing this. So I am doing it. I am also doing it because we have guest here.” Neil took a deep breath ” and you are you trying to prove by referring me as girly always. Ok, I know I am girly. So what can I do? How can I change it? I really want to change it. Want to be manly. I mean, what the hell is manly? how can I be manly? Talk rudely to everyone?Omit social smile? Show others that they are inferior, act hypocritically, manhandle people or should I take someone to bed every night?” Slap’. His father slapped him with the hand he was eating with. “you indecent bast…” his father stop. “what? why stopped? keep continuing. I will not feel bad if you call be bas***d. I wish I were a bas***d in reality. It would have been better. And know what? I am not hungry anymore. He rushed to take the keys of his bike and went out from the door with a loud bang.
Neil’s pov
Really, I can never understand him. Why cannot he except I am not his dream son. He don’t exist. I exist and I am not him. He should have known by this time that how many time he is going to put the option of seriousness and happiness in front of me, I will always choose happiness. He rubbed the tears which managed to fall out of his eyes and smiled a watery smile.
Normal pov

ding dong’
“yeah, coming” Radhika ran to open the door.
“really sam you are late… Neil, where is sam?” She was shocked to see Neil.
“how will I know? I just came. So where did she go?” neil asked.
“um, she said she has date today.” Neil rolled his eyes.
“really i have to make pineapple juice now, what say chasni?” Radhika smiled.
“chasni, um, did you make halwa and aloo puri today, really I am so hungry today. I think if I don’t eat now we both will land in hospital.” Neil said.
“what? You are hungry and I will be in hospital.” Chasni was as confused as always.
“little girl, if I don’t eat now I will faint for sure and after pulling me to hospital you will also faint for sure.” Neil explained his theory. Chasni smiled. “sit, I will bring you some food” by saying that radhika went to kitchen. Neil sat on sofa and ponder the event which he encountered today. Really it was one hell of a day. Hopefully he can eat finally and wished to shivji to let him eat without any further interruption.

Hope you liked it and sorry for all the technical mistake I made.

Credit to: Tanu

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    1. hi dipika… well actually i wrote and published this story in another site in the initial period of mmz when Samraj was potential jodi.. and that time neil was crying a lot so i was missing his smile and many friends of mine called him girly . i wasn’t angry or anything. i respect everyone’s point of view. it is just result of all the point of views i was receiving.
      ….. by the way its just an one shot about neil and my imagination about his family life… ardhika, samarj, nesam or raneil are not important here.

  6. hey tanu this is really interesting yarrr…n shravan is not girly any more…hate his fathr…how rude he is….neil n his mom’s convo is fab…hey bt m confused this story is in mmz or having different story???bcos u mentioned sam is dating n thn what about ardhika? wheathet neil pair with sam or what??
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  10. was a diffrrent story and i loved it.. and the way u satirised on a common social disease is really commendable…i know everyone has a different pov but i seriously feel that girly thing a common social disease..y sm ppl r lk Neil’s dad i don get.. girls cant be manly nd boys cnt b girly!! I don really get wats d definition of both dese words..but this differentiation has bn going on since ages..

    1. Um..if i hurt anyone then m really sorry but my comments may sound harsh

      1. And b true..once i too used to think like this..but as usual…my pov changed wen i faced smthings in real..i started to feel d uselessness of this differentiation..this occurred bcz i love to laugh heartily watevr d situation is..nd u cn understand it frm ur story’s intro..well…keep ot up..

      2. i know i was writing some off bit story.. maximum people would not even open it to read it.. but i don’t get interest to write regular romantic stories so i always prefer off bit stories with different genre.
        well there is difference between gender and s*x… s*x is the biological term which is inborn. while gender is the term imposed on people by society… which create gender biasness.
        …. we often see people giving a little girl a cookery set toys or dolls as gift.. in my option its nothing but to keep the daughters in practice of household activities for future.
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