Doli uthi hamari (raglak – swaragini) Chapter 1

Hii guys i am ananya thanks for reading my story very very much – Ok so that you oved my story i am gonna start the first chapter yippe (right ???)


A girl is cooking food in kitchen when another girl come and close her eyes – its ragini
Swara- arre meri pyaari behena mei kaam kar rahi hu abhi nahi
ragini (thinks something and say ) – arre meri pyaari behena mei bhi toh apna kaam kar rahi hu
swaragini smiles
ragini- toh aaj ka kya kaam hai ?
swara-pehle haath toh hata
she takes her hands of her eyes and smiles innocently
swara-kal tera birthday hai naa uska preperation karte hai how is the idea
ragini smiles went off – dii tughe pta hai naa mera b’day kal nahi hai

swara was 5 year old and was walking with her parents when they saw a little 2 year girl on road – she was crying as some ants were crawling on her feets swara saw that and left the hands of her parents and went to her running she start to take of ants and they pat her her parents smile on her deed they were about to go when the girl start to cry again
swara though of something – mama papa kya mei isse apni behen bna lu
parents shocked
swara-pls papa mei iska pura khyal rakhungi
parents smiled and take the girl
Her colour was very dark though their parents and say that she didn’y even match their colour
swara said nothing matter
swara and shomi gave her bath when her true colour came out as a white she had very light colour even more than them they both smile maybe it was just the dust that covered her and make her look like that
swara-aaj se iska naam ragini
shomi-ragini kyu ???
swara-kyuki swara ke saath ragini lagega toh swaragini banega
shomi smiles
swara-aur aaj iska birthday hai kyuki aaj hame yeh mili
after that shomi and shekhar also start to treat her as her own daughter and by government permission gave her the tittle of their own adopted daughter so step sister of swara but they live like true sisters


ragini come back from flashback and look at swara – she was no where to be seen – she checked everywhere she was nowhere she gets worried she thought maybe some came in when she was thinking she ran back to bedroom and take some stuff she went across the road and saw swara with a boy
swara was laughing with him seeing them happy ragini start to go ack but just then she remember somethhing and ran back to that place they were not there ragini asked someone and he told they went towards old house

Ragini eyes shined and she ran there before entering she turns into a snake as she sits and chant something
she went inside y doors ventelation point she was worried even as a snake and start to find her she saw a dark room she enter in their as a snake and hid
there she saw swara tied in the chair she was crying

Man- bta teri behen kaha hai ?
swara-mei nahi btaungi
man put a knife on her neck – bta verna ?
swwara-mughe maar do magar mei nahi btaungi
man takes the knife away and say – tughe pta bhi teri behen kitni special hai ?
swara- matlab ?
man-bholi mat ban kitni baar batcha ke gayi hai naa tughe magar aaj nahi
swara – kya matlab mei tumhe jaanti bhi nahi hu
man start to laugh seeing herr and then stop – ullu samgha hai kya and then start to laugh and swara start to think

Ragini gets scared and then bit the men on his leg the men falls uncounsious and then she become in human form swara sees it and become shocked
swara- toh yeh thik tumhara specialness omg tum meri behen nahi ho
ragini didn’t say anything but put a hand on her head that make her go on sleep
She then again become a snake and bit that person again and again and then through his blood do something then she take swar ahome back and lay her on bed

After a while in old house some people enter and saw something written they close their nose because of bad smell as they ready it was written by that man blood teri haar in blood they went out of room

I n home swara wake up and yawn she sees ragini looking at mirror at herself and smile she closes her eyes by hand – kon hu mei ?
ragini smiled – meri behen ………
swara-kal kya hai
ragini – mera b’day haina
swara nodes and shouts yes

Then she opens the song and they both start to dance on beats
cittiya kaliya ……………..
they do the movement – yeah swara shouts ………………..

Ragini while dancing thinks – swara tughe har baar yeh baat bhulana accha nahi lagta magar kya karu majuri hai ……………….
Then they both start to dance on another song

PRECAP – Aaya voh aaja leke mohhabat

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