Doli Armaanon Ki 9th June 2015 Written Episode Update


Doli Armaanon Ki 9th June 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Samrat accuses his mother of stealing the ring. Sashi feels bad.

Later Urmi tells Samrat that he didn’t even spare his own mother.

Later, Samrat tells Tani that his mother has always been a thief and that he is ashamed.
Tani tells her father to book a ticket for Sashi to go back to Jhansi.

Urmi makes a deal of her car and Samrat is shocked to see the car dealer who robs cars. He runs out thinking he will steal a car. The dealer tells everyone that Samrat tried selling Tani’s car but backed off at the last moment. Tani gets angry at Samrat but he fibs that he wanted to buy her a new car as a surprise but bacled off due to her emotional attachment.

Towards the end, Samrat decides to do something big to gain Tani’s trust.

Update Credit to: Stubborn

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  1. Y isn’t there the entire episode publish, just piece, piece :/

  2. Entire Episode plsssssss………….not in bits n pieces

  3. Precap: samrat asks urmi to forgive him… he wasn’t even so much afraid when he buried the body as much afraid he is now….urmi asks him to meet her at terrace 12 o clock sharp

  4. What non-sense to bring Samrat on the right path. What about the fact tht he tried to kill his own son. what about all the wrong he is doing since being married to Urmi. What is wrong with this story Is it right tht Samrat only admits to his wrong doings and all is fine. What kind of example is this for the young viewers. Her should be put back into jail after he got a good hiding frm a woman. Sani should leave him and he should be poor, lonesome and become a begger This is how he should be punished ………

  5. Tighter, noose getting tighter on the rat’s neck! Soon it’ll choke the life outta him!!

  6. Getting fedup of rat barking just kick him out
    Wat b**** ryt track hi urmi seriously??? Writers pls move on if anyting or end…

  7. Even the writers are losing interest in this sit-com which is getting sillier by the day.

    1. Agree. Stubborn does not have the enthusiasm to give us detailed summary on time, jeers

  8. What money Samrat had to buy a new car for Tani if all he doing his begging her and her family for money!?!? Tani is such an idiot, she deserves Samrat!!!! lol

  9. I totally agree with all the other viewers comments how on earth after samrath did so much wrong including trying to kill another one of his children do not forget the baby he killed in urmi that he must get off scotch free to do more evil he is a man that is pure evil and cannot change not even if his khana comes in front of him so he deserves to be put in prison for lifetime in that way he would have enough time to repent but please do not let him out among society again

  10. samrat is getting way with fooling tani his wife too long now it is about time she catches up on him but again she is so niaive that sometimes I wonder

  11. kristelle girl I totally agree with your comment tani is way tooooooooooo dotish but again we need all kinds of people in this world LOL

  12. What happenings with all the updates of doli armaanon Ki writer????????? shame

  13. Samrat to dance in a saree

  14. fan of the show

    I wonder if Urmi is ging to be able to keep her promise to bring the 1 crore back into the family.

  15. fan of the show

    Do you think they will keep the same title? It doesn’t seem like it would tie in any more, unless they get Shaurya married.

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