Doli Armaanon Ki 9th July 2015 Written Episode Update


Doli Armaanon Ki 9th July 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Party
Chiku teases shaurya about diya, and is amused when he gets to know that there arent any feelings involved. While karan and diya are sitting, her friends(male) come and forcibly coax her to dance in a friendly manner, holding her hands, which sends karan into a frenzy, and unable to control his anger, he hits out at the person. diya takes him away, while shaurya picks the guy up, and assures and comforts him. All are tensed. chiku is meanwhile flirting away with his latests fling.

Scene 2:
Location: urmi’s residence
urmi makes ishaani’s favourite dessert, that she has been eating for 11 years and is her favourite, oblivious of the fact that urmi makes it, and believeing that rani makes it for her, as otherwise she would detest it

and never eat. Urmi asks rani to ensure that she doesnt find out this time too. Rani complies. As urmi takes her apron off, she is confronted by damini who asks her why is she fighting for a lost cause. Urmi says that she shall continue to do so, as she is her ishaan’s daughter. damini gets angry and says that it isnt her ishaan, but his mother’s ishaan. they yet again enter into a scuffle, where damini keeps hurling accusations at her, while urmi listens to them resignedly out of respect.

Later, diya comes to meer urmi, on her request, where she gets a gift from urmi, for her outstanding work. Shaurya comes and taunts her about her pending work, and she retorts that she has already finished. shaurya l;eaves saying that he has a party to go to, and asks urmi to ensure that ishaani doesnt enter her room, as he is surprisingly getting it redecorated for her, the way she wanted it, and asks damini and urmi not to disclose it to her. damini is alarmed.

Scene 4:
Location: Gaurav’s residence
chiku and asha have a hard time, adapting to nupur’s crude ways and are amused. gaurav keeps hoping and trying that her past doesnt spring up in any conversation. when asha and chiku are gone, he requests her not to say anything about her past to anyone, and when she realsies that he is requesting and nor ordering her, she agrees.

Scene 5:
Location: Cremation grounds
As shaurya sits, he is haunted by memories of the past and his fathers, and their stark differnece. the priest comes and asks him that he seems restless yet again. Shauray says that this is his destiny for lifee now. The priest asks him to confide his lfie’s deepest mysteries and secrets to someone to feel lighter. But shaurya says that he is in this alone for life, and shall have to deal with it.

Scene 6:
Location: urmi’s resideence
Whiel diya and urmi chat, ishaani comes out asking for jucie and stuff from damini and then hollers at urmi asking who gave her the right to tamper with her bedroom, when urmi suggetsa shift of jher room just for a day. she behaves extremely rude, and this irks diya, who stands up and reminds her that this isnt the way to speak with her own mother. Ishaani is irked. the screen freezes on her angry face.

Precap: When ishaan begins to go in a huff, diya asks her to apologise atleast. but ishaan lashes at her, syaing that she shouldnt meddle in another person’s business, and wrans her about the same. All are tensed.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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  1. I do not like this storyline at all with this type of disrespectful behavior of ishaani towards her mother urmi this is not a good message at all coming from child to mother pure hate and for what had Ishaan been alive he would not have tolerate this type of aggression from ishaani and the evil mother in law damini who never liked urmi like I said before it should not have had that twenty year leap it should have ended when all the main characters left ishaani is behaving as if she is samraths child and not ishaans because both urmi and Ishaan are caring and humble individuals so why all the hatred and if she would take time to assess the problem properly she ishaani will see that evil witch damini for who she really is

    1. fan of the show

      The purpose of the show, according to the authors, is to raise awareness about domestic violence. It is a much more mature subject than the usual seriesis willing to tackle. And it does manifest in the home when children are disrespectful to their parents, or to any member of the family. So for Urmi, she has suffered the gamut of abuse – from her elders, from her peers, and now from her children. The show is exposing all levels of abuse.

      The message is not an entertaining love story, an historical drama, an action-adventure with a lot of fighting, or an everything is rosey family drama. So if it does not appeal to you as part of your entertainment package, then you are perfctly free to watch something which does. I don’t see the purpose of watching what you don’t like, and then writing that you don’t like it every day. Who cares to hear about your displeasure day after day???

      1. fan of the show

        Come to think of it, this kind of behavior is another form of violence.

      2. Fan of the show ! This is exactly what the writers are bringing to the table.It is to raise the awareness of abuse and all the forms of it.I do not think every one has grasp clearly what destuction abuse can cause to the whole family.Unless people start being fully aware of this type of destuctive problem then abuse in the home will continue to be a minute problem to people.Another thing is that when Urmi was pregnant with Ishani ,she went through a lot of stress and emotional abuse therefore according to studies ,sometimes this affects the unborn child an then shows up in the behavior of the child.When we look at Shaurya he witnessed and also was abused but he does not behave like his father.Therefore one can clearly see that the writers are trying to show us how abuse affects sme children and some children it does not affect them but they move on tc be good and loving husbands and wives.

    2. No matter how humble a person is this does not determine always what willbe the characteristics of their children.

  2. and that she is being used as a tool by damini for her own selfish gains


    1. fan of the show

      It’s a good show, is different from you don’t like it. Domestic violence is not very entertaining. If you REALLY don’t like it, Just make sure that you yourself are not indulging in any flavor of violence and unkindness in your own world.

      1. Human minds are just gravitated to one type of entertainment that indulges love and romance but let us think clearly and try to reason together because we know in reality life is not in no way all about romance. This is what the abusers use to win the victims heart.They beat ,strangle,and do all types of wicked things to their spouses and then crawl into the bed at nights to be loved not knowinig that this is not love and romance but the power of control over a person’s body.Many women are being indulged in domestic violence and are failing to recognize the cover up of abuse.Fan as you said these arethe ones who are indulging in the flavors of violence and the wicked deceits in the homes today.

    1. fan of the show

      What a surprise.

      1. You have to be surprise because writings suggests something else.Is not this a bit confusing?

      2. fan of the show

        No, it’s not confusing when you realize she is agreeing with SANDY (above).


    1. fan of the show

      Actually this serial has more comments than all the Zee others except for the ones that are used by the commenters as a social gathering to chat among friends about anything but the show…. A comment that just guesses about these things loses its credibility.

      1. Well said. This is exactly what happens.

  5. radhika srinivasan

    yes i am fed up with this series lost interest its true good actors left the series

    1. fan of the show

      Every day trying to raise characters from the dead? C’mon, You know it won’t happen.

      1. I think the writers will have to do some re-incarnation.

    2. fan of the show

      Loss of interest – you read the updates – why if you’re not interested? Does it make any sense at all?

      1. Exactly these are mixed messages.

  6. radhika srinivasan

    even the storyline is too different and the urmis character is also different from the young urmi as she used to be firm and confident for the battles in life she used to face but the current urmi is quiet and calm as well as not confident to fight the battles a diiferent nature al together

    1. fan of the show

      Urmi was respectful to the rat right up until he beat her face black and blue. Urmi was respectful to Shashi, the rat’s selfish mother, even after Shashi connived to separate her from the rat. Urmi was respectful to her own parents, even though they drove her out of their house. Urmi was respectful to the old couple who kidnapped her and held her for ransom. Urmi has continued to be respectful to her mother in law, even though she knows Damini hates her. She respects her daughter even though Ishan’s mind has been poisoned against her own mother.

      You are mistaking respect for weakness. Urmi never stooped to copy the behavior of her tormenters, She eventually won most of them over by respecting them and guiding them to a better place. In the end she gets respect in return, instead of the hatred of everyone because she is behaving badly. She kept her own self-respect. That is worth more than wininng a few fights here and there.

  7. radhika srinivasan

    its true not interesting series anymore…..

  8. fan of the show

    I hope Diya takes on Ishani as a “cause” and maybe even does some investigative work to find out how Ishan actually died. And then passes on the info to Ishani so she can wake up and realize her dad was a hero., not a murder victim as damini has taught her for decades.

    1. Damini is such a wicked hateful witch of the west.She has sucha closed mind so that she cannot see the length of her feet.She said she loves her son on one hand but on the other she hates the offsringof her only son in such a way that she will destroy the child because she does not love the mother .This is the most asinine behavior that I have seen.Usually they will try to take the child and nurture the child with so much love to remember the father not to damage the child.This part of the story is showing us that abuse is being used and done in many forms.I do believe sooner or later she will realize what her grand ma is doing to her mother and herself. It will be revealed ,

  9. radhika srinivasan

    fan of the show back to the show the show is getting hopeless day by day if samrat comes then it will be interesting to watch i am sorry.

    1. fan of the show

      Ishani is the new samrat. Don’t you get it?

  10. radhika srinivasan

    ishani cannot be samrat as samrat used to use girls and then urmi shud fight with ishanni as she is used to with samrat hahah

    1. Ishani is being used as the aggressor and is showing her disgusting behavior as Samrat used to do. It is the behavior that she is portraying that makes her the next Samrat.

    2. fan of the show

      Very intereting – so you’re grieving over a bastard who used to use women and then throw them away like a used kleenex. Nice.

      And you want Urmi, who hardly ever fought with anyone, to fight with the daughter she loves? Of course. It’s been 20 years. She should have been fighting for the last 20 years. Right.

      You can’t be serious.

      1. Fan I am apalled to read such a comment from someone who loves an abuser even in his agonizing death and still believes his wife who was a victim by his own wicked ,demonized hand should in turn treat her daughter whom she bore amidst all her pain and suffering in the same way she fought with Samrat.I do not think some people realize the extent of abuse and they just wallow in glory when Samrat ill treated his wife.Sometimes realization does not step in until one is in the eye of the storm and has no where to run —-then the reality of the storm willstart to open up.Abuse ——-Physically.Emotionally, Financially and s*xually —to women,men and children is real as daylight and real as the story in Doli Armanoki.

      2. fan of the show


  11. this serial has become so boring… no other person can play the role of previous urmi….. she was the heart of this serial… her each n every gesture was so beautiful… now i really dont want to see this serial…please make her come back…. missing our old urmi so so so much…. ishaan also was so good….

  12. nothing left in the serial now…. how it all happened …. ishan n urmi aparted…. hiw come its doli armano ki….. urmi was not happy even for one year with ishaan…. she was so good …. there must be some other way for samrat to change….

    1. fan of the show

      Are these questions or statements?

  13. radhika srinivasan

    no but urmi shud be strong enough to make ishani behave properly i was taking about that fight which she used to do to make samrat follow the right path she shud fight to make ishani behave properly.

    1. fan of the show

      But you’re not interested in whether that happens or not, right?

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